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Remembering Past Lives

remembering past lives

We often see past lives explored in pop culture and media, perhaps you have visited a psychic and were told about a past life you had, or you have discussed the idea of past lives with friends.

However we rarely take a second look at past lives or recognize their importance in our current lives. Most people either do not remember their past lives at all or only recall vague details that are difficult to piece together.

In this post I want to explore this topic further and talk about some of my past life memories as well as some of the ways in which you can start remembering yours.

Past Life Memories

Each of us here on Earth now has had lives before and will have lives after in one form or another, however these lives are obscured behind a veil of forgetfulness.

To come down to this level and be prepared for the lessons that 3D provides we had to move through heavy layers of karma. It’s for this reason that remembering past lives should only be done when you are ready, when your intuition is calling you to do so.

Many of our past lives are hidden from us for our own wellbeing; the things we experienced may shock or upset us. The lessons we learned can only be safely integrated when we are prepared for what may show.

Past life memories can surface as:

  • Visions – like watching a TV screen
  • Dreams
  • Strong connections to places and times
  • Random streams of insight
  • A deep unexplained knowing

Past lives can also be retrieved through conscious awareness, by holding a state where the memories you are ready for can come to you.

How to Remember Past Lives

Past Life Meditation

Meditation is how we center ourselves and move beyond the thinking mind. When we meditate we bring ourselves into slower brainwave states where our intuition can surface.

Through a practice of daily meditation we tune into our intuition which will gently guide us towards the hints we need to awaken these lost memories.

Find a space where you won’t be interrupted for at least twenty minutes. I recommend twenty minutes a time when delving into past lives so you can receive a good amount of information without becoming too overwhelmed.

Focus on your breath for ten minutes or until your mind is calm. Now you want to mentally ask a question pertaining to a past life. At first just focus on just one lifetime and one specific question – this will give you clearer answers.

You can ask what time period you lived in, what lessons you had to learn, what your work entailed, what your name was, what your lifestyle was like or anything else.

You could simply ask to be shown information/an event from a past life that would be beneficial to you now. I like to ask about past lives that I’m closely connected to in this lifetime or that are most recent in linear time.

Stay as relaxed as you can, state your question in your mind or out loud and focus on the spot between your eyebrows. Observe any imagery, emotions, sensations or insights that come through.

If nothing comes to you at first don’t worry, try again another time. The information will come through whichever psychic sense is your strongest, so this will be different for everyone.

Once you are finished write down all of the information you’ve gained for future reference. In subsequent meditation sessions you can ask further questions that elaborate on this information. Each time you will learn more.

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Past Life Dreams

Dreams are another way past life memories can come through to you. We can connect with beings from past lives, have dreams reliving scenarios from past lives or have recurring dreams of certain locations that feel familiar.

The key to figuring out if a dream is actually a past life memory or simply a metaphor is by how it makes you feel. Upon waking you may feel a yearning to return, the visceral sense that you have been there before.

You can also ask your guides and higher self to show you a dream pertaining one of your past lives. Ask for this mentally or verbally as you are falling asleep.

I recommend writing all of your dreams down, even ones which you do not consider important. There are dreams we had years ago that we only now understand the significance of.

Writing these dreams down allows you to reference them in the future and begin to see common themes. Looking back on these dreams after the initial emotional charge has worn off allows for objective reflection.

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Connecting With Spirit Guides

Another way that past life memories can surface is through connecting and communicating with our spirit guides. Many of our guides have been with our through several lifetimes and now guide us back to our higher selves.

When we connect with our guides there is a deep sense of familiarity; a connection that transcends time. When I first saw my primary guide I had exactly this experience, I felt I knew them already and could feel my connection to the era and location they came from.

It becomes apparent that we have been working with our guides for many incarnations in many different capacities and those memories can come flooding back.

Your spirit guides are always close by watching your progress and gently nudging you along your path. To initiate a stronger line of communication with them call upon them in meditation.

I like to get into a meditative state and visualize myself in a forest clearing with a pathway leading up to it. Visualize two chairs or a bench in the center of this clearing and imagine your guides walking up to you from this clearing.

Then imagine them sit next to you on the bench and ask them any questions you may have. The key here is to hold a neutral mind, keep no expectations and just allow any impressions and visuals to come to you naturally.

At first you may only perceive an outline or ball of energy but over time you will be able to see and communicate with your spirit guides with ease. You will also become more aware of their daily presence in your life.

My past life memories first started to come to me when I connected with my guides. In the forest clearing where I usually met my guides I experienced a sort of baptism. Water was poured over my head to clear my third eye.

It was after this that I could more easily see the links between my present life and the gifts and wounds that I has bought forward from past lives.

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Finding Your Purpose

The work you are doing now and the wounds you are healing are all a culmination of the work you have done over the course of many incarnations.

Pay attention to what makes your soul sing: what would you wake up and do every day regardless of the physical reward, what message do you have to bring to the world?

Take notice of the obstacles you are facing in this life and the gifts you are nurturing as these are passed over from previous incarnations.

When I was working on healing my throat chakra I was bought back to a past life where this was a massive block for me. I could see my past self who had struggled with expression standing in the room as I was meditating.

I was able to tune into the name of this past version of myself, the type of place I lived and my lifestyle. I was able to see how the lessons I am learning now link back.

Notice the places and locations that you are intuitively drawn to. The spots you return to time and time again to find peace or the countries that call you.

You may feel a deep connection when researching different ancient cultures, looking at photos of certain places or watching shows or movies that are based in certain time periods and locations.

These connections are not random, pay attention to those things that strike within you a great sense of familiarity beyond physical comprehension.

Remembering past lives is all about honoring your intuition and trusting what it tells you. This will guide you and uncover everything you are now ready to see.


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