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How to Protect Your Energy as an Empath

empath energy protection

The question I get asked most is how to protect your energy as an empath. People want to know how to stop taking on the emotions of others, feeling tired in social situations and feeling so triggered by other people’s energy.

The empathic ability is one that is incredibly underappreciated in society, to the extent that many people who have been reading energy all their lives don’t even know that’s what they’re doing!

We do not give people the tools they need to navigate their emotions effectively and teach them how to balance sensitivity with strength and stability. Too often we view it as a binary option: you’re either strong all of the time or overly emotional.

In this post I want to go over a few of the ways in which empaths can protect their energy and the techniques I use daily to keep my aura clean and strong. It’s all about having the right tools and techniques ready at your disposal.

Surviving as an Empath

Empaths are those who are highly tuned into the energy of other people, the Earth and other living beings. Empaths often feel heavy with the emotions of other people and their own wellbeing suffers for it.

Many are diagnosed as anxious or depressed because they haven’t been given the tools to deal with so much incoming stimulus. They deeply care for others but need loads of alone time to recharge.

Learning to thrive as an empath is all about finding a delicate balance between your strength and sensitivity. This way you can sink deeper into your sensitivity without becoming emotionally reactive.

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How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy

1. Empath Protective Bubble

One of the first things you can do to start protecting your energy as an empath is by using a protective bubble. When you are in public spaces or around a lot of dense energy visualize a bubble of white light around you, protecting your aura.

For an empath going into a busy public space can feel like a war zone, you’re picking up on dozens of stray emotions all at once. Over time you can imagine this bubble expanding as you become more comfortable assessing the energy around you.

This is one of the first techniques I learned as an empath and it certainly helps when you are just becoming aware of your sensitivity. However over time you learn there are better ways to protect your energy.

2. Grounding

Grounding or Earthing is a great way to clear your energy field. This involves spending time in nature barefoot. When we walk on the ground barefoot we are able to absorb negative ions, connect with nature and release dense energy back into the ground.

This can be difficult for those who do not have easy access to natural areas, such as those who live in built up cities. Try to find a small garden or park you can do this at least once a month.

As you walk barefoot visualize energy being pulled up from the Earth through the soles of your feet. Not only does this connect us to nature but helps open the root chakra which helps cultivate a feeling of peace and stability.

3. Shower Meditation

This is another technique you can use to clear your energy if you do not have access to natural areas and you can do it daily! The next time you have a shower visualize the water as white light flushing away all of the energy which is not yours down the drain.

You will find you feel light as a feather when you are finished. If you prefer you can run a bath and add some Epson salts. This works much in the same way, visualize all the foreign energy flowing down the drain when you are finished.

The flow of water allows for dense stuck energies to be released from your auric field. Water is such a healing element for empaths, many of us yearn to live in areas where there is plenty of flowing water such as near lakes and beaches. So try to spend more time in high vibe places like this.

4. Meditation

Now we are moving techniques that can be done whenever or wherever you are. It’s so important as empaths that we learn to cultivate a resilient aura, this way even when we come into contact with negative energy it doesn’t faze or trigger us.

Practicing meditation will allow you to pick up on energies but not be instantly reactive to them. When we receive an energy we can then discern whether it is for our highest good and either release it or allow it in.

Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated. Ten minutes a day is enough to start seeing the benefits and bring an observational awareness into your daily life.

Find a comfortable place to sit for ten minutes, relax each muscles group and start breathing slowly and consciously. Simply focus on your breath and whenever a thought enters your mind, acknowledge its presence but then allow it to go.

5. Breathwork

Breathwork is something I utilize daily so I had to include it here. We rarely talk about how important how we breath is, many of us are breathing in a manner born from anxious.

Diaphragmatic breathing is a form of breathing that should take place when we are in a relaxed state. This is where we are breathing from our stomach without the chest rising.

However many of us we grew up in anxiety-inducing households, work stressful jobs or have had traumatic experiences, the way we breath is directly influenced.

We get stuck in a fight or flight response because survival mode has been the only option. We unconsciously breath from the chest which affects our whole nervous system.

Place one hand on your stomach while sitting or laying down and practice deeply breathing from this area (your chest should stay stationary). Start with five minutes per day and work up to ten minutes.

When we are able to come out of the fight or flight response and move into rest and digest our nervous system can relax and our vital energy can freely flow where it is better utilized.

6. Setting Energy Boundaries

Setting energy boundaries is absolutely crucial to flourishing as an empath! We often think that we aren’t allowed boundaries, that putting ourselves first is inherently selfish or rude.

Many of us empaths grow up in environments where putting yourself first is seen as selfish, where we must forgo our own wellbeing for the benefit of others around us.

Practice setting small boundaries at first. When someone is conversing negatively and you no longer want to participate, firmly state that you are not continuing anymore. Remove yourself from the situation without feeling guilty.

Saying NO firmly when someone oversteps your comfort zone is a powerful way to reaffirm your boundaries. Just because your relationships have operated a certain way in the past doesn’t mean they have to remain that way.

Thriving as an Empath

I say it all the time – empaths are here to bloom! Being a highly sensitive person is not a curse but a gift we should honor and learn to develop. We are not here to be sponges for other people’s energy but learn how to emit our own unique energy frequency.

Learning to protect your energy isn’t about blocking yourself off from all emotion or disregarding those that need your help. It’s about learning how to put your wellbeing first and hone your sensitivity so you can help others without draining yourself.

Ultimately the term empath is a label, a starting point. We are being called to grow our discernment, empathy and inner strength to blossom into extremely powerful but empathic beings.

Are your an empath? How do you protect your energy?

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