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Are You A Sirian Starseed?

Are You A Sirian Starseed

If you’ve landed on this page chances are you have a lot of questions about your origins beyond this physical Earth. In this post I’m going to go over Sirian starseeds in particular as that is the star system I am most connected to presently.

A Starseed is simply someone who comes to the awareness that they’ve had past lives in other star systems. As we have all lived numerous lives before coming down to this physical form, in a way we are all starseeds, it’s simply a matter of if you are conscious of it or not.

This awareness can come in subtle waves or all at once in a moment, when we are consistent with our spiritual practice our past lives can be retrieved from our memory. Typically we think of past lives as occurring in a previous era on Earth, however past lives can take place anywhere within the cosmos.

Living a past life in another star system may sound ‘out there’, however it is not much different to a past life here on Earth. When we are open to receiving spiritual guidance, the information that comes through can go against our preconceptions. It’s through holding an open heart & mind that we see there are vast possibilities.

What Exactly Is A Starseed?

Before we begin let’s go over what a Starseed is exactly for those who are still unsure. I’ve already briefly touched on what a Starseed is here, but what is so important about this type of awareness?

When we become aware of our origins beyond Earth we can better tune into our gifts, things we need to learn, and why we are here in this life. We tune into the memories of our lives elsewhere and it makes the patterns we continue to deal with now clear.

Each star system has a different history and energy to it and so with that comes different missions. The energy you are here to bring to Earth will depend on which star system you feel most connected to now.

I talk more about what a Startseed is in my previous post.

Sirian Starseed Traits

Sirian Starseed Traits

Now I am going to go over some common Sirian Starseed traits & characteristics so you can gauge how well you align. Please note that these are only broad descriptions that come from my own explorations, they are not hard rules. As you expand your own awareness you can tune into this information and verify it for yourself.

  • Highly intuitive
  • Communicate in a telepathy manner
  • Find it difficult to express clearly verbally
  • Connected to aquatic life
  • Peaceful with a strong center
  • Truth seekers
  • More involved with their internal worlds than the external

Highly Intuitive

The first trait you’ll likely have is that you are incredibly intuitive, you follow your heart over your brain. It’s because of this intuitive nature that when you come across the term Sirius it will call to your soul almost instantly, the word itself just feels like home.

Telepathic Communication

Sirian Starseeds may find that verbal communication is the most difficult for them, they prefer to communicate in a more telepathic manner. This means being tuned into another person’s emotions and the subtle ways they communicate non-verbally.

Connected to Aquatic Life

This is a big one! You will feel a strong connection to the element of water and the beings that live in the sea. You may have had a lot of dreams that feature dolphins, merpeople and other aquatic life. Sirian Starseeds also tend to find they connect well with dogs.


You will tend to be conflict avoidance, although as your awareness grows this will be an area you will want to work on. It is not that Sirian Starseeds cannot handle conflict but that they often feel outside of it, they are able to see clearly where misunderstandings arise.

Connected To The Internal

Sirian Starseeds on Earth will find they don’t fit in because of their vivid internal worlds, they are more concerned with creating a great internal environment than fixating on material things.

Keep in mind Starseed awareness is not about ticking off a list of characteristics and trying to fit, but about reconnecting with your true nature. When we find our Starseed origins you will not need to force anything, it will just feel right.

My Starseed Memories

Starseed Memories

Although the term Starseed is still fairly new to me relatively speaking, I have had awareness of my lives beyond Earth for many years. It started during my meditation sessions where I would visit an inner sanctuary I created in my mind. This is where you visualize a sacred space in your mind and consistently build upon it during meditation.

As time went on this sanctuary took on a life of its own and my conscious mind was able to communicate fluidly with my higher self. I remember encountering many different types of aquatic life, my inner visions were always full of dolphins, fish, even merpeople.

One day I stumbled upon a video about Starseeds and although the concept was intriguing on an intellectual level I didn’t relate to any of the star systems that were mentioned. It was only when I heard Sirius mentioned and heard descriptions of it which mirrored my own experiences that I felt compelled to look deeper into it.

The way I built upon this awareness was through consistent meditation sessions. I would ask a question about my origins or the star system and welcomed a response from my higher self.

I will write down what I have gathered at the end of each session and pay attention to any signs that come through later. With each session I am able to get more specific with what I ask, building a stronger picture in my mind.

In one meditation session at the beginning I asked to be shown the Sirius star system. Very quickly I tuned into vast bodies of water over a large planet that I perceived as having a blue hue.

I could hear a great humming frequency emanating from these waters and was welcomed with the image of the different types of aquatic life that resides here. As I listened to this humming frequency I could feel my throat chakra expanding.

Being in the water and communicating with the dolphins here in such a telepathic manner it just felt like home. I could see that the lessons I was learning in my physical life were linked to the themes presented here, it just made sense.


5 thoughts on “Are You A Sirian Starseed?”

  1. I enjoyed learning about “Sirius”. The information you shared helped me to understand many dreams I have had over the years. Those dreams were very vivid, where I experienced standing on air and being guided by my Guides. I also experienced using planets a s a stepping stone to get high up in the Cosmos.
    In one dream a Guide of mine gave me (what he called) “star dust” !!This makes it easy for me to visualize being very comfortable in outer space. What a fabulous experience!!
    I now understand referring to myself as a “Child of the Universe”
    I pray that the skills I developed on Sirius will help me contribute to the Spiritual evolution of Gaia and humanity! Thank you for helping me to recall my former Home!!
    Dina D’Aiuto

  2. I cant believe it but i had the same experience and during reading the article i was crying , it s wired but it feels so damn right

  3. I wanted to thank you for sharing this. Your article is very insightful. I felt a connection to the constellation Orion when I would gaze up at it every night, but my gaze always fell onto Sirius… where I felt more at home. I have a natural connection with animals, especially dogs and we can communicate on a telepathic level. I came from the sea and someday I will be back there. I started my journey searching for those like me recently and I’m so glad there are so many of us here. I no longer feel alone.

  4. I don’t know why but I always felt I came from a blue planet and was born a blue baby I Love Dogs and Horses and the sea I swim alot and have feelings I and talk to whales I am a loner I have friends but perfe to be alone I am very creative and speak many languages and also can read lips and understand Light Language when I listen to it deeply its strange but I just feel I am Sirian thanks for sharing its helped me find out little more blessing and thank you again good night sweet dreams Jessie

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