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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

Dreams are a space for our subconscious mind to speak in metaphor and narrative – bringing issues we are dealing with in waking life to the surface to be consciously cleared.

One of the most common questions I get asked regarding dream meanings is about dreaming of certain people in your life.

For most people this is their ex boyfriend or girlfriend, someone they like or someone they constantly clash with.

Each dream is personal to you and the meaning will vary slightly from person to person however I’ve found these interpretations to be accurate for most scenarios.

It is common to hear that if you dream about someone it is because they were/are thinking about you, however the real reason has more to do with your psychology than anyone else’s.

Dreams of a Person From Your Past

Our dream characters are reflections of our inner psyche, they represent people we either yearn for or have issues with. Dreams of specific people from our past usually point to the unconscious attachments we still have with them.

These dreams are asking you, “What is your plan of action?” Are you going to reconnect with someone who is on your mind, or finally cut the chord once and for all?

Know that people from your past who consistently show up in your dreams are consistently showing up in your waking thoughts, whether this is conscious or not.

If you are dreaming of someone from your past in a positive light, this is likely your unconscious mind hinting that you should make contact again. If it is in a negative light, this might be highlighting the issues to do with that relationship that you still need to work through.

This can pertain to old friends, bosses, teachers, anyone who you have had contact with in the past but no longer talk to today.

Dreams of Your Ex

In a similar way dreams of an ex can hold the same message. They’re asking you what are you going to do to find closure. Perhaps you regret breaking up with someone or aren’t sure yet if you made the right decision.

It could also be the case that you are yearning for them, although you are aware that resuming a relationship would be unwise.

Often our dreams are symbolic, so you might dream about someone specific however the message being conveyed is related to that person’s personality or a problem in your life they personify.

In regards to an ex this could symbolize a need to focus on self love, and to learn how to have healthier relationships in the future. Those feelings of guilt, resentment or regret need to be worked through.

Dreams of a Passed Loved One

Dreaming of a loved on who has passed over can have several different meanings depending on what happens in the dream and how you feel upon waking.

When I was a child my foster parent passed and more recently so did my grandmother. I have had many dreams of both appearing before, some are pleasant and others not so much.

Dreams act as a place to reconnect with the energy of someone who passed and work out the issues in a safe place. If the dream was negative you can feel extremely upset upon waking.

These dreams explore your relationship with the person who has passed and will reveal if there are any heavy feelings of grief, upset even resentment that still need to be worked through.

It’s also common to tangibly feel the energy of your loved one in a dream, as if they have come to comfort you. I remember one such dream I had of my foster parent where she came to me in an angelic form and filled the room with white light.

When I awoke it was as if we had met once again, I felt as if the energy of my foster parent had finally moved along and I felt a great sense of peace.

Just as you would interact with your loved one while they were alive, you are interacting the same way in a dream. This is a true visitation dream and when you awake you will feel uplifted and at peace.

Dreams of a Famous Person

Dreams of people we admire or envy are common and highlight our goals. This could be a famous person or someone you look up to.

Meeting a famous person can be positive in that you admire then and would like to be on a similar level to them, you are motivated towards your goals.

Or the dream could mean you are feeling envious or dejected. This is motivation to refocus and continue making work on your goals and dreams.

Working Through These Dreams

It is helpful to keep a record of your dreams for future reference. This way you can begin to identify patterns in your dreams and figure how they connect to your waking life.

Ultimately these recurring type of dreams only stop once we have identified the issue they are highlighting and work through it. Perhaps this means reconciling with a particular person, working through the unresolved issues that came up in a relationship with someone or figuring out how a person represents a particular pattern in your life.

I find it helpful to write all of the meanings that resonate with me down. Then figure out ways in which you can work on these. For example making the first step in reconnecting with someone, writing a letter that you never send to gain closure or cutting someone off completely.

What sort of people often show up in your dreams? Have you had any of the types of dreams described here?


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