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Shifting Into The 5th Dimension

Shifting Into The 5th Dimension

If you have been involved in the spiritual community for some time then chances are you have heard about a 5th dimensional shift that is occurring right now. It has been said that this period on Earth is a time of awakening.

This has been described as the splitting of two Earths – 3D and 5D for the creation of New Earth.

You might be wondering what the heck everyone is going on about? Will this be a physical shift? When exactly is this taking place? What does shifting to the 5th dimension look like?

There is such much unclear information out there and often we don’t get a full picture of what living in these states actually looks like.

So in this article I wanted to clear up some of the common misconceptions around the 5th dimension and talk about my own experience of shifting into 5D and what it may look like for you.

What is 5D Consciousness?

What is 5D Consciousness?

Each dimension is a different level of consciousness that vibrates at a different rate. These are not physical locations but states of consciousness that we can tune into through our way of BEing.

Moving forward we are going to realize that these terms we use to describe different states of consciousness are only convenient labels, the reality is much more expansive and abstract than we can fathom now.

Each higher dimension opens you up to wider perspectives of reality. Despite the names there is no hierarchy between the different dimensions, each one simply has a different purpose in relation to your current work.


This is the physical reality we chose to incarnate to and work through karma and the lessons this density provides. The physical realm is a great training ground for our consciousness, unlike 4D and 5D, 3D comes with immense suffering as well as incredible highs.

In 3D we work through problems by feeling through them, there is no other way. The density of 3D allows for heavy karma to be worked through and released. The suffering provides a contrast to pleasure allows us to navigate difficult lessons.

Many come to their spiritual awakening through the pain and suffering that we are able to experience in 3D, it works as a catalyst for your consciousness sparking the flame of awareness within you.

This 3D plane or Earth school is where we come to remember everything we have forgotten and tap back into our gifts and heal wounds from past lives.

While we are here it can feel like a hopeless place but once it is over we can appreciate the highs and the lows and how they helped work through the wounds that we hadn’t healed. It’s for this reason that we ultimately chose to incarnate back here time and time again, coming back for further missions.


We hear a lot about 3D and 5D but often 4D is left out of it completely! I like to think of 4D as the bridge between the two, so having a way to discern if you are already there is a good way to progress further. So what does a shift to 4D consciousness look like?

4th dimension consciousness is where we no longer perceive reality in a strictly linear fashion, our concept of time and space expands. 4D consciousness is what we start shifting into when we apply the Law of Attraction popularized by the book The Secret.

Learning to bend time and space to bring forth our manifestations to reality. You don’t simply follow reality but reality starts to curve around your emotions and intentions. It can fee as if events are being narrated to us before they occur.

Our waking lives feel like a dream state and our dreams become incredibly vivid. We experience constant synchronicity. When you focus on something it manifests to you incredibly fast. The boundaries that separate you and other beings dissolve.

Most people going through the beginning stages of a spiritual awakening will be familiar with the 4th dimension. It feels like having one foot in the physical world and another in the spiritual world.

You’re experiencing an energetic shift but also the physical symptoms associated with this. You go through mood swings, tiredness, headaches, tummy aches and you may experience ringing in the ears. These symptoms are making way for a new way of being, clearing up the energetic density in your body.


Originally there was a lot of information depicting a 5th dimensional shift as a kind of physical exodus, some people would attain 5D consciousness and leave behind those that did not.

It was a very ‘us vs them’ mentality. However we are now moving into the knowing that 5D is less about the physical (although physical changes will come as a result too) and more about the work we are doing from the inside out to embody our highest selves and connect with Source.

A 5D consciousness shift has nothing to do with physical location, it is about being all here right now. It’s about dropping into your heart center and seeing all as one. It is a state of oneness with all. You no longer reach for more because it is all here in this moment, the eternal NOW.

5D is all about choosing how you want to BE in this moment. Embodying your highest self in every moment, reintegrating your highest self and remembering what you have forgotten.

I created a whole guidebook & journal, Self Love Manifestations, to help you in this process of raising your vibration and aligning your energy.

What Does a 5th Dimension Shift Look Like?

5th Dimension Shift

Now you might be wondering what living in 5D looks like? How exactly does one balance these higher dimensions with day to day Earthly duties?

We are constantly dipping in and out of these states as we go about our day. Sometimes we might be more focused on the physical, other times we might be focused on manifestation and living in a more dreamlike state, and other times we are completely submerged in the moment.

It’s not that we have to live in 5D every moment of everyday but that we should aim to bring some of this consciousness into our everyday lives. Spending time each day where our main focus is the present moment.

A 5D shift looks like striking a delicate balance between tending to your physical duties and finding peace in each moment.

5D Living

When I started meditating everyday and bringing that state into day to day life instead of confining it to the ten to twenty minutes, the world around me started o change.

It was as if I was walking in a dream, there was a lucidity in waking life that I had never experienced before. I saw synchronicity as I usually did but in breathtaking fashion. I could pick up on other people’s emotions and thoughts as if they were talking to me telepathically.

I would walk around and have an inner commentary narrating things before they happened. I knew I had shifted but it also appeared as if other people were shifting too. Everyone around me seemed unusually upbeat.

Experiencing these moments of lucidity as you go about your day completely changes how you view the world, as you can viscerally feel and see moment to moment how your inner world creates your outer one.

Bring awareness to each moment. In the way you eat, sleep, work and interact with others. Be mindful in how you respond to external situations and inner conflicts. This is the process of healing and releasing. Inject consciousness into more and more moments.

NOW you have the choice of where to put your awareness. Right now you have the choice to begin shifting into a new way of being. You are gradually sinking deeper and deeper into this highest version of your self and fully embodying it while still here on physical Earth.

Experiencing a shift lately?


3 thoughts on “Shifting Into The 5th Dimension”

  1. This is absolutely amazing! I have been feeling so “lifted” lately! This seems to Correlate with my life currently. I have began practicing meditation and I honestly have felt a shift.
    I have had extraordinary struggle and suffering. I’ve lived a fast hard life. I sold drugs and was violent. I wasn’t taught any different. I had 2 kids in the thick of it and they suffered kuz of bad choices I made. I had a third child who past away from SIDS. In my morning a lot of terrible things happened. I had a mental breakdown. Started using drugs. 8 years of struggle and problem after problem occurred. I made myself have more hope and faith in getting myself out of that all that anguish, and slowly but surely I did. I came across the law of attraction and it has made my life so much more manageable. Now I feel as though I went through a shift and I do feel as though I’m in a dream of sorts! For the most part I feel super! I hope to keep this up and hopefully show others about this. Thank you for such an eye opening read!!

    1. Thank you for commenting Aretha, I’m happy this resonates with you. I’m so glad to hear how things have changed for you since meditating and just in general from before coming into contact with the Law of Attraction. The suffering truly does open us up to new ways of being and new cycles, looking back we realize it bought us to this moment. Wishing you all the best.

  2. I can’t thank you enough for this breakdown on the different dimensions / shift. This detailed knowledge has helped me immensely it can get pretty confusing at times and exciting as well I can’t seem to get enough of this new world I am researching!

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