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Are You Receiving Spiritual Energy Downloads?

spiritual energy downloads

If you’ve spent any amount of time reading spiritual blogs or YouTube videos it is likely you’ve come across the term ‘spiritual downloads’ or ‘energy downloads’ at least once.

Spiritual energy downloads are like spiritual epiphanies that come after an intense meditation session, while practicing yoga, or during a mindful moment in your day.

When we receive these downloads it can be as if our entire system is upgraded in a second; a new perspective opens up.

When we are consistent with our spiritual practice we can receive these downloads regularly – particularly after integrating a difficult lesson or reaching a new peak in awareness.

Learning to navigate such huge shifts in our outlook is challenging and requires that we are constantly grounding ourselves. This is probably sounds very familiar to you. In this post I’m going to go over what spiritual downloads are, how they manifest, and how to tell if you are receiving them.

What Are Energy Downloads?

If you are reading this post then chances are you’ve heard or read the term ‘downloads’ to describe energy upgrades that occur when we consciously raise our vibration. This is often used to refer to 5D consciousness and ascension.

Energy downloads are packages of information that we receive by connecting with higher consciousness, this is why I refer to them as spiritual epiphanies. When we enter a heightened state of awareness through meditation, mindfulness and so on, we absorb information in a new way.

Downloads occur when we absorb information consciously rather than through a purely intellectual lens. They occur when we move beyond our surface level thoughts and enter into awareness.

Just like a computer our physical and energy bodies can receive upgrades from time to time. This is like installing a new program on your computer and watching as it becomes faster, more capable and more attuned to the tasks at hand.

In a similar fashion when we tune into higher consciousness whether that be through meditation, connecting with our guides, being mindful as we go about our day and so on, we can access upgrades to our operating system.

We may receive clarity in making decisions, gain a new perspective on how reality functions, open our chakras up to higher levels of activity, tune into dormant psychic abilities, gain information on spiritual topics and insight into our soul’s unique journey.

All of these experiences make way for new information to enter our being and totally shift how we view our reality…downloads if you will.

Signs You Are Receiving Spiritual Downloads

Signs You Are Receiving Spiritual Downloads
  • Chills/tingles/vibrations
  • Vivid dreams
  • Randomly waking up in the middle of the night
  • Random bursts of energy
  • Inspiration out of nowhere
  • Receiving worded messages from your inner voice
  • Feeling confused/disoriented
  • Feeling like you are dreaming while awake
  • Noticing a drastic shift in your perspective

The first sign you have received an energy download is feeling chills upon listening to/reading specific spiritual information. This is unlike the chills we experience when cold but the sensation of resonating with information to our core. This can also come in the form of tingles, vibrations or other energy movement.

It’s common to receive tingles in the crown chakra region as this new information enters your system. You may see a vision flash across your mind’s eye (third eye) and feel your whole body resonate accordingly.

Another common sign of an energy download is getting a random burst of energy, creative insight or elevated emotions. When we receive a download it unblocks a dormant aspect within us, unleashing tons of inspired energy.

Randomly waking up in the middle of the night can also be a sign you are receiving an energy download. This isn’t the case all of the time of course, but when we wake up with a sense that we are receiving some sort of message.

This usually occurs between 3 and 5 am after our first sleep cycle. When this happens it is helpful to stay still and check in with your emotions and thoughts. See if there are any messages that your higher self or guides wants you to receive. Write any impressions you get in a journal.

You’ll know you’ve received an energy download by how you feel in the moment. You may experience chills/tingles as new information is integrated into being. You may feel like you’ve shifted into a completely new dimension or that physical reality is glitching.

As you go about your day you’ll notice a shift in your mood and perception of events. It will feel as if you’ve received an answer to a question you didn’t even know you had.

You may be inspired to do activities like art or writing that make you get into the creative flow. It’s even common to experience an increased sexual energy that is nothing to be ashamed of, this can be channelled healthily.

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How To Receive Energy Downloads

How To Receive Energy Downloads

Perhaps you’ve received a download before but are having trouble tapping back into that same state, there are a few things you can do to encourage this type of activity.

The key is to get into the flow state, this is where our conscious mind takes a back seat and we’re completely present in the moment. When we are in this state our brainwaves are in alpha/theta, these are slower brainwaves that promote creativity and inspiration.

Ways To Get Into The Flow State

  • Going for a light walk
  • Mindfully connecting with nature
  • Listening to binaural beats
  • Being immersed in creative activities
  • Meditating
  • Dancing
  • Practicing yoga
  • Introspective journaling

Activities such as walking, light exercize, listening to music and creating art are great for inducing these types of dreamy brainwaves. This is why we often have a shower or go for a light walk to get a new perspective.

Take a mindful walk in nature. Pay attention to how long each step takes, note how heavy each step is. Breathe slowly and consciously from your stomach area as you do so. As you are going about your walk notice how the flow of your thoughts slows down and tune into this energy.

You’ll notice that once you are in this state you’ll be open to a stream of new ideas, inspiration and perspectives. Tapping into this state consistently allows your energy to flow freely and opens you up to regular energy downloads.

Dealing With Energy Downloads

Energy downloads also occur when we work on releasing old habits/thoughts/beliefs. A download is essentially a package of light-coded information which reveals everything in your mind-body-soul system that needs to be cleared.

The best way to manage energy downloads is by learning to ground your energy and pay attention to your physical health. Grounding is any activity that brings you back to Earth such as walking barefoot on the ground, or taking a salt bath.

When we receive a download we can feel incredibly uplifted but can also lose our footing if we are not careful. Therefore grounding acts as a way to bring that higher energy down a notch so that we can integrate it comfortably.

As we go through these types of energy upgrades our light body further integrates into our physical body, causing us to crave healthier and lighter foods. You may want to shift your diet slightly, get more rest and spend more time in nature during this time.

This process of receiving downloads and then integrating them through grounding and releasing the old is what we call ascension. Ascension is all about integrating more and more light into our system as we address our shadow.

Make no mistake this is a beautiful process but also a highly destructive one. I don’t want to give the impression that receiving energy downloads is all pleasant…because a lot of it isn’t!

Integrating light is one of the most challenging things we can do in our lifestyles as the light quickly illuminates our darkness. Be prepared to confront aspects of yourself that have been long hidden. Ultimately it’s highly revealing.

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    4 thoughts on “Are You Receiving Spiritual Energy Downloads?”

    1. I’m experiencing this very intensely. I’m having intense head pressure, tingles/vibrations throughout my body, and even a bit dizziness. I’m feeling extremely high and floaty almost like I’ve lost sensation of my body. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what this is. It gives me tremendous amount of anxiety almost to a point of panic. I will leave my email here so you can get back to me on this. Thank you🙏

    2. I’ve received 3 downloads recently that feel very “matter of fact”. I’ve not had this type of knowing before these. A true, “this is the truth” moment!

    3. I have received many downloads since I woke up that have completely shifted my perspective in the best way possible…I am not the same person I was 1 year ago…Ive already grown so much and its only been less than 1 year!;I can’t even fathom what I’ll be like 10 years from now if I continue my journey…
      One time I literally screamed at and begged my higher self to stop sending me downloads because they were so awful and disheartening.. so yes. Receiving downloads isn’t always pleasant

    4. My downloads leave me in a floating state. There is almost always some sort of angelic music sound wave and then ringing in my ears. It’s absolutely nothing I fear any more , the messages are received usually within a day to a week .

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