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How to Manifest While You Sleep

How to Manifest While You Sleep

Working with the Law of Attraction generally goes one of two ways: you try it out for some weeks but give up quickly when nothing manifests, or you have great success with it and your whole life is changed.

I’m sure most reading this article has watched or read The Secret at one point in their life, this was a book that really bought the concept of the Law of Attraction to the masses.

However for a lot of people there is something missing. They do all the affirmations and exercizes but nothing happens, there’s a block there but they aren’t sure what it is.

How Does Manifestation Work?

Here is where shifting your mindset on how this all works really turns things around. The Law of Attraction works when we are focused with all of our being on where we would like to go – nentally, physically and energetically.

It’s about lining all of the pieces up internally so that there is no other option but for the physical components to fall into place. Manifestation isn’t about surface level thought or a facade of positivity but how you carry yourself everyday and every moment.

It’s all about alignment. You have to dig deep and dissolve all the mental and subconscious barriers you have around your goal. You have to learn to communicate with your subconscious mind and bring congruence to your conscious and unconscious states.

To manifest our conscious and subconscious minds need to have the same goal. This is where sleep manifestation comes in. Learning to use the time you are asleep each night to prime your subconscious mind and direct it to where you want to go is invaluable.

Manifestion Sleep Routine

Your sleep/dream state is where the subconscious mind comes out to play and if you meet it there you can begin to shift things in your psyche quickly which ultimately shifts your physical reality.

Most of us spend our time before sleep worrying over a day that has already passed or deliberating over a day that has yet to come. These worries then simmer in our subconscious mind all night, making themselves known in our dreams. Then we wonder why we wake up grumpy.

Instead try spending ten to twenty minutes tonight before sleep visualizing your goal. Make the visualization as vivid as you can mange, incorporating the emotions you would feel in this scenario.

You could also set aside ten minutes to write out what an ideal day would be like for you. Again add as much detail as you can, inserting the emotions that you would feel if this was a reality for you. Write it in the present tense as if it has already occurred.

Now you want to go straight to sleep. No mindlessly scrolling on social media or watching random videos. Allow the last thing on your mind to be an uplifting vision of your future timeline. What you have visualized will now begin making its way to you as you sleep.

This can eventually influence the type of dreams you are having, which is a good sign you are on the right track; your conscious and subconscious mind are on the same page.

Dream Incubation

Elaborating on this idea, the next technique you can try is what I like to call dream incubation. Priming your mind to dream of the goal you would like to accomplish and breathing life into your earlier visualization.

Back in 2015 I was drawn to travel, I had a goal in mind to travel around South East Asia for a few months. The only problem was I didn’t yet have the means. I had no plan of action, my goal seemed ridiculous.

Nevertheless I maintained that vision for a whole year, every day was dedicated to making it happen and building up a monetary safety net for myself.

I definitely put in the physical work required however it was my mindset that kept me going. It was the vision that I allowed to shimmer in my mind each day that pushed me along.

I remember not so long before I left I actually had a vivid dream of traveling in one of the countries I had written down. It was only a matter of months before I was actually there is the flesh.

Here’s what you do: As you are drifting off to sleep begin visualizing how an ideal day would go for you. Or visualize yourself attaining your goal. Just as before it works best if you make it as vivid as possible and infuse emotion with it.

Try to hold this vision for at least ten minutes. Once again you want to go straight to sleep after you’ve finished visualizing, let the last thing on your mind be what you want to come to fruition.

You may not succeed the first time however if you are consistent this visualization will seep over to the dream state. You might get a dream living out your dream scenario or receive hints and guidance in your dream about what you should do to achieve your goal.

Don’t forget to write down the dreams that you have. This will further connect your conscious and subconscious mind and signal that you are taking your dreams and as a result your manifestations seriously.

Note that these techniques will not magically change your life if you are not proactive in other areas too. These will help get the ball rolling alongside using affirmations, meditation and maintaining a positive mindset throughout the day.

Use the night time visualization and dream incubation as one tool in your arsenal. This is about diving deep into your unconscious mind and shifting it to be in alignment with your conscious goals, it’s not an overnight thing.

Have you ever tried manifesting as you sleep? Were you successful?

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