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Are You a Starseed?

are you a starseed

The term starseed has gained a ton of popularity recently in the New Age/spiritual community online and while I’m glad we are now having these multi-dimensional discussions on a wider scale it’s also important to keep a discerning eye.

You see a lot of starseed quizzes or questionnaires that aim to simplify the process of figuring out which star system you have experience with but tend to oversimplify characteristics and make this into a fun game.

Coming to know your starseed origins should be an organic process, while blogs and videos may spark a memory within you, the memories that you are ready for will surface at the appropriate time.

It is only when we absorb this information when we are ready for it that it can be properly integrated into our being instead of being a meaningless label to latch onto.

Starseed Awakening

starseed awakening

A starseed is simply someone who comes to the realization that they have had other lives on different star systems. Starseeds have the sense that they came to Earth to raise the consciousness here and shift current paradigms.

This means we are all technically starseed, it’s simply a matter of whether we become aware of it or not. This doesn’t mean that starseeds are better than anyone else, others come to this life with different goals and that’s ok.

When I started meditating more regularly I was receiving visions of past lives. About six years ago when I was still a teenager I remember seeing this beautiful blue being that flashed into my view for a few seconds.

Consistently throughout my meditations I would receive visions of blue beings, dolphins and merpeople. This was a connection that naturally developed over time.

Before I even knew about starseeds I was already being visited by different beings from the planetary system I was most connected to. When I did more research the information I has received lined up closely with other people’s experiences.

My connection was to Sirius and I was able to further channel information about this star system and put the pieces together about what I was here on Earth to do.

Signs You Are a Starseed

  • You love Earth but don’t feel quite at home here
  • You feel guided to complete a specific mission while here
  • You often find yourself gazing at the stars
  • You have a connection with a specific star system
  • You often receive intuitive guidance or downloads
  • You’re going through a spiritual awakening where your assumptions about life on Earth and reality are constantly challenged

As you go about your day you may notice that certain discussions grab your attention more: you may randomly see the name of a planet or read news pertaining to a certain star system.

When you look up at the night’s sky certain stars may catch your attention more than others. Over time these small pieces are brought together to create a bigger picture.

Often you will receive signs and hints without realizing until much later, and then all the pieces start to make sense together. The things that come naturally to you are what to pay attention to.

Chances are you are also going through a spiritual awakening at this time. Your concrete ideas on what reality is are now being questioned, it can feel like up is down and down is up right now.

You’re taking in tons of new information and find that intuitive insights are constantly popping into your mind. It can feel like your whole system is being upgraded every week.

Your Starseed Origins

starseed origins

If you are reading this article it’s likely you already have some idea of what type of starseed you are or are incredibly curious about this subject. The best way to know for sure is to first put all preconceptions to the side.

I’m not about to list a bunch of characteristics to tick off, instead this will be about connecting to your intuition and receiving information first hand. This way you get to learn about your startseed origins without already having a bunch of assumptions.

The clearer you go into this the better the insight you receive will be. Retrieving starseed memories is a similar process to remembering past lives, you set an intention to remember and pay close attention to the signs you receive.

Find a place to meditate for at least twenty minutes where you won’t be disturbed. Sit in a comfortable position and begin focusing on your breath for five to ten minutes. Get into a light trance state.

Now you can call upon your guides or higher self to help you. Affirm: I am ready to receive information about my starseed origins. Keep your mind calm and allow the answers to come to you.

You may receive the name of a specific planetary system, see a certain alien being or see a planet in your mind’s eye. The information will come through whichever is your strongest sense. Some people will receive visions like watching a television screen, while others will receive information through emotion and audio.

When you have finished a session spend a minute or two in silence just absorbing the information you have received. Don’t forget to write everything down into a journal for future reference.

With each subsequent session you can build on the information you have received, asking further questions for more detail. You can ask to tune into the planetary system you were given and see and learn more about it. You can ask to meet and converse with your ET guides. You can ask what your purpose is here as a starseed on Earth.

It’s natural to be skeptic of the information you receive, you might be unsure if you are just imagining things or if your intuition is actually talking. It takes consistent practice asking questions and trusting that the information you receive will be accurate before it all comes together.

After you have started to receive some first hand information then you can dive into researching your origins further from other sources. This way you can validate if the information you received was accurate and how closely it lines up with other people’s experiences.

Further reading: My Sirian Starseed Awakening

What has your starseed journey been like?


4 thoughts on “Are You a Starseed?”

  1. I enjoyed reading this article a lot! Written in a way that appears so grounded and clear to me, without the need to push the human ego, but rather to strengthen our intuition and inner voice. Love it!

  2. Oh my word! The alien I’ve seen! The blue beings I’ve seen. It was a woman and a child. The woman just looked at me. White like chalk being I’ve seen. With white eyes 🙆👀

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