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If you are looking to explore the topics/information I cover in my depth these guides are perfect for you.

**NEW** The Inner Flame

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My newest guidebook ‘The Inner Flame’ is all about sexual transmutation: how to transform sexual energy.

We explore how to build & retain this energy, as well as how to channel this energy through intentions and creative expression.

Energetic Being

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I wrote energetic being after identifying with the empath label for some time. I found this label was helpful in helping me understand and manage my sensitivity aswell as find community, but it also became restrictive.

Energetic Being is a guide that explores how to work with your energy and sensitivity beyond these labels & frameworks. When we put labels to the side, how can we see ourselves and others, plus confront the dynamics in our lives with more neutrality.

(Includes illustrations).

Touching Darkness

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Touching Darkness is my shadow work guide. It explores what shadow work is (working with the unconscious) and how to go about approaching it.

I wanted to cover shadow work in a way I hadn’t seen before, highlighting the subtler dynamics and coming at this topic with the care it deserves. Confronting our unconscious or ‘dark side’, doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

(Includes 30 page printable workbook).

Both guides are currently available on a donation basis, the average donation is $5- 10