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Sirian Starseed Awakening

Sirian Starseed Awakening

Starseeds are those who carry the memory or awareness of lives they’d had on other star systems, before they incarnated on Earth. Although the term “starseed” has rocketed in popularity and use, we can see this same concept expressed in many ancient spiritual and religious texts.

I think it’s important to keep the discussions we have around starseeds and lives on other planets grounded and use the knowledge we’ve acquired to assist us here in our current lives.

In today’s post I want to talk about the Sirius starseed awakening: what it looked like for me, and what it may look like for you.

This is part of a series leading on from my first article about the traits of Sirian starseeds, and how to identify if you are one. The response to that was surprising to me, but showed this information is helpful to many.

Going through this awakening can be disorienting at first, and make us question our role here on Earth, but there is plenty we can do to help ourselves and others with this awareness. Of course, everyone’s experience on this will vary but I hope my account and the information I’ve gathered will provide some much needed clarity.

My Starseed Awakening

In late 2014 I was researching spiritual topics online and came across the concept of shamanism (although that wasn’t the label it was given) for the first time. I found a book that had structured exercizes for developing an inner space where that would strengthen communication with your unconscious mind.

This required visualizing a space such as a forest or mountain area, that you would slowly build up in your mind over time. This would become an inner sanctuary that you could retreat to anytime, to relax, meet with spirit guides, and gain guidance from your higher self.

I was drawn to create an inner space full of water. There were large ocean, a cliff with a waterfall flowing beside it, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. I found myself wanting to be in spaces where water was alive and flowing.

Further along I would visualize different aquatic life filling these waters: fish, dolphins, and finally merpeople. I would get into a shamanic trance and spend my time interacting with these beings, being guided by them and feeling at home here. I started to notice that many of these being were bright blue, they seems familiar with me and vice versa.



Sirius is the brightest star we can see from the Earth as one of our closest neighbors. It has been referred to as the “Dog Star” because it makes up part of The Greater Dog constellation. It has a bluish-white hue but can shift between many different colors of the rainbow.

When we take all of this into consideration, we can see that Sirius is a strong reference point of information in the night’s sky. It has its own unique energy signature which we can easily relate to the Earth and our lives here (specifically through astrology). I find that I connect to Sirius as the place of one of my more recent past lives because of this proximity.

It wasn’t until about two or so years ago (2018) that I found the term starseed for the first time online. I remember the resonance I felt when I heard about Sirius, and then when I heard descriptions of the Sirian beings.

It was at this point that I decided to go inward and tune into more information first-hand. I got into a meditative state and held the name Sirius in my mind as the trance deepened.

I immediately found myself on a plane with vast oceans humming with sound, and I felt my throat chakra expand to accommodate this. I become aware of all the different beings that lived here – fish, dolphins, all the merpeople and other type of aquatic life that I described before.

Deeper yet, I began to realize how this type of environment was related to the lessons and gifts I had in my human life. I thought about my affinity to water and how it calmed my energy, or the throat chakra blockage I had been dealing with for years.

When I tune into Sirius I feel a calm, smooth, velvety type of energy. When I’m in this environment I feel myself being able to communicate in a way that feels natural, much more expansive than words alone. There’s a kind of natural telepathy with the beings here.

Your Sirian Starseed Awakening

Each individual’s experience with this will vary, but you’ll find many similarities in the information you receive and what other people have documented. When you tap into that connection it will feel like you’ve returned home.

It’s common for Sirian starseeds to have the following traits:

  • Highly intuitive & empathetic
  • Connected to animals especially dogs
  • Attracted to natural bodies of water
  • Difficulties expressing themselves to others
  • Self doubt
  • Feel like an old soul
  • Peaceful & introverted
  • Imaginative explorers of the inner/outer worlds

Further Reading: Sirian Starseed Traits

Remember this is only a general overview, starseed awareness isn’t just about ticking off a list. For many starseeds just hearing the name of a specific star system will send chills up their spine, cause them to cry joyfully, and invoke a sense of familiarity.

You’ll know that you’re from a specific star/star system when you feel that connection without doubt or hesitation. You’ll find that the information you need comes to you naturally but often unexpectedly.

Grounding Starseed Energy

I talk all the time about the importance of grounding your energy, and when it comes to starseed topics even more so. When we connect with the stars and tune into their energy, we have to be capable of receiving and then embodying a large influx of high-vibrational information.

This involves our higher chakras like the third eye and crown. When we do this type of work it means our awareness is operating a higher level (for a lack of a better term) which can then cause us to become ungrounded.

To bring this information back down so it is easy to understand and useful in our physical lives requires balance. I suggest practicing tuning into the energy in your immediate environment first and getting good at that.

Practice tuning into (being one with) a plant or tree, go outside or open a window and listen to the wind during meditation, meditate near a body of water and observe the flow, walk barefoot on the ground. Get used to tuning into information that is directly applicable to our physical 3D existence first.

Once you have the hang of that, then look towards connecting with the stars. When you come back to yourself after connecting with a specific star system, it will be much easier to bring your head out of the clouds and consequently this higher information back to Earth.

Retrieving starseed memories is a continuous process of integrating/embodying this higher-vibrational information, so that it becomes useful in our everyday lives. It requires us to train our psychic muscles, intuition and ability of discernment.


4 thoughts on “Sirian Starseed Awakening”

  1. Oh my goodness!! This is so me !!! I have no idea about this. How beautiful is this. You described me in this …… Tha k you so very much for this information. Much love and Blessings. Sonja . South Africa

    1. Hi this is so interesting this is me as well my whole life ive been looking for my people and i found them thanks as well

  2. During one meditation session I did in 2021, I used my minds eye out of curiosity to look at my outstretched hands. I generally in that state of meditation often see or have purplish, indigo or maybe slightly blueish areas I see in my field of vision as I focus on getting settled in to deeper meditation.

    I suddenly had an urge to stretch out my forearms and hold my hands and look at my back and front of my palms. At first I thought it was the general purple/indigo/blue field I generally saw with my eyes closed. But as I flexed my fingers and quickly turned my fingers top side to palm sides, I realized quickly what I was seeing.

    In my mind I quickly asked this question – “Am I blue?”

    The overall immediate shock or surprise unfortunately made me lose concentration and I opened my eyes and played the imagine over and over again and determined that yes, I was seeing blue fingers, hands, forearms!

    I already had done the questionnaire sometime previously and found I resonated mostly with Sirian traits, and maybe a few others, but overwhelmingly it was Sirian Starseed traits I had. Seeing my outstretched arms like that will always be with me, and I thank you all for reading this too.

    Welcome to my Starseed Group and Family too!

  3. 🦁⭐️💫✨ lyran star seed
    We all play a role and purpose in this life time, our gifts and takents is what pushes and drives the soul. I found my self billions of years ago as a feline being 12 foot tall and since I’ve had that vision that aspect of me grew and grew, the universe has a plan for each and everyone of us just listen to your intuition it already knows. Love and Light to you all.

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