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How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides are like friends and teachers in spirit form. They are always close by, behind the scenes gently nudging you along your path.

Some guide us from birth throughout our entire incarnation here and others drop in at different periods of our life. They put you on the right path in accordance with what you wanted to learn and achieve before you incarnated on Earth.

If you’ve ever experienced an inner-knowing, or tap on the shoulder pushing you in the right direction, this is your spirit guide making contact.

This contact should feel uplifting and for your highest good, it will leave you feeling comforted knowing someone has your back, not fearful or worried.

Here are the methods I use to connect with my guides daily. The more you open this line of communication the more natural and fluent it becomes.

Connect With Your Spirit Guide Through Meditation

One of the best ways to start communicating with your guides is through a practice of meditation. By meditating we raise our vibration allowing our guides to meet us halfway.

Think of it like tuning into different radio stations, your guide could be standing right next to you and you’d be totally unaware if you aren’t tuned into their frequency.

Meditation is a way to turn the radio knob and tune in. Start by finding a quiet space, sitting in a comfortable position and simply focus on your breath for at least ten minutes. When a thought enters your mind simply acknowledge its presence, release it and refocus on your breath.

Once your thoughts have calmed and you feel relaxed begin visualizing yourself a forest clearing with a pathway leading up to it. At the center of this clearing visualize a bench with space for at least two people to sit.

Build this space up in your mind’s eye with as much detail as you can, making it come alive with a light breeze and the sound of wildlife. This becomes easier to solidify the more you practice.

Then begin counting down from ten and call in your guide/s imagining them walking down the path towards you, then watch as they take a seat opposite you.

Try to keep your mind free from assumptions while doing this and try not to force anything. Just let the details fill themselves in naturally.

What Do Spirit Guides Look Like?

At first you may only receive a vague impression, an outline may form before any of the details are filled in. When I first contacted by guides this way I was expecting a humanoid figure but got a ball of light instead!

Spirit guides can come in all shapes and sizes and often this can surprise us! While humanoid guides are common they can also appear as beings which we are not generally accustomed to.

Your guide could appear as:

  • A humanoid being
  • An animal
  • A ball of light
  • A mythical being
  • An angel
  • An alien being

Note: Spirit guides are energetic beings without a physical form like us so the way we perceive them is somewhat filtered and translated for our own comfort.

They materialize to us by pulling from the visual imagery and frame of reference that we already have, so the more open you are to whatever shows up the less distorted your impression of them will be.

How to See Your Spirit Guide

How well you see your spirit guide will depend on how developed your third eye is, the ability to see clear images in this mind. However many people are not skilled in this area.

At first your guides may appear faint or you will only perceive an outline but the more you practice the better your visual input becomes. You can practice visualization exercizes and focus on the third eye during meditation to improve your inner sight.

For many feeling and sensing their guide’s energy comes first before any visuals, which come later down the line. Your guides use your strongest senses to come through to you whether that be through emotion, visual, sound or touch.

How to Find Out Your Spirit Guide’s Name 

You can begin conversing with your guides now and ask them any questions you have, try asking their name and see what impressions you get. Again at first this might be vague and you’ll only receive the first letter or intuitively know the origin of their name.

What you’re looking for is very clear communication when it comes to specific information like this so if nothing comes try again another time, don’t try to guess anything or force it.

When you are ready thank your spirit guide for making contact and say goodbye. They may have a parting message or want to give you an item before leaving.

Meet Your Spirit Guide In A Dream

There are several ways in which spirit guides can show up in dreams. It’s likely they are already showing up as different recurring dream characters, you can also ask for them to meet with you in a non-lucid dream or lucid dream and ask them to appear.

As you fall asleep you can affirm ‘I will meet my spirit guides tonight’, allowing your higher self to open up this channel of communication. With consistency your guides will appear in a dream for you, don’t give up if you don’t succeed the first time.

Spirit Guide Contact Through Lucid Dreaming

Another way to contact your spirit guides is through lucid dreaming – this is where you become conscious within the dream state and can proceed to ask your guides to appear.

If you know how to lucid dream this is simply a case of going to a peaceful location within the dream such as a forest or beach and asking your guides to come forward.

During lucid dreams I use a similar space to the one I do during meditation but it can be whatever makes you comfortable. I find a forest clearing and invite my guides into the dream space, this has become a safe consistent spot for me to make contact.

Once you have met your spirit guide don’t forget to write the experience down. This will solidify the meeting in your memory and allow you to reference your experiences in the future.

How to Know You’ve Made Contact

You’ll know that you’ve successfully made contact with a guide by how it makes you feel. You’ll wake up feeling uplifted and inspired. There’s an unmistakable sense you’ve made contact with spirit and that you weren’t the only conscious being within the dream.

Contacting your guides should be uplifting, affirm that you only allow communication which is for your highest good. You are in charge of your inner spaces, only welcome in beings which have your best interests at heart.

During daily life you’ll begin to notice your spirit guides getting into contact with you more often. You’ll feel gentle nudges in the right direction and clear guidance.

You will also begin to feel their presence as you go about your day to day life. A warm breeze or light tap on the shoulder. Their energy nearby protecting you at all times. Allow your intuition to guide you with these interaction and reply back verbally or mentally if you wish.


18 thoughts on “How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides”

  1. I experienced the light you talked about, twice.
    once i was meditating with half open half close eyes, it was around dawn and i saw a light in human (ish) form for 2-3 seconds entering the room, it was amazing experience.
    second time i was asleep, it was around dawn as well, i woke up and saw white light like a ball in front of me, i could not move or talk, i got scared within 2 seconds and screamed, it was automatic because it was new to me, it went away very fast.
    i am looking forward to new and more advanced experiences, now that i am more ready and open.
    love and peace to all who seek meaning <3

  2. The most clear dream i had with my spirit guides is when one of them tried to push my solar plexus to activate, while the other one worriedly watching, ready to stop it if i cannot take it anymore. I love them, like parents i never have

  3. You mention that spirits use our strongest senses to come to us. When I quit smoking in 2003 my sense of smell got very acute and then about 2 years ago I got Phantosmia – fantom smell, smelling things that are not there. Most people who get this smell bad things that are not there. I am a lucky one I smell good smells. My first instinct was that I smell good spirits or angels and also they don’t always belong to me. I think I smell other people’s spirits or angels too. One smell is very distinct around old people and I thought it had something to do with their health but I get the same smell from 3 different women at work, one in her late 40s, one in her late 20s and the other in her mid-20s. All three are healthy and maintain a good fitness level. I used to smell it on one lady in her 50s and does Crossfit so she is very fit, but it went away and she now has a more subtle smell. Sometimes I can smell fear or anxiousness. I haven’t tried meditating with this as you recommend but I will. I guess my protracted question is can we sense spirits by smell? Thank you.

    1. We absolutely can sense spirits by smell. Each of our five physical senses has a psychic equivalent and the psychic sense of smell is called ‘clairalience’. It’s common to smell the scent of people who have past on and our guides can send us comforting smells that are familiar to us as a way of communication.

    2. This is absolutely amazing. I do can smell negative energies intensely. Like rotten meat or cheesy feet. But I learned to protect myself and therefore I smell them from miles away and can send them away. Or I know the difference between ill spirited or warning.
      I feel everything way before. I love being so connected, I love to learn and all this is very fascinating. I taught myself so much by lucid dreaming. The biggest success for me was, I managed to communicate with my subconscious and my higher self. Absolutely phenomenal. I am an energy healer and always knew how to communicate to the subconscious, of other people. I wanted to learn to communicate to my subconscious for I could overcome trauma. I believe we can only truly heal if we clearly see what caused the trauma and then ask a lot of questions. Through questions we get answers. All that we need to know is found within. If if it’s not within, we will find a guide, a teacher, we find each other and both parties learn. We never stop learning. The one who believes to know everything, has just only started the journey in a human body. The ones who don’t get tired of asking, who are willing to listen, who are happy to answer questions and moreso to explain and share experiences, the ones who give you their time, they are the ones with the true light. I love. I just love. And I am content with that xxx love and light to all of you xxx

  4. Thank you for this article. It made a lot of sense for me. I was able to learn my spirit guide’s name which I heard very clearly at the end of my meditation although I didn’t see a clear image. This made me very happy so thank you for this guidance!

  5. Love the post! I’m trying to develop my connection to my guides and have gone deeper through my Kundalini practice. My question is this: Do your guides sometimes choose your sign for you? After reading The Universe Has Your Back I chose a sign, but never save. After starting a consistent Kundalini practice I see numbers in sequence very often. I have interpreted this as my sign. Could my guides have chosen this for me, rather than what I chosen?

    1. I’ve had these experiences for about 8 months now. After my stepfather passed away, God Woke me up . I believe in the unbelievable. Waves of clear images, flashing lights,orbs in my photos, signs through electronics. I can feel my Angel’s when they’re near.

  6. I have had two recently one: i was asleep and i saw a double door i was standing between them and i heard something say (i think a female voice) are u ready to see whats beyond the rainbow… i then slammed the door and woke up. Oops. Two: i felt someone tell me pick a project. (So i have been doing crosstitch, and cleaning out things at my home) my third was a long time ago when my dad died and we were at his house when he past i was in the other room and saw a shadowy type figure kind of floating up the wall toward the front door when it was open. I had a feeling of sadness but peace washed over me and i heard my dads words he said to me when i took him to the dr a week or so before…”dont worry about me i know im going to a better place, take care of your mom.” So currently im taking it little by little i have to frequency i. My ears it drives me crazy. Going to tey what u suggested above. Thanks

  7. Thankyou so so much. Now i knew what was happening with me. I will surely practice it and get a connection with my angel.

  8. I had an amazing experience when coming out of a nap ,where I saw a design like kaleidoscope with a green and purple light pulsing in the middle of it . I felt the most loving peaceful energy . It was a very clarifying moment for me ,a visit from my beautiful daughter . I didnt cry when I awoke but man I had some real clarity in this moment ,it pushed me even harder In doing the work required to keep my vibration high . I haven’t had one since but I really want to ,so it shall be ,waiting for that next visit. Thank you for your article ,great read.

  9. Diane Swaney Dolly I go by


  10. I have a friend who told me that his brother was very sick in hospital and he asked me if I could do some healing for him. I did my healing on him for 3 days and 3 nights, on the 4 morning I received a voice in my mind saying “healed”, so I stopped the healing. That same afternoon my friend rang me and told me that his brother had just rung him and that he was feeling fine. What utterly surprised me though was that he told me that his brother saw me and felt me by his bedside. Seeing as he had not been told that I was healing him, this blew my mind. About 6 weeks after this my friend rang me again to say that his brother was on a plane going back to England to see his Doctor in England as he still felt weak. I was asked if I could do some healing on him whilst he was on the plane. I did some healing on him and received a message in my mind again, “wrong medicine”. When he saw his Doctor in London 3 days later the first thing the Doctor said to him was, ” Wrong Medicine”. I had got this message 72 hours before the Doctor told him that the doctors in Malaysia where he had been living were giving him the wrong
    medicine. Sorry about the long story.

  11. I am struggling SO much with getting in contact with my spirit guides, (been trying for over a year) but I’ve decided that since I can most times lucid dream at will, I should use that as a stepping stone. I’ll try connecting through lucid dreaming at night and in the morning just as I wake I’ll try to enter into a trance since I’ve had success with this about three times IN MY WHOLE LIFE! In the evenings before bed I’ll do meditation. I’ve put my entire life on hold in order to focus on this (not even working anymore) because I feel so strongly that I should have done this years ago and have been called to this. I sometimes hear my voice being called very distinctly when I am drifting off to sleep, but it always startles me out of that mind state. I have tried shamanic drumming, but for the life of me I can’t get it right.

    Awesome story David. I hope to get to such a place some day.

    1. It might be helpful to focus on some other areas of personal/spiritual development if there is a big blockage in communication. It could be a physical or emotional area (the lower chakras) that you are most uncomfortable addressing/working with, then you can bring your energy upward in a sense and try communicating with your guides again.

  12. Really interesting to read. I am wanting to try this to meet my guides for the first time but I was wondering what to actually say in order to bring them in after doing the countdown?

    1. ‘I’m ready to see you now’ or something to that effect. Keep it simple and if there is ever a point where you don’t know what exactly to say, just follow your intuition as best you can.

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