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Third Eye Visualization

third eye visualization

You could think of the third eye as our non-physical eye – it sees what our physical eyes cannot and sees through the filters we have unconsciously laid onto our reality.

When your third eye becomes active the way you look at things, people and situations shifts completely. You see every situation from all angles, you feel your connection to every living being and you see beyond just the physical.

In this post I want to go over some of the ways in which you can exercize your third eye through visualization. These are the methods that have worked for me, although everyone will be different.

How Visualization Opens The Third Eye

These exercizes will help build your internal visual muscle so to speak. It is common for people who meditate regularly to start seeing colors, shapes, sacred geometry, and other beings however this vision is often short lived and unclear.

What visualization does is clear up this internal vision allowing what you do see to stabilize and remain for longer. Although the third eye isn’t a physical organ like the pineal gland is, it works alongside our two physical eyes to create the reality we perceive.

Many recommend pushing your eyes upward while doing third eye exercizes, however I’ve found a gentle awareness of this spot is better to avoid straining your eyes.

Try to do these exercizes in low light, perhaps late in the evenings/nights or before the sun has come up. This will allow psychic images to come through more easily without the distraction of physical stimulus.

Purple Lotus

This is my favorite third eye visualization exercize, I have shared it before as every time I do it I get crazy activity in this chakra.

Start by closing your eyes and placing gentle awareness of the spot between your eyebrows, this is the location of your third eye chakra.

Now visualize a purple lotus flower in this space gently opening up to reveal each of its eight petals. Over time this will become more vivid and take on a life-like quality. Do this for five to start and build up from there.

To enhance this practice listen to some third eye/pineal gland binaural beats. I like 963hz, be prepared for the sensations you feel to be amplified when using these.

Color Meditation

The next visualization that I do is imagining a colored dot in the center of my vision. As we are work on the third eye it is common to visualize a purple dot or purple eye right between the brows.

Try to hold this purple dot for a as long as you can manage. At first you may only be able to hold this image for a few seconds but over time your visual muscle will get stronger.

Once you have gotten accustomed to doing that, build on this by visualizing more complex shapes. You can add in additional 2D shapes, and then move onto visualizing 3D objects.

Another method is to try recreating a candle flame in your mind’s eye. Start with red at the center, then orange and yellow on the outer edges. Visualize the subtle motion of the flame as it burns.

What I like about this exercize is you can begin tuning into the energy of a flame directly from your inner space. This allows you to not only learn how to perceive a form in your mind’s eye but also feel its energy, which is useful when receiving clairvoyant images.

Seven Balloons

The final exercize that will not only stimulate the third eye but the other six chakras, involves visualizing different colored balloons.

Visualize holding seven balloons, each the color of one of the seven chakras. Now visualize releasing each one starting with red for the root chakra. Watch as the balloon floats up out of sight and then move onto the next one.

The key is to make this visual as vivid as you can manage. The visualization aids your third eye vision and as you release each of the balloons you feel sensations in each of the corresponding chakras.

What Happens When Your Third Eye Becomes Active?

Over time your third eye will become active and the visions you receive will persist for long and come with clarity. It’s common to start seeing energy dancing in the air, perceive auras and get a clearer picture of how your guides and angels look.

Don’t be afraid to follow your intuition when it comes to what you would like to visualize. If at any point your eyes start to feel uncomfortable or you’re too distracted to hold an image, stop your session and come back to it another time.

Working on the third eye should only come once you have build a solid foundation working with your lower chakras or if your intuition is calling you to work on this area.

For those who are visual oriented and naturally clairvoyant these exercizes will come easily. Don’t stress yourself if this skill set doesn’t come easily to you, your other psychic senses are likely stronger.

What has your experience been working on the third eye?


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  1. Your article is direct and very helpful. You present a great approach for opening up the third eye. There is a large and varied web sites out there, but yours is the most practical and realistic one that I have seen.

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