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When I began on this ‘awakening‘ journey I was craving information; I would spend hours at night searching about different topics related to spiritual development, lucid dreaming, astral planes.

I spent a good portion of my teenage years soaking up anything I could find about this stuff but my mental state was incredibly unbalanced. Through my daily practice I uncovered a lot in my psyche I didn’t want to deal with yet.

I went through a major dark night of the soul for almost two YEARS. Once I was able to step back and learned to work with my energy and ground myself after that I was able to gain so much clarity.

I learned how to rely on my intuition more and more. While there’s a lot of information out there about different topics very little of it shows you how to tune into your own inner guidance and find your own answers.

The information I share now based on what I’ve learned following my intuition, communicating with guides and working with my energy is what I wished I had known at the time to have a smoother journey.

It’s never easy but having some guidance is what helped me feel less alone, less isolated and less weird. There’s thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people all going through this same journey, you are not alone.

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