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3 Ways To Ground Your Spiritual Energy

3 Ways To Ground Your Spiritual Energy

If you’ve been on the spiritual path for any length of time you’ve probably heard of the term grounding; usually referring to the practice of walking barefoot on the earth in order to stabilize your energy.

When going through a spiritual awakening it is common to feel like your head is in the clouds, and that you are forever alternating between two worlds (the physical and spiritual). In order to find balance it’s important to ground yourself.

There is more than one way to ground your energy during an awakening, different methods work better for different people. So in this post I want to talk about how to tell you are ungrounded and three easy ways to ground your energy.

What Is Grounding?

First of all let’s talk about what exactly being ungrounded means and the tell tale signs that you are. Grounding exercizes aren’t as helpful when we don’t understand the importance of them, and understand how to incorporate them into our daily spiritual practices.

When going through a spiritual awakening especially the beginning stages of one, our world gets turn on its head. The reality that we are accustomed to crumbles before our eyes, up is now down and left is right.

Finding a balance within this perceived chaos can be difficult and without the right tools many would prefer to go back to an unconscious state. Grounding is simply the process of setting a firm anchor while you process these higher energies.

5 Signs You’re Ungrounded

Waking life feels like a confusing dream

Here is one of the main signs you’re ungrounded – life is starting to feel like one long confusing dream. Your dreams are becoming more vivid (sometimes frighteningly so) and your waking life is taking on a fluid like quality.

Your experience unsettling synchronicity

Synchronicity is one way the universe communicates with us, it’s a good gauge that your awareness is increasing. However seeing signs non-stop that confuse you is overwhelming and doesn’t provide clarity on your path.

You have big mood swings

Being ungrounded can manifest as mood swings that leave you feeling energized one minute then drained the next. Opening up your spiritual senses makes you aware of the deep joys but also deep sorrows around you, when we don’t have a grip on this sensitivity this becomes difficult to manage.

You can’t sleep properly

It’s common to experience sleep problems during a spiritual awakening. You may find yourself randomly waking up at 3am, experiencing vivid dreams that wake you, or find it hard to get to sleep due to increased energy.

You’ve lost track of the days

Last but not least you can begin losing track of time itself. When we practice meditation and see that we are always in this present moment, linear time can begin unraveling. In this way we may lose track of our physical schedules, lose focus while doing physical chores and neglect our physical lives.

3 Ways To Ground Yourself

1. Lower Chakra Work

Our lower chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus) act as our anchor in the physical world, they set the foundation for our entire chakra system. These first three chakras are concerned with our physical existence and pertain to aspects of our lives such as safety, creativity, and personal power.

The higher we wish to rise the deeper our roots must be.

Usually when someone becomes interested in the chakras the first one they learn about is the third eye. While this chakra is super important to our spiritual practice, it’s also not something we want to force open within a week. Without the correct preparation an open third eye chakra without balanced lower chakras leads to confusion, fear and mental instability.

Therefore it’s crucial to place as much care on your physical health as you do your spiritual health. Get good sleep, eat healthily, fulfill your physical obligations, don’t neglect your physical life while on the spiritual path. Learn about the first three chakras and figure out if you have any blockages there before moving upward.

The root chakra deals with our sense of safety and security. When our root chakra is balanced we feel connected to the Earth, the flow of abundance and feel safe within our own bodies.

The sacral chakra deals with our sense of creativity and sexual energy. When our sacral chakra is balanced we feel comfortable in our sexuality, open to inspiration and stable in our sensitivity.

The solar plexus chakra deals with our sense of personal power and will. When our solar plexus is balanced we feel in control of our reality and choices, have a good connection with our intuition and can set firm boundaries.

Learn More: I explore lower chakra work in the free empath guidebook

2. Journaling

Another great way to ground your energy is through journaling. Journaling works great as a grounding tool because it allows you to look at what you’re experiencing from another vantage point.

When you are going through a spiritual awakening it is helpful to write down all the little occurrences you’re experiencing (even ones that seem insignificant), this allows you to gauge what is happening to you and identify any patterns.

When you write your spiritual experiences down in a journal you are bringing them down into physicality. The act of writing with a real pen on real paper is a powerful one, and causes us to be more introspective.

3. Spend Time in Nature

The third way to ground your spiritual energy is by literally keeping your feet on the ground; walking barefoot on the earth is a great way to do this. Beyond that do walking meditations, tend to a garden, and spend time in spaces with natural bodies of water.

Spending time in nature is a particularly good way to ground yourself as well maintained natural spaces already have a high vibe to them. When we walk in nature and become aware of our surroundings, it’s a spiritual experience in itself.

As you walk in nature take deep consistent breaths from your stomach area. As you do so feel the impact of every step you take, notice your walking rhythm. Listen to all of the natural sounds and really take them in. Pay attention to which plants and animals draw your attention (they may have messages for you).

Grounding Root Chakra Exercize

This grounding exercize is a variation on the usual barefoot walking that incorporates visualization to enhance the experience:

  • Choose a clear spot on the earth you can stand barefoot safely.
  • Place your feet shoulders width apart and breathe deeply from your stomach.
  • Visualize your feet as tree trunks, anchoring into the ground below you.
  • With your inhale feel energy flowing up from the earth and into the soles of your feet.
  • Bring this energy up the back side of your body.
  • Visualize the energy flow up over your head, down the front of your body and then back into the ground.

You can do this exercize for a few minutes or until you feel sufficiently grounded. You’ll know you are grounded once you feel a warm weight to your body. The first time I did a grounding exercize I felt heavy but also light at the same time; I felt firmly on the earth but light as a feather.

This exercize is also a great way to open and heal the root chakra which deals with our physical sense of safety and security. Your root chakra literally act as the roots of your chakra system, allowing energy to flow upward in a balanced manner to the higher chakras.

As you move along your spiritual path there will many times where you feel the need to ground. At first this is absolutely essential in order to stabilize everything you are experiencing.

The spiritual awakening experience can be overwhelming, so having exercizes like this that you bring you back to a healthy balance is important for maintaining your stability.

What grounding exercizes do you use?


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