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Light Body Activation Symptoms

Light Body Activation Symptoms

Throughout our lives we become more and more conscious of our physical body; learning where it thrives and where it needs care. However for most people they are unaware they also have a non-physical body known as the energy or light body.

This non-physical body is made up of several different elements including our aura, chakra system and so on. When we move our awareness beyond just the physical body through meditation, mindfulness, lucid dreaming etc. we become very aware of this non-physical body.

Many experience light body activation symptoms without realizing that is what they are. They might get the sense that something is up with their physical body, perhaps a health issue, when it is in fact the non-physical body coming online.

In this post I am going to go over a few of the most common signs that your light body is active and how to further tune into and balance this new form of awareness.

What Is The Light Body?

The light body goes by many names: the astral body, energy body (the one I use most often), aura, body of light or luminous body and so on. There are terms like etheric body, rainbow body, merkabah, etc. that are used interchangeably as well. 

All sorts of traditions from various periods of time are looking at the same thing and naming it in a different way. Ranging from mysticism traditions, philosophy and cultures. 

The light body is a non-physical body which is composed of energy rather than matter. The light body consists of different layers with varying attributes, which relate to different levels of consciousness. 

Just as there are layers within the Earth’s atmosphere which we might not be able to perceive with the naked eye. As we bring our awareness through these layers of the luminous body, we become attuned to these different states of consciousness. 

Working our way up from the physical, to the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and so on. 

The light body becomes active when we bring awareness to our physical body first and foremost, through practices like mindfulness or meditation. If we are deeply present with our physical body we begin to notice the subtler levels that encompass it. 

It can also become active, seemingly randomly, if our awareness is naturally situated beyond the physical body or if something triggers it to be so. Examples of this would include a deep transcendental experience, plant medicine ceremony, spontaneous OBE (out of body experience) or near-death experience. 

Signs Your Light Body is Active

Signs Your Light Body is Active

There are many ways we can become aware that our non-physical body is coming online. These are a few of the most common and the ones that I have experience with, your experience may vary.

Feeling confused or spacey

The first sign that your light body is coming online is that you are feeling out of it. You walk around feeling like you’re in a dream and yet you’re one hundred percent in physical reality. You may lose track of the days or what time it is. Things around you are beginning to feel less real.

This is also a common sign of spiritual awakening more broadly. When our light body becomes active and we start to connect to the non-physical aspect of ourselves which is beyond linear time and space – it makes sense that are perception of physical reality will also shift.

Vibrations/tingling/energy movement

Another common sign of light body activation is feeling vibrations/tingling/energy, usually during and after meditation. When we meditate we place our awareness beyond the physical body and tune into the awareness behind our physicality.

In doing this we become aware of our energy body, even if you do not realize this is what’s happening (if you don’t have the language for it), and can instead chalk the experience up to feeling under the weather.

Hearing high pitched frequencies

Have you ever meditated and started hearing a distinct high pitched buzzing sound in your ears? Something that had no physical cause? This high pitched frequency is different to the ringing that may come after listening to loud music, or due to tinnitus or an ear infection. Instead this is our non-physical sense of hearing known as clairaudience.

Clairaudience is a French words that translates as ‘”clear hearing” and describes the ability to hear beyond the physical. When we receive this high pitched buzzing usually after meditation, this is likely a sign from our higher selves or spirit guides.

Waking up at 3am

This one may sound weird but waking up between 3-5am can be a strong sign that your light body is activating. It is often during these hours after our first sleep cycles that our light body becomes activate and most apparent to our conscious awareness.

These act as literal spiritual wake up calls, as if your light body is waking up from its own sleep. It is during this time where you are likely to be downloading information you’ve received during your dreams. So before going back to sleep take a few moments to see what insights come to you, and promptly write them down.

Increased synchronicity & intuition

Another common symptom is an increase in synchronicity: this is where a sequence of random events occur that on the surface have no causal relationship but appear to have a meaningful connection.

One of the most common types of synchronicity we experience is constantly seeing the numbers 111 on the clock, in receipts, license plates and so on. This is one of the easiest ways the universe can start communicating with us.

As you tune into your non-physical body and the senses that come along with it, your intuition will become stronger and clearer. You will get the sense that you are being guided by something higher than your self.

Vivid dreams

Many of our dreams take place in an out of body state which is connected to the activity of our light body. When the light body becomes active you may notice an uptick in the amount of dreams you remember and how vivid they are.

It’s common to experience dreams that are as vivid as waking life and lucid dreams that are rich with detail. You may wake up in the middle of the night due to the vivid and emotionally charged content.

Spontaneous out of body experiences

Leading on from vivid dreams you may have out of body experiences. When your light body becomes active you may experience spontaneous out of body experiences: the experience of perceiving yourself from outside of your physical body.

When we astral project whether consciously or unconsciously what we are doing is transferring our conscious awareness from our physical body to our non-physical body; in this way we are not actually ‘exiting’ our body at all but placing our focus elsewhere. The physical body is not left completely vacant as is often described.

Emotional purging

Emotional purging is a big sign that our light body is becoming active. This symptom is experienced more viscerally in the body because it involves releasing things that weigh us down. Tensions, emotions, traumas can all become trapped in the body in a very physical way, in order to lighten the body a purging is required.

This can manifest in more subtle ways such as suddenly feeling out of sorts for no discernible reason and more obvious ways like a deluge of uncontrollable tears, heaviness in certain parts of the body, muscle pain, twitching etc.

When we go through this emotional purging we should treat ourselves just as we would if we had the flu: getting rest, drinking more fluids, making sure we’re eating something substantial and being more diligent with our health.

How to activate the light body

There are many ways to activate the body of light because there are many ways to bring more light into our being. These are the ways that have worked for me.

Let go of limiting beliefs 

Activating the light body is not solely about astral travel or going beyond the body in a literal sense. This is about integrating our higher selves within our physical bodies and day to day lives. 

The higher self being the aspect of us that ‘knows better’ – it holds higher wisdom and insight. When we act in a way that is familiar but unhelpful (for example, criticizing someone’s appearance) the higher self is part of us that shines awareness on that and guides us in another direction. 

Whenever we act in a way that is guided by ego rather than the higher self, gently pulling ourselves in the other direction. When we think a limiting thought, acknowledging it but gently shifting to what we know is true. 

Tune into your body 

The first step I recommend for those wanting to activate their light body is to simply get in touch with their physical body. This might seem like a weird place to start, however the physical body is a manifestation of the higher self. 

When we approach spiritual development it’s common to dismiss the physical body, as something that is in the way, when really the physical body acts as the anchor point for our spirit here on Earth. 

If we wish to ascend, raise our vibration etc. we must first ground our awareness in the physical body. We must first become aware of where we are slacking in our physical lives. As above, so below. 

Get into a meditation and bring your awareness to the breath. Breathing deeply from the stomach, do a body scan, tuning into each area of the body from the soles of the feet to the top of your head. 

What subtle tensions, sensations or movements can you feel when your awareness is in different parts of the body? 

Practice the microcosmic orbit 

microcosmic orbit
Image Source

The microcosmic orbit is a Taoist energy cultivation exercize that involves using the breath and intention to develop the flow of qi or prana energy in the body.

To start the microcosmic orbit, get into a meditation, bring your awareness to the soles of your feet and visualize roots flowing out from here into the Earth. 

As you breathe in, visualize and feel energy flowing up through these roots into your body. Bring your awareness up the back side of your body from the root to the crown chakra. 

As you breathe out, visualize and feel energy flowing down from the crown chakra back to the root and back into the Earth. Create a cycle of energy which flows throughout your body. 

Dealing With Light Body Activation Symptoms

During light body activation it is imperative that you stay consistent with your spiritual practice, keep a record of your experiences (for future reference) and most importantly stay grounded.

Our light body activates as a result of us raising our vibration and keeping it consistently high. Therefore we have to ground this energy to stay balanced and make sense of what we are experiencing.

Grounding can be done by walking barefoot or spending time in nature, recording your experiences with pen and paper, tending to your physical responsibilities, and taking good care of your physical body and health.

Although light body activation symptoms can often be confused with physical health issues this doesn’t mean we should ignore our physical health. Take notice of any aches and pains that come to your awareness during this time.

Typically activating our light body means becoming more aware of our physical body and the things we’ve ignored about it. You may notice tension in parts of your body that you didn’t before, this will give you the chance to take better care of these areas.

Which of these symptoms are you experiencing?


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