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Spiritual Meaning of Ringing Ears

Today I want to talk about ringing in the ears and what it means in relation to spiritual awakening. This started happening to me when I was meditating on a consistent basis and I had no idea what was going on!

This occurs when you are meditating or relaxing and suddenly hear a high pitched frequency in your ears. This is different to tinnitus which is a medical condition – please do not confuse the two.

Ringing in the ears can also take place after you have been too close to loud music like attending a concert, or working in environments where there is a lot of noise pollution. Again, rule out those causes before proceeding.

This information is for those who hear high pitched frequencies but have already ruled out any physical issue or medical condition.

Ringing In The Ears and Spiritual Awakening

I knew this ringing in the ears was not a physical issue as I had never experienced something like this before meditating. What is an energetic sensation often feels incredibly physical when we haven’t learned to differentiate between the two.

Hearing ringing in the ears is all about tuning into a new level of being, one that goes beyond just the five physical senses. It’s during this time that we can also start experiencing synchronicity and unusual occurrences.

I knew that what I was experiencing was directly linked to my spiritual practice and it turns out many others have had this experience too! Below are some of the causes I’ve found through my own exploration.

Spiritual Downloads

Whenever I get ringing in the ears while meditating or in a relaxed state most of the time this proceeds a download. A spiritual download is when you receive a bunch of information all at once similar to an epiphany.

This can come in the form of visions, audio, intuitive insight or and unexplained knowing. These downloads can shift the way you look at situations or provide information that you need at that moment to progress along your path.

Stay calm and be prepared to receive information from your higher self and guides and guides that will be useful at this time. Be sure to record any information or insights you receive.

Energy Upgrades

We can start to perceive higher frequencies when our energy body/ chakra system goes through upgrades. Each chakra is catergoized by a color and each color holds a specific frequency or tone.

One time while meditating I was able to tune into this high pitched buzzing and see it took on a green hue. This connected to my heart chakra which I was in the process of healing and opening.

When we work on our energy bodies through meditation and energy work (clearing our chakras) there are physical symptoms that come along with it.

These symptoms can be unsettling and often disrupt our waking lives until we learn how to ground and balance our energies. For example it’s common to experience headaches when dealing with the third eye or a sore throat when dealing with the throat chakra.

Just as our physical bodies can go through a detoxification process when we change our diets and lifestyle, the energetic bodies go through a similar clearing process.


Clairaudience is the psychic sense of hearing. Most of us are familiar with the term clairvoyant which translates as ‘clear seeing’, similarly clairaudience translates as ‘clear hearing’.

Many who are able to hear beyond the physical start out by hearing these high pitched frequencies: the sign a message is about to be received.

Clairaudient messages can come in the form of buzzing, hearing your name being called or hearing single word commands like ‘go’ when you are in danger.

This psychic sense is prominent in people who enjoy working with and listening to music. The hearing sense is the most pronounced in musically minded people and so the psychic sense follows.

Connecting with Guides and Angels

Another common experience after hearing a high pitched buzzing sound is your guides and angels coming through. These high frequencies are one of the ways our higher guides can start communicating with us.

If your intuition is guiding you that this may be a guide or angel getting in touch, hold a relaxed state and tune in. You can call your guides to you now and see if they have a message for you.

Electronic Interference

There is one way in which ringing in the ears can be related to a physical issue that isn’t a medical condition. Ringing in the ears can occur when there is a ton of electronic interference that we pick up on with our subtle senses.

For most of us this type of interference is unavoidable – we are living in places where WiFi and mobile signals are ubiquitous and forever crossing over us.

The best solution I’ve found is limiting my time on digital devices, looking at screens and listening to music. Allow for quiet time throughout your week where you have no distractions and turn your phone and WiFi off. Spend time in nature and ground yourself.

The key to figuring out what this phenomenon means for you is to tune into your intuition and see what comes up. Ask for guidance from your guides if you still aren’t sure.

Have you experienced something similar to this? Share your experience in the comment below.

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