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Spiritual Meaning of Ringing Ears

Spiritual Meaning of Ringing Ears

Today I want to talk about ringing in the ears and what it means in relation to spiritual awakening. This started happening to me when I was meditating on a consistent basis and I had no idea what was going on!

This occurs when you are meditating or relaxing and suddenly hear a high pitched frequency in your ears. This is different to tinnitus which is a medical condition – please do not confuse the two.

Ringing in the ears can also take place after you have been too close to loud music like attending a concert, or working in environments where there is a lot of noise pollution. Again, rule out those causes before proceeding.

This information is for those who hear high pitched frequencies but have already ruled out any physical issue or medical condition.

Ringing In The Ears and Spiritual Awakening

Some people might describe it as a ringing, but it can also be perceived as: buzzing, a high pitched noise, a frequency – like tuning into a radio station.

I knew this buzzing in the ears was not a physical issue as I had never experienced something like this before meditating. What is an energetic sensation often feels incredibly physical when we haven’t learned to differentiate between the two.

Hearing buzzing in the ears is a clear sign we are tuning into a new level of being, one that goes beyond just the five physical senses. It’s during this time that we can also start experiencing synchronicities and unusual occurrences.

I knew that what I was experiencing was directly linked to my spiritual practice and it turns out many others have had this experience too! Below are some of the causes I’ve found through my own exploration.

Spiritual Downloads

Whenever I get ringing in the ears while meditating or in a relaxed state most of the time this usually means I am about to receive an ‘ energy download’. A spiritual download is like a package of intuitive information that you receive all at once, similar to an epiphany.

This can come in the form of visions, intuitive insight or an unexplained knowing. What makes a download distinct from a regular epiphany is that they come through as a full-body sensation, all of this energy coming through at once and cascading through the body like a waterfall. We can experience full body tingles, a sense of euphoria or peace accompanied by this audio frequencies/messages.

These downloads can shift the way you look at situations or provide information that you need at that moment to progress along your spiritual path. Stay calm and be prepared to receive information from your higher self or spirit guides that will be useful at this time. Be sure to record any information or insights you receive down on paper or digitally.

Kundalini Rising & Energy Upgrades

Kundalini Rising Energy Upgrades

We can start to perceive higher frequencies when our energy body/ chakra system goes through upgrades. Each chakra is catergoized by a color and each color holds a specific frequency or tone.

One time while meditating I was able to tune into this high pitched buzzing and see it took on a green hue. This connected to my heart chakra which I was in the process of healing and opening.

When we work on our energy bodies through meditation and energy work (clearing our chakras) there are physical symptoms that come along with this.

These symptoms can be unsettling and often disrupt our waking lives, until we learn how to ground and balance our energies. For example it’s common to experience headaches when dealing with the third eye or a sore throat when dealing with the throat chakra.

Just as our physical bodies can go through a detoxification process when we change our diets and lifestyle, the energetic bodies go through a similar clearing process.

Another time we might hear this ringing is on the onset or during a kundalini awakening. Kundalini is the life-force energy which is always moving inside of us, this energy travels upwards from the root chakra towards the crown chakra where a union of our masculine and feminine energies takes place.

A kundalini awakening brings about transformation in all areas of our life and in all aspects of our being – physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. We can perceive this ringing as a sign that our energy body is detoxing, along with the different intuitive messages that can come through as a result.


Clairaudience is the psychic sense of hearing. Most of us are familiar with the term clairvoyant which translates to ‘clear seeing’, similarly clairaudience translates as ‘clear hearing’.

Many who are able to hear beyond the physical start out by hearing these high pitched frequencies: the sign a message is about to be received.

Clairaudient messages can come in the form of buzzing, hearing your name being called or hearing a single word command like ‘go’ or ‘left’ when you are in danger.

This psychic sense is prominent in people who enjoy working with and listening to music. The hearing sense is the most pronounced in musically minded people and as an extension the psychic sense follows.

Connecting with Guides and Angels

Another common experience after hearing a high pitched buzzing sound is your guides or angels coming through. These high frequencies are one of the ways our guides can start communicating with us.

If your intuition is guiding you that this may be a guide or angel getting in touch, hold a relaxed state and tune in. You can call your guides to you now and see if they have a message for you.

Electronic Interference

There is one way in which ringing in the ears can be related to a physical issue that isn’t a medical condition. Ringing in the ears can occur when there is a ton of electronic interference that we pick up on with our subtle senses.

There is a lot of debate about the impact of EMF or electromagnetic radiation and whether or not it poses a medical risk and/or spiritual hindrance. I don’t have a solid stance here but I do think it is beneficial overall to limit the amount of exposure we have to screens, WiFi, electronics in general.

For most of us this type of interference is unavoidable – we are living in places where WiFi and mobile signals are ubiquitous and forever crossing over us.

The best solution I’ve found is limiting my time on digital devices, looking at screens and listening to music. Allow for quiet time throughout your week where you have no distractions and turn your phone and WiFi off. Spend time in nature and ground yourself.

Shungite, black tourmaline and citrine are great crystals to help protect against electronic interference and EMF. I recommend trying out these crystals with an open-mind and seeing if they actually help your space and mind feel clearer.

The key to figuring out what this phenomenon means for you is to tune into your intuition and see what comes up. Ask for more clarity in meditation if you aren’t sure.

Ringing in left & right ear spiritual meaning

In spiritual literature there is usually a distinction made between the left and right sides of the body. Often the right ear ringing is said to represent good news while the left is negative.

I think these good/bad delineations can be quite reductive, and places unnecessary stigma on the left side of the body (similar to how having a dominant left hand was treated historically). It’s also unhelpful if we receive a message from one ear and immediately categorize it in this way, we might miss something important.

I like to look at the polarity of energy which has a more neutral tone. The right or masculine side of the body governs logical processes: analysis, structure, giving. The left or feminine side of the body governs emotions: intuition, creativity, receiving.

The best way to interpret the ringing you are experiencing is to tune into your intuition. Before labelling anything, what do you feel alongside the ringing? What emotions, impressions or images come to mind? These will give more accurate context to the intuitive guidance you are receiving.

What to do when you’re hearing frequencies

hearing frequencies

I’m coming back to this post two years later, and I have noticed a clear progression from then. I no longer hear these frequencies/this buzzing as often. I also don’t see it in the same way.

When we start meditating and getting in touch with our energy centers, the sensations that we feel are heightened. We fill our body with energy and it’s a new practice, we are getting accustomed to a steadier flow of energy.

We might feel heavy sensations such as vibrations, tingling in the body and this buzzing in the ears because we are overflowing with energy. As we deepen our practice, these sensations still arise but at a noticeably lower frequency and intensity.

These symptoms show us where we are getting our bodies (on all levels) accustomed to energy flow, but also where we might be ungrounded.

We take our centers to such a high level in such a short space of time that we move in and out of higher levels of consciousness frequently. It’s natural to become more solidified in a level of consciousness over time and more grounded as a result.

Therefore we don’t feel as if we are constantly tuning into random frequencies (like tuning into random radio stations).

Set energetic boundaries

One of the reasons we perceiving this buzzing noise is because there is interference in our energetic field or aura. This can be from electronics, attachments we have with people that we haven’t released, guides getting in touch during the day.

When we begin spiritual development we are usually concerned with increasing our awareness, often without knowing what we want to become more aware of. We open up our spiritual senses, but don’t have a way to manage what these senses are picking up on.

With each level we take up in awareness we want to create the corresponding boundaries to match. Setting energetic boundaries gets easier the further along you are in your practice, but it’s important even at the very beginning.

Energetic boundaries are like physical boundaries, but instead concern our energy and spiritual awareness. We don’t want to be tuning into random things unconsciously all of the time (as often happens at the beginning of a spiritual awakening).

It can be helpful to affirm ‘My energy is contained’ or ‘My energy is focused’ when you are constantly tuning into different streams of energy/levels of consciousness. Affirming that you aren’t open to everything is a simple but powerful prompt.

We can pair this affirmation with a visualization. This is great to do in the mornings before we go about our day and in the evenings when we’ve been around people and picking up their energy.

You want to ground, clear and contain.

  • Get into a seated position and focus on your breath.
  • Visualize roots flowing out from the soles of your feet.
  • As you breathe in, visualize energy flowing up from the Earth into the body.
  • As you breathe out, visualize any dense energy flowing out.
  • Recite your affirmation.
  • Visualize your aura filling up with white purifying light.
  • Set an intention – how do you want to focus your energy?
  • Visualize your aura sealing up.

Practice listening

A buzzing or ringing in the ears is often associated with the psychic sense of clairaudience as I mentioned above, there are a few ways to develop this further.

  • Get into a seated position
  • Focus on the breath and calm the mind
  • Visualize your ears expanding in size
  • Observe any subtle noises or tones you can hear

When we first practice meditation or mindfulness we have a tendency to view external distractions or noise as an issue. In fact, all of these distractions give us an opportunity to tune further inward.

When we do this exercize we might be able to hear birds in the distance, tones we haven’t picked up on before or our annoying neighbour who decided to start the lawnmower up at 7am. All of this is valuable with the right awareness.

When we take in this stimulus in a conscious way, without the usual tension that is associated, we can cultivate a more precise energy and are able to perceive things more clearly. Practicing listening on a physical level is also a way to heighten our non-physical listening ability.

Have you experienced something similar to this? Share your experience in the comments below.


46 thoughts on “Spiritual Meaning of Ringing Ears”

  1. I have had this experience many times. Frequently after yoga. I rest my head on ground I believe I can listen to voices from inner ground or across walls.

  2. I had this experience while during meditation recently and loud high pitching sounds of crickets was heard.But still kept going through the meditation process as I felt completely relaxed the next day but still was hearing the same sound again.The next day, I heard bells sound in my ears.It was awesome.

    1. I started hearing high pitched cricket sounds for the last few years. But I hear these sounds only when Im silent and free from thoughts. I use to hear voices of sea waves 9-10 kilometers away. I thought it was normal and I ignored it. Now I think I should explore it more.

  3. Is it normal, to pick up wifi signals? I hear them I side my head, when I go by my neighbors house. It’s like a web, shooting 5 beams outward, in a distinct radial pattern, that stays exactly the same. The first time I heard it, it almost knocked me off my feet and ,left me dizzy for a few minuites.

  4. I have this ringing that doesn’t stop sometimes get higher and then lower it happen years ago when God came into my life and at times squeeze my head never thought it be 👼

    1. I ask please whoever and whatever is going on..Please make these noises STOP..it hurts me and gives me bad headaches at times..As strange as it sounds…it has stopped every time when I ask this ‘outloud’

  5. I have ringing in my ears almost everyday. It started about two years ago when I began seeking. After reading Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now”, I started to realize I could hear the almost pleasant buzzing when my mind was quiet and no thoughts had my attention absorbed. I almost feel like the sound is the frequency I am vibrating at….sounds crazy I know. This is the first time I have openly expressed this to anyone except my wife.

    1. It is the frequency that you are vibrating at. Try reading Paul Seligs Books, first one… I am the Word. It has attainments to raise your frequency. Also you could check out Ra, The Law of One, as we are all one

    2. Kriss Potgieter

      Hello Mr. Jacob
      It is exactly the same with me. It feels asif I can hear my body vibrate and there are different layers to it. My heartbeat is the lowest, then the humming sound of my body and after some time I get a highpitch sound. You wrote this a year ago, have you found away to find out whats going on or how to decode. I would realy want to find out what your outcome was because I’ve been on my journey for almost two years and it feels like I have not moved an inch.

  6. Cecilia. Worsleyy

    Yes I go through this ringing in my ear all the time not to mention but hearing somebody calling my name not to mention seeing the orbits floating around me. and showing them self so I could actually see them

    1. I’ve experienced all these things for years. Sometimes when it’s quiet late at night I’ll hear music that seems far away but it’s clear in my ear. I’ll get up and check the house and there isn’t any disturbance anywhere or outside.

      1. I’ve had the noise buzzing ringing I also get people’s private talking between people. I also get different music old new no time age. If I don’t here the other stuff I get the sounds of different electric energy’s sort of had to get use to it.

      2. Yes, I have that happen. When I go to bed and it’s quiet, I hear what sounds like a tv really low, I strain to make out what they are saying…of course it is energy frequency, no tv on in the house.

  7. I have experienced ringing to my surprise it sounded like a bell, loud and clear in my inner ear. Everything else went quiet around me. Since then I walk around like a medium receiving messages, electric touches,warnings, knowing, smelling hearing and feeling everything. etc etc etc

  8. I heard a bell and am hard of hearing. I have ringing in my ear and ringing I can’t hear Using Crazy. I have feeling like something is here. Sent I was a little girl I always felt that someone is keeping me safe. I had people tell that am a Empath did not that

  9. I’ve had this ringing and I was sure it is medical related. I went to an ENT and he found nothing wrong with my hearing! Ever since I acknowledged my calling, it does not happen all the time like before. I’m even used to it that I dont take notice, I will start paying attention from now on, Thank you for the insight.

  10. I hear ringing in my ears all the time, have smelled familiar aromas in the air, have felt someone touch me frequently that’s not there, have gotten chills that made all the hairs on my body stand, and have heard my name called out when no one is around, seen things that aren’t really there. I thought I was losing my mind. I used to be terrified. Now it seems normal. I never knew it could be this, my friends just called me crazy.

    1. Yes I can relate to all of that I hear high and low pitch frequencies I have I smelled sulfur in the air after a imp appear to me I see clear orbs outside everyday I feel a hand playing with my hair I goodbumps!!!!!! I have seen shadow move in graveyards I see mists I heard my name being called and other stuff!!!!!!!!

  11. Even as a very young girl whenever there’s a fan running whether it’s a window fan a refrigerator fan car fan I always hear voices the age of 56 I still do now all the sudden I’m hearing this high-pitched ringing sound or humming without any physical explanation after reading this I believe there is a lot more going on with me then I realize since that started early today several things have changed I taste has changed my attitude has changed my energy levels have changed I’m going to start paying a little more attention to my guides and angels thank you for this.

  12. I have been able to hear and receive all my life. I have always been open to everything around me. At one point I had to be taught to close the vision. For I was very young seeing how people died. I get it most when spirits are near me.

    1. I would love to hear more about this! My grandma passed in April and my 4 year old son has been talking about her a lot. A while ago he was talking about her and said he wanted to watch her die (I had told him my mom was singing to her so she want peacefully, and he wanted to be there with her too). Then he started talking about things he saw “when she died”.

      I came here because I have been hearing ringing and was looking for the meaning. I have had some experiences with clairaudience that I didn’t really attribute to clairaudience before (when my son was a baby and I was nursing him to sleep in his dark quiet room I distinctly heard a young boys voice say “mommy” right next to me. My son was far from able to talk at that point and was asleep.) But definitely going through some upgrades right now! And have been intentionally and clearly asking for help from my guides and to connect with them more clearly. But this comment made me think of my son and I am curious what insight or even advice you may be able to give me!

      Thank you 😊

  13. Today I was hearing the Himalayas tune mountain wind and om chanting using just one ear pod as my other ear pod broke off the wire. Strange thing I noticed was as I was concentrating on the om with my left ear, my right ear was hearing lots of voices chatter as if it was a sizeable gathering …could not hear what they were talking but just chatter…and no way any one was talking at that time 3:30 am…and when it all finished at about 4 am I could see a right leg of a man and shining leopard skin….😵

  14. I wake up and hear it …sometimes Id rather hear that than someone’s negativity.It helps me drown out music I don’t like or someone’s bad attitude, but I don’t know if I’m using it right? Sometime like today it’s screeching someday I have to be real still . Idk my brother said it’s a phone in your head answere it ! Lol

  15. Since I was a small child I picked up high pitched sounds. I tried to shut it out but that didn’t work so well. I have known for a very long time that am an empath. I feel and see energy all around me. Just recently I decided to work at opening my chakra energies. Since I’ve been doing that I have a constant stream of sound like cicadas. And at times it goes silent and I have a overwhelming sense of True unconditional Love . And I dream in color, of things that are going to happen and warnings . My family and friends think I crazy. But I know its God and my guardian Angel’s. Thank you for explaining the sounds. At least I know I’m not crazy.

  16. Does anyone hear vibrations? ( like waves crashing on the shore) when being touched or when touching an area of pain in a person/myself or animals or even a plant that needs water or a broken limb on a tree? I get the same when looking at crystals online. Some nothing others wave after wave. It causes me to close my eyes. I can lift my hand palm forward toward my plants and know if it needs water. Still amazed me. I’m 55 and only learned I was an empath a yr ago. Woke up after an extremely difficult day and a female voice said you’re an empath. Had to look up what that was immediately.

    1. Never experienced that exactly but it sounds beautiful! It sounds like you are connecting with something/someone and sending them some calming energy. I was called to feel and visualize a wave crashing over my body during meditation one night, and now that’s a technique I use regularly to get in the zone.

  17. Loved reading all of these wonderful comments! I went to an ENT when it first started happening to me. One time I had bells and I thought my husband’s alarm was going off for work. I woke him up. It was 12:34 am. Then it happened again at 3:33 am. It is God and the angels. It was the start of a beautiful journey and it only gets better, weirder, more wonderful and joyful!

  18. I have always seen numbers that repeat. Just never believed they meant anything. I hear constant ringing since a very young age. Dr.s always say my ears are fine. I used to see things that would happen before they really occurred. I dont get that much anymore. I can feel my intuition anymore either. It makes me sad not to be able to do those things anymore. I believe its caused by a medication i take but i can not discontinue it.

  19. I am an empath and an old soul. I often get impossibly high pitched vibrations, is how i would describe it. It’s awful and I’ve never known what it was or if others were hearing it too. I have just begun educating myself on things I’ve always known or felt, or experienced but couldnt put into words or explain. Some of the things I’ve experienced are terrifying and I can’t control. Like leaving my body in the middle of a conversation without any warning. My dreams are always of strangers, never people I know. I have precognitive “gifts” and I’ve seen my dreams on the 5:00 o’clock news less than 24 hours after I dreamt it. These “gifts” are not gifts. I couldn’t have stopped these things from happening, I didn’t know the people it was happening too. Anyway, I’m educating myself and your article has given me a lot to think about. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

    1. I’m dealing with almost everything that you’ve explained. I know I’m an empath as well as an old soul, too. I’ve always kinda knew that there was something different about me since I was little because I….I just felt it. And I saw spirit as well as felt spirit as a kid. But that went away.
      Nowadays, when I walk outside barefoot, I can feel the vibrations from the earth. If that makes sense…. I get the ringing and humming in my ears too.
      I’ve been trying to meditate for Lord only knows how long know but I cannot for the life of me quite my mind down. And I know that it’s because of my past. I’m a recovering drug addict of 7yrs now but I really truly do feel like I’m right on the verge of my Spiritual Awakening.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time❣️
      Peace Be With You

  20. I’ve always been a little “weird” as friends would say. I do hear ringing, buzzing in my ears to start off with. If I go into a new place and I get that ringing in the ears than I get a vibration in my hole body it’s the same frequency as the ringing in my ears. I get the feeling physically all over my body. That’s we were being recorded by spy cameras and we left. It turns out I was right. I don’t know what that’s called tho. That’s why my friends just call me “weird”. Lol

  21. This is very true for me I am musically inclined and often get this high pitched buzz, ring and vibration in my ears. I have such I heightened sense of hearing and often hear things others dont. I’ve heard Angel’s sing.

  22. I don’t really know if what’s happened to me is spiritual, but I have a feeling it is. My hearing will get all stuffy and then the ringing would happen, and I would tune into it and it would go away.

  23. i normally ‘see’ things that are about to happen but jave over the last year started to ‘hear’ messages…most times i cant make out clearly whays being said however a few months back i clearly heard my twin flame speak to me i was driving atthe time and nearly had to pull over cause i was so shook up…later that nite when we spoke i told him what i heard and he agreed he thought itand then said he was having a dejavue about me explaining what happened

  24. I started meditating not long ago and from then I keep hearing this high pitch sound in my ears..I keep hearing someone mentioning my name in my sleep and when I’m awake(the voice of both male and female)

  25. I had a spiritual awakening about 7 years ago and have had that “high frequency” ever since. At first I was going crazy from it, but as time went by I use it as an indicator as to my well being in accordance with the universe. When I’m sad or unhappy it’s gone, when I’m doing well it’s present.. my spiritual barometer ❤️

  26. Everything in this universe is made from sound, so hearing these frequencies is the sign of spiritual awakening, which is more important than seeing a light during meditation

  27. Ever since I learned about the Fifth dimension, I’ve been hearing ringing, bussing, horn like sounds and songs repeating over and over in my mind. On July 4th, I hear Glory Glory hallelujah over and over until the day after 4th of July. I woke up the next day laughing so hard. The song I was hearing was Jiggle Bells, Jiggle Bells……all day long. I though someone had a speaker and everyone was hearing it. But no, my neighbors didn’t hear a thing. Am I going crazy? Over the years I have heard warnings that saved my life several times. I love waking up Spiritually, it is so much fun. I want to expand and learn more but what’s with these songs?

    1. I have high pitch noise in both ears constantly, for the last 4-5 years. I’ve had dreams that happened, both negative and positive. But I’m told I’m just superstitious. I once saw an orb, or something like a round ball of fog, or sort of silvery semi transparent light, and it moved from one side of our garage to the other, and went right through the wall. I was about 15 ft away, and after it had passed through the wall, a pair of gloves fell off of the workbench. Like a sudden breeze had blown them off, but it was around 1:45am and all the doors & windows were closed. Back to the ears. I’ve had many occasions where I’ll get an extra jolt of high pitch sound in my ears, and I’ve learned to pay attention to them. Good things happening when it’s in my left ear, and not so good if it’s in my right. I read recently that for men and women it’s opposite sides, but I have much to learn and can’t really talk to most people about things like this, because they respond like I’m not sane or clear in my head. I have always been a good learner, and I once tested 180, on an IQ test. I don’t have any formal education or degrees, but I’ve worked with robotics, and writing code to industrial engineering and design, and people still treat me like I’m not understanding things right. My own family treats me like an outcast.
      Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome.
      Thanks, Henry.

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