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How to Activate Your Hand Chakras

how to activate your hand chakras

The seven major chakras that are located along the spine are the most well known, but did you know your hands and feet also contain several minor chakras too? The seven major chakras are just the beginning, our whole body is lined with different chakras that have their own unique purposes.

The hands are know to be centers of healing and creativity. When you sit down to paint a picture or draw you are effectively channeling Source energy and bringing it down to the physical level. This is why artists often find themselves in a light trance state while doing their work.

When you receive Reiki healing or massage a similar process is taking place. The hands act as conduits to transfer healing energy from Source through one person to another.

As you work with your hands these chakras become open and can expand. I’ve talked before about seeing energy but what about feeling energy? In this post I want to go over some of the ways in which you can activate and open your hand chakras and begin feeling energy today.

Are Your Hand Chakras Blocked?

As I mentioned above the hands are known for healing and creativity, hand chakras cover many aspects of our life and when they are blocked we notice several physical and energetic symptoms.

Blocked hand chakras can mean we have trouble giving and receiving. This can be in relation to material things or energetic gifts from the Universe. It mean we do not take help when it is given to us or feel a lack of abundance and so hoard everything to ourselves.

Hands are central to our expression and so blocked hand chakras can be the cause of undervaluing yourself and your gifts. If you are always doubting your craft, your art or your ability to help others, chances are your hand chakras are blocked.

Hands are also an integral part of our whole body energy system, therefore when our hand chakras are blocked it means our entire energy flow is blocked. This can manifest as physical aches and pains but also energetic blockages such as feeling dense emotions in certain areas of your body.

Hand Chakra Exercize

Hand Chakra Exercize

So you think your hand chakras might be blocked and wonder what you can do about it? Here is a simple technique you can use to start feeling the energy of your hand chakras, open them up and develop your healing abilities.

  1. Start by getting into a relaxed seated position and focusing on your breath until your mind becomes calm. Then begin firmly rubbing your hands together three times.
  2. Now you want to separate your hands and focus on the residual energy you feel here; it can feel like a warm tingly sensation. Try to hold onto this sensation for as long as you can. Once you start to feel this energy more tangibly you can develop your focus further.
  3. Visualize a small energy ball in between your two hands. See if you can decrease or increase the size of it by pushing your hands closer together or puller them further apart.
  4. Once you are able to do that, try to make the energy ball bounce in between your two hands.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel any sensations at first, this is common if you’ve never worked with your hands before. Take it slowly, practice often and eventually you will start to feel the energy.

Once you have got the basic idea of that down you can move on to directing this energy to different parts of your body. This is great if your have any aches and pains or notice any energetic blockages. Create an energy ball between your hands and direct it with focus to a part of your body that needs healing or relief.

You can also do this using a single hand. Place one hand on the specific area and visualize an energy ball passing through. Visualize the ball of energy as white light gently dissolving the tension or pain in this body part.

When first doing any energy work like this it is common to experience a lasting warm sensation, tingles or vibrations – these are nothing to fear. These sensations can often last hours after you have finished a session.

Energy symptoms can persist for some time when you first do these exercizes, but as your energy pathways become more developed with practice the sensations won’t be so jarring.

Opening the Hand Chakras

Along with practicing this exercize regularly you can further open your hand chakras by painting a picture, drawing or playing an instrument. You can lend a helping hand to someone or offer to massage someone when they need it.

Whenever I meditate my hands go into all sorts of random positions and gestures, this is how life force energy or prana can freely move through the body and flow to where it is needed most.

Massage your hands and feet when you get up in the morning or before you go to sleep to get these chakras open and active. Research different mudras (gestures that channel different energy) and utilize these when you need them.

As with anything, the more you practice the better you will will become at it. You will soon be able to tangibly feel and direct this energy with little conscious effort.

Have you ever worked with your hand chakras? What was your experience like?

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