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5 Signs You’re Experiencing A Higher Dimensional Shift

Higher Dimensional Shift

The spiritual path is unique to everyone and will be different depending on where your life is at, because of that this is largely uncharted territory. Experiencing a dimensional shift can be one of the most disorienting things anyone can go through.

It can seem as if you wake up one day and the world is upside down, and it can quite literally be like that! When I first experienced a dimension shift it felt like I had traveled to a new planet entirely, and yet I was in the exact same place.

The things around me hadn’t changed…but the way I was looking at them had. During the course of our life we can go through endless dimension shifts, however there are a few key signs to identify. This post is to help you find clarity in what is an extremely confusing time.

What is a dimensional shift?

Before we get into the signs you’re experiencing a shift, let’s clear up what exactly that means and why it’s important. On the most basic level a consciousness shift, dimension shift, exiting the matrix, whatever you want to call it, is about bringing awareness to your reality and seeing beyond just the physical.

When we engage in practices like meditation or mindfulness we tune into an energy that permeates all existence. In becoming aware of this energy we see how everything is connected. We see the lies we were taught about the nature of reality. We see that there is more than meets the (physical) eye.

As we shift into higher and higher dimensions our knowledge of reality gets increasingly expansive. We embody deeper levels of love, wisdom, peace and clarity.

When we talk about the dimensions in a spiritual context it’s not that we’re actually living in those spaces, nor is this how dimensions are discussed scientifically. We use dimensions to refer to layers of awareness beyond the physical and corresponding qualities of each.

A lot of people talk about these levels as if we will actually go there permanently, especially 5D. However in reality it isn’t quite like this. We can move into and out of different types of awareness, and we aren’t going anywhere physically. Just as we can ascend, we can descend or regress.

We still exist in the third-dimension, however by opening our consciousness up we can gain a wider, fuller picture of ourselves and our place in the Universe.

What is 3D, 4D & 5D consciousness?


This is our current dimension of physical existence. When we live ‘in the third-dimension’ this is a very physical-focused existence, where we are completely closed off from our spirit – our ego runs the show. I don’t think anyone lives solely in the third dimension, even those we do not consider ‘aware’, we are all open to spirit in some sense.


This is a level of consciousness where time and space become flexible. We notice how our thoughts influence physical reality, or how spirit comes through in our daily lives. When we live in 4th dimensional awareness we are less attached to timescales and routines. We understand how to let go and allow paths to unfold organically, rather than trying to control things.


Next up is the fifth dimension. This is a level of consciousness that has been spoken about in much spiritual literature, in videos and blogs. There is also a lot of misinformation surrounding this level of consciousness, how it looks and what it means.

A one point 5D was described as a place that we would reach if we develop ourselves to a high enough level spiritually, there would be a split of consciousness between the 3D and 5D worlds, a physical rapture of sorts.

There was a lot of religious overtones to this theory. However 5D is more so a state of complete acceptance and present-moment awareness. We are not going anywhere physically, but our focus is purely on the NOW.

Living in the 4th dimension

Living In The 4th Dimension

For this post we’re going to be talking mainly about a fourth dimensional shift, although some of these symptoms will apply to a number of different ‘shifts’. In fact this is just the language we are using now to make it easier to understand this transition, although the experience itself is far more expansive than any one label.

The fourth dimension is outside of linear space and time. It is the dimension we tune into when we apply the law of attraction, where we play with our internal energy/emotions/thoughts in order to shift the physical.

We often talk about the 3D or speak on a 5D shift, but there is very little information on 4D. 4D acts as the bridge between 3D and 5D, from linear time to non-linear to the NOW moment. To live in 5D we must first pass through 4D and so this is an incredible important discussion to have. Let’s get right into it!

Dimensional shift symptoms

1. You experience ‘glitches’ in your reality

The first and most noticeable sign that you are currently experiencing a dimensional shift is the occurrence of glitches in your reality. These can take on the form of constant synchronicity, deja vu, seeing energy in the air, past life memories seeping into your daily life, and synchronistic encounters.

These glitches make you step back for a moment and question if reality is as you believed it to be. Even the smaller occurrences can stick with us for years, it can feel like we’ve taken a peek behind the curtain.

These glitches essentially act as subtle ways to make us more aware as we go about the day, notice how everything is interconnected, and come into contact with the energy that permeates all existence.

2. Dreams become vivid, waking life becomes dreamy

The second tell tale sign that you experiencing a shift is that your dream become exceptionally vivid. You are often waking up from dreams feeling intense emotions, feeling as if what you experienced was real somehow or knowing that it had a deeper meaning.

Along with this, it can feel as if we are living in a dream in our waking hours. As we go about our day we may experienced an increased lucidity, everything appears brighter and more pleasant. We randomly meet people who compliment us, or speak about things we were thinking about.

This occurs because as we raise our level of consciousness we begin to see how the dream world and waking world are linked. We see the realness of our dreams and the falseness or dream-like quality of our waking lives.

The gap in between the two closes. It’s common to dream about things only for them to happen the next day, or have incredibly lucid dreams where we have insightful conversations with dream characters.

3. Time feels expansive

Another common symptom of a dimension shift is the sense that time has become more expansive. This can look like temporary memory loss, not being able to place the days and feeling like time has been condensed.

Of course when looking at symptoms like this it is incredibly important to put them in the right context, be careful not to characterize a mental health/physical problem as a spiritual one. As you navigate the awakening process keeping yourself grounded and your physical body and mind healthy is just as important.

Memory loss may come in the form of feeling as if you are simply a point of consciousness, that your physical memories in this one lifetime aren’t all that you have. Past life memories can bubble to the surface and be triggered by mundane activities.

4. You feel a deep sense of oneness

I would say that the most telling sign that you’ve shifted to a higher state of consciousness is the sense that you are not alone, in that you feel your connection to every living being around you.

When you walk in nature you can feel how you are connected to the trees, birds, even bodies of water. You walk around and animals will happily approach you, people feel uplifted in your presence and babies will smile at you. It’s your energy that they are perceiving and feeling at home with.

You will find that you are attracting random encounters with people who are on your wavelength, they mention things that you were thinking, meet you at your moment of need, or seem to communicate with you in a telepathic manner.

These people are what we refer to as soul family; they act as your support network in this physical incarnation.

5. You are drawn to help others

The final step is feeling drawn to help others! As we move along our spiritual path and become more aware it’s natural to want to spread that knowledge with others. This doesn’t mean we lecture or force our opinions on others but that we are more conscious with our interactions.

We may express what we are learning (or unlearning) through writing, art or music. As we awaken we become beacons of light that others are attracted to, with this we must be extremely conscious of how we exchange energy.

Just as beacons can attract those in need, they can also attract those with ill intentions. As you go about your day these energy sucking interactions will become increasingly obvious, they pinpoint where we can fill in our ‘energy leakages’ and become more stable in our awareness.

No doubt many or all of these signs sound familiar to you. Know that you are not alone, there are thousands if not millions of other people going through this same awakening journey. As will become clear, this journey includes becoming more sensitive to the light but also more sensitive to the shadow, and so you’ll want to keep your wits about you.

I created a guidebook & journal, Self Love Manifestations, to help you through this process of raising your vibration and aligning your energy.

What causes a dimensional shift?

Circling back a bit, I want to discuss some of the reasons we might experience this ‘dimensional shift’.

So I dimensional shift is basically an increase in awareness; you are able to perceive yourself, others and the world around you in a multi-dimensional way. There is no longer a disconnection between the physical and spiritual aspects of your life.

This sort of awakening or transformation doesn’t happen by chance, although it happen spontaneously, but based on the inner work we do.

A dimensional shift can happen when practicing shadow or ego work, meditation, mindfulness, a specific spiritual practice like yoga. There is usually a ‘tipping point’ where we suddenly see things differently, and start bridging the divide between the different aspects of our being.

Alongside the more abstract symptoms, we can also experience a very physical purging. You could call this an emotional or spiritual purge.

We are born with a very tuned in spiritual awakening that gradually gets dimmed over time. As we take on social programming and beliefs systems, the connection between the physical and spiritual is severed.

Through a spiritual practice we release density, which is another way of saying ‘dense energy’. We feel lighter and brighter, and although we are having a physical experience we reconnect with our spiritual essence.

How to access higher dimensions of consciousness

access higher dimensions of consciousness

It’s one thing to know all of these levels of consciousness and another to practice accessing them.

A lot of spiritual literature is difficult to understand or perhaps contexualize in our daily lives because it is coming from a different place entirely. This is why some spiritual teachings can seem out-of-touch or inapplicable to our everyday problems. In practicing raising our consciousness we can better understand and apply this information.


It doesn’t have to be complicated. Meditation is simple in theory but it can be difficult to remain consistent. When we meditate we become aware of our habitual thought patterns (particularly the more subtle ones) and through practice we can go beyond this familiar chatter.

The difficulty comes in overcoming all of the usual doubts, fears and anxiety we carry around with us daily. Even getting seated can bring up an immense amount of resistance.

Get seated in a comfortable position, place your arms in your lap and breathe deeply from your stomach area. Simply pay attention to each breath in and out. If you become distracted, bring your focus back to the breath. Start with five minutes to begin and slowly work your way up to longer periods.


There is some debate about the difference between meditation and mindfulness, some see them as the same thing and others make a delineation. In this context both mindfulness and meditation will work hand in hand for you.

This is another simple concept in theory but difficult in practice, this is the art of bringing awareness to each action.

Mindfulness can be incorporating into any activity we do throughout the day. Whether we are washing the dishes, walking to work or having a conversion, we can bring mindfulness to it.

The impact of meditation and mindfulness is not always obvious but builds up over time. With consistency we will notice moments where our awareness goes beyond the ego, beyond the physical, we start tuning into something more.


Affirmation and intention are another key part of shifting our reality and perspective. Everything is energy as the saying goes, this applies to our thoughts, words and actions.

It’s one thing to have a meditation or mindfulness practice, and another to actually embody an uplifted perspective in all areas of our life.

What we are constantly thinking and talking about is a huge part of the puzzle.

A lot of people struggle with affirmations because they approach them in the wrong way, or have too many expectations about the result they are looking to get with them.

To me affirmations are useful for creating consistent energy more than anything, rather than getting a specific physical result (although that comes too).

Reciting affirmations is a practice in trusting yourself, to open the mind up to different possibilities.

Some affirmations I enjoy:

  • My vision is clarified, I look at things with new eyes
  • I am endlessly supported
  • I manage abundance well
  • I trust myself to take this next step
  • I am allowing ___ into my life

Ascension & spiritual bypassing

A lot of the time when there are discussion of dimensions like this there is a strong emphasis on the spiritual side of things. Especially when discussing 5D, the tendency to frame this as a race towards some spiritual goal. Where we might ascend and leave our physical lives or physical problems behind.

This focus can encourage a lot of spiritual bypassing. This is where we use spiritual concepts or ideas to avoid our physical emotions and duties. Our spiritual practice shouldn’t be an escape from regular life, instead it should be something that enriches every aspect of it.

Many of us come to these spiritual teaching because we are deeply uncomfortable with the normal way of things. The eat, sleep, repeat cycle. The mindless entertainment & news industry that seems to have the world in its grasp. We are aware of how deeply broken the system is.

And so we must keep this in mind as we navigate our spiritual paths. Rather than trying to avoid the physical or maintain a high vibe all of the time, bringing a new awareness to old patterns.

We might also fall into the trap of always trying to surpass our ego, or even deny it exists. This leads to the formation of a ‘spiritual ego’. Our ego is still present but we wrap it up in spiritual platitudes.

While the ego causes us many problems (it wouldn’t be difficult to write up a list) it is also crucial to how we lead functioning lives. The ego let’s us know where we end and someone else begins.

How to manage a higher dimensional shift

This stuff is no joke! Whatever term you use to refer to an experience like this, whether spiritual awakening or ascension, when our energy shifts in such a dramatic way for the better we also have to deal with the downsides.

The key here is balance. As we bring our consciousness up, learning how to ground ourselves aswell. As we reconnect with our spirit, getting to know our ego and the ways it manifests better too. We can honor both the physical form and spiritual being, dark and light, yin and yang.

Another important practice doing a shift or awakening is setting strong boundaries! This is something I come back to time and time again because the relationships in our lives affect our spiritual development immensely.

There is often a period of isolation after awakening. A time where we reassess our relationships, hobbies and interests, work life etc.

If we don’t set the right boundaries after coming to an awakening we can easily slip back into old patterns, or lose this new and sharp awareness.

As difficult as it may be, we have to reconsider a lot of areas in our life and how aligned they actually are with our spirit.


11 thoughts on “5 Signs You’re Experiencing A Higher Dimensional Shift”

  1. Almost all of them, but what stands out is when walking at the mall most people will smile at me. I am not sure if I smile first or them, but we will exchange a heart warming smile!😁

    1. Reality glitches for sure, deja vus, synchronicities, others starting conversations on thoughts I hadn’t shared. Days blending together. I’ve had 2 distinct shifts in my life that felt like the room shook a bit like the butterfly effect movie right before he went back in time. The 1st happened after 2 solid weeks of experimenting with keeping my heart filled day and night as much as possible. The 2nd was days after my 2nd reiki attunement playing with this strange new ability to go even deeper into my heart, just as the entire room shook apart I was instantly outside of my body feeling the entire room as though I became everything I focused on but everything felt electric. The insight I have now makes normal conversations so odd now. It just feels too fake as though consciousness isn’t this intensely beautiful energy that flows through and around us experiencing itself in a dance of celebration deeply knowing it’s boundless power and beauty. It feels like your on a ride at this amusement park having the time of your life but looking around just to see expressions of boredom and impatience on every one’s face around you.

      1. Incredible, especially how you say normal conversations feel odd with the insight you have now, been there and reading this is just joy for me. Thanks for sharing this

        1. Will someone please tell me if their place where they live suddenly vibrates and only you feel it. None of my neighbors feel the floor or my bed vibrating. Also I’m hearing buzzing and songs in my mind. I’m 85% deaf and don’t really hear music anymore. I now do in my brain

  2. All, I woke up to the truth of the world over 4 years ago. I have tried to enlighten my husband but to no avail.
    My dreams have been very vivid lately, I dreamt about my Grandmother the other night, so real. She died in 1977. Sychronicity noticing 11:11, 5:55 waking up in early hours etc.

  3. I started noticing that I had a gift back when I was in my teens but after my brother died I predicted my father’s death and that’s what really woke me to it being real, I always thought I was kind of crazy…. me and my dad went to an Elton John concert and ever since he died I hear Elton John almost every single time I go into a store and it’s always the same song. I know it’s my dad’s way of letting me know he’s ok.. I have experiences like this all the time. I experience all of the shifts.. In the last week or so some have gotten to be not so intense though, what does that mean? I was thinking one of my chakras was blocked or getting hindered… but I’m so glad to read these kind of things to know that I’m not alone in all this stuff

  4. I’ve experienced this almost all my life, and I have all 5 of these signs. Dimensions, so far, all seem to be almost exactly alike, but with a very few tiny differences. My shifts happen during the day. I have physical signs, too. These “glitches” are real. I see things others do not, and it’s very disorienting sometimes, because I am seeing things from other times. Momentary dizziness, and I’m in the same place, but there might be something completely out of place I know was not there from just a second ago. People just walk up to me everywhere, and tell me there entire life story. Many have sad stories, and I truly want to help them, and usually all they want is someone to just listen. Sometimes, everything thing seems completely connected, and I feel so tiny in such a large universe. While my dreams do seem real, only some are so real, I carry them with me all my life, and they are just as real now, as they were when I had them. The world seems different to me. These shifts, sometimes, have me going back and forth from on dimension, and back to the one I just was in, but sometimes, I shift and stay in that dimension for minutes, hours, days, months or years before I shift into a different one. The biggest clue is when I momentarily become extremely dizzy, and then the dizziness ends, and I know I’m not where I was before, based on something physical that is there that wasn’t before the shift. If I shift back, that something physical is suddenly gone.

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