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Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up At 3am

Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up At 3am

Do you often wake up around 3-5am and know something is up?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and feel like you’re receiving some form of message or guidance from spirit, but aren’t sure what it is?

Waking up in the early hours of the morning is a common symptom of spiritual awakening, but there can be other causes too!

Navigating spiritual awakening is one of the most confusing processes because it often involves turning our usual life on its head.

In this article I’m going to go over how to figure out whether you are receiving these spiritual ‘wake up calls’ or if something else is going on. You’ll also learn how to find stability during this time. Let’s get into it.

First: Rule out Physical Causes

It’s absolutely crucial when going through a spiritual awakening to take good care of your physical body! This is often left out in articles and videos on the topic but is super important.

When we are going through a spiritual awakening and anchoring in higher energies, this doesn’t just affect us energetically but emotionally and physically too.

Taking care of your physical body and making self care a priority will help you gain more clarity when it comes to distinguishing what is energetic and what is physical or if it’s a combination of both.

When we adopt a daily spiritual practice we also become more mindful of our physical body, and so problems that we were ignoring can come up to the surface more easily.

  • Get plenty of exercize and rest
  • Make self care a priority
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Do not skip breakfast
  • Get outside and socialize

Doing these things to the best of your ability will allow this process to go as smoothly as possible. When we have a consistent sleep schedule and are taking care of our bodies, it’s easier to tell that waking up at this time must have a spiritual cause.

Waking Up At 3am Meaning

You might be waking up at 3am on the dot several nights in a row and wonder what is happening. When you wake up you get the distinct sense that something is up. This is a form of synchronicity where you notice a pattern but aren’t sure what it signifies.

This isn’t the case every time we wake up at these hours however sometimes it can feel like a literal wake up call. When you get a hunch like this do not go straight back to sleep.

  1. Get into a meditative position or sit up slightly.
  2. Spend a few minutes sitting in silence with your eyes closed.
  3. See if anything comes to the surface such as a word, symbol, image or emotion.
  4. Connect with your guides and see if they have a message for you.
  5. Before you go back to sleep everything down in a notepad or app.

What to Do Next

If you are receiving these spiritual wake up calls it’s time to start keeping a record. The symbols and messages that we receive can have both a universal and personal meaning.

When I get a message from spirit I first like to ask my guides more specific questions about said piece of information, and clarify how this relates to me. When I go about my day I stay mindful about similar signs and symbols that show up.

After allowing the message to simmer in my mind for a while, I usually come upon a clear answer that feels right. Once this happens I like to look up a word or symbols universal meaning by doing a Google search and seeing how closely my interpretation matches with others.

Why Do We Wake Up At 3am?

I have a theory for why this happens to those at the beginning of their spiritual journey. This isn’t completely scientific by any means, just what makes most sense in my experience.

At the beginning of our spiritual practice when we are starting to meditate more and become more mindful, we spend a lot more time in theta brainwaves (the same brainwaves we go through falling to sleep or waking up).

We get accustomed to being aware in this state, where we hadn’t been before. Therefore when we start to go through REM or lighter sleep cycles, it’s easier for us to become aware in them. This state feels familiar to us.

In the space between waking and sleeping there is a lot of information that we can pick up on, on a spiritual level. Our higher self can more easily send us a message through our dreams and our energy body (chakra system) may go through a rest and healing process just like our physical body.

These awakenings usually occur after a period of deep sleep when we transition to a REM sleep cycle. It’s in this phase that spirit can more easily send us information which can cause us to awake.

It is said that the times between 3am and 5am are when the veil between the physical and spirit world is the thinnest. While there is some truth to this, it has less to do with the specific time period and more to do with how we view the early morning hours.

We ascribe a mysterious and spooky atmosphere to darkness and early mornings, there are less people awake and we are more likely to be in a reflective mindset and so we are more receptive to spirit.

Although this sort of activity can be disruptive to your routine, take it as a good sign you are beginning to connect with the spirit world. You are bringing some of your waking consciousness into the dream state and bridging the physical and spiritual worlds in doing so.

How To Set Energetic Boundaries

Over time you want to be able to get back into a healthy sleep schedule. Receiving spiritual messages and prompts is great, but they can be even more useful if we tune into them when we are fully rested and refreshed.

This usually happens at the beginning of our spiritual practices because we aren’t accustomed to working in theta brainwaves, and our energy isn’t well solidified. In these beginning stages it’s normal for our energy to go all over the place.

However having energetic boundaries become more and more important as time goes on because it means we can stay grounded, our physical lives aren’t constantly thrown into dysfunction.

If this sort of energetic messaging is impeding on your sleep and making it hard for you to wake up on time, then simply call upon your guides once more and state your boundaries clearly.

Be as clear as possible and state that you are thankful for the guidance but would prefer to be contacted when you are awake.

As you fall asleep simply state ‘I am not open to messages tonight’ or something to that effect. You can visualize a golden bubble of light enclosing around you as you fall asleep, like a cocoon that will keep you off-limits overnight.

As spirit doesn’t work on the same time schedule we do stating these boundaries clearly can be super useful and allow you to further refine how you receive psychic information.

These wake up calls naturally become less common over time. The more consistent you are with your spiritual practice and as you get acclimated to the different states of being, it’s less likely that you’ll feel the differences between them as abruptly.

These awakenings are also common during Full Moons and phases where the Moon is in our Sun sign. These are times of reflection and emotional purging, a lot of which happens as we sleep. You may find it helpful to track these dates and see how they correlate with your journal entries.

Have you been receiving spiritual wake up calls?


7 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of Waking Up At 3am”

  1. Namaste, how do you know this? Ive been going through this since a child. Last night i had axsame exact dream, this time my twin flame was there! Pleaae give me advanced Guide! Im a healer of Alternativa Medicine, i practice Tantra Touch Healing. But when it comes to Dreams~ i know it means something beyond me. Please help.

  2. guadalupe zorola

    This is the first time I learn of this. I experienced some strange out of this world experience many years ago that I couldn’t understand. I overlooked it and went on with my life. Twenty years later in 1995 the situation became real I was traumatized and so I began to write expressing myself in journals and writing poetry which I had never done and it was like clockwork I woke up at 3am every single day. I lost my job I couldn’t concentrate on anything my family thought I had completely lost my mind and I believe that temporarily I had except it wasn’t lost things were revealed to me that only I could understand. To this day I have not completely recovered and I’m already 70 years old. Something happened to me that helped me deal with so much and I believe it was my faith in GOD. He gave me courage, wisdom, discernment and unbelievable faith that sustained me through this horrible ordeal. Thank you for saying this happens to others as well.

  3. I have had this experience as well. The awakening would frustrate and anger me at first. I could tell it was 3 AM without looking at the clock. Then I started to get up and go sit in the living room with a low light lamp on, everyone was asleep and all was quite save for a clock in the kitchen. I would pray silently and drift between awake and asleep. The ticking clock noise would fade away and I felt an enveloping peace. About 40 minutes would pass in like seconds. I would get up and go to bed and sleep. I called the event my God connection and recharge. It went on for years, but has since gone away.

  4. I have been seeing mysterious lights 💡 that is not of this hemisphere of earth….lights that seems to be so bright it seems it has potential to distroy .. but somehow seems peaceful at the same time. It sometimes comes as drops 💧 or zip line, as if it has been cut in the atmosphere. I do hear as well , so I know something/someone has visited, me but never anything clearly seen to be explained….I hear clearly but not language I understand, however, it has been going for times and I have no clear reasoning as to what /why…many others things that has happened around me as well …with natural things that does not interact with humans will come in my space and do amazing things around me …lots have happened etc….I want to think I’m special and over the years im now accepting the fact I’m called to the supernatural ever since I’m a child…✨🦋😇
    🧩🔬My hands are very sensitive in giving my inner being information.

  5. I have ALWAYS known about this time even before I had a knowing, if that makes sense. I used to pray for the safety of my family and their health. I would over Thanksgiving and for the souls of those that had died. When I learned more, protection of evil spirits and bad thoughts.

    Now, I believe that with all the evil in the world, real life evil spirits, recent deaths and the veil between good and evil is pocked with holes way to big to protect us. More people suffer from poor sleep than ever and even awake I pray. I pray for souls that have died years before, everytime I pass a cemetary I pray, I pray when I hear of a death and when I hear of someone suffering. Too much death is keeping people up at night.

  6. It’s a mystery that I started waking up since last 3 months and go to sleep again but the dreams of my wandering are not leaving me always i am searching to find way in my dreams i don’t know what is the reason does my past is following me or i my brain has got memories of my past what it is showing me any suggestions please

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