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How to Attract Abundance

attract abundance

Turning your life around starts with mindset, but how do we begin to shift our mindset when the physical circumstances around us seem so bleak? How can we tune into abundance when we are broke, depressed and feeling unmotivated?

There’s a reason so many fail with the Law of Attraction: they don’t allow what they perceive as negative thoughts and beliefs to fully come up to the surface to be released. They hide negativity behind insincere affirmations and a cover of positivity.

Simply putting a facade of positivity does nothing to shift your external surroundings when the Universe is receiving a internal signal of fear and doubt. How do we begin to truly embody abundance and start seeing that reflected in our lives?

Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You

I remember one of the first experiences I had in a Law of Attraction group, anytime someone said something negative they were instantly berated and silenced.

This was never something that resonated with me because how can we help people move from a point of despair to a point of abundance if we don’t first address the despair!

It was an eye-opening dynamic watching people who spoke so much on positivity act so insulted by negativity. It was a good lesson for me in learning discernment and how to navigate not only spiritual practices themselves but how others interpret them.

What the Law of Attraction requires is that we first dig deep within ourselves and uncover everything that is holding us back. The limiting beliefs, self deprecating thoughts, stuck emotions – all of it.

Release Blocks to Abundance

Release Blocks to Abundance

It common when you manifest something to start noticing your whole life turning on its head. Obstacles pop up out of nowhere, dense emotions you’ve been ignoring for years come to the surface, relationships and routines are questioned.

This is the universe essentially prepping you for what you have asked for. It’s asking you to make a choice between the old and comfortable or the new and uncomfortable. It’s as if you’re being pulled through a storm.

What I like to do is recite aspirational statements to myself and see how my mind and body reacts. For example affirm: I am now financially free. Your stomach may clench at the thought, you may feel a sense of dread wash over you or your mind may instantly start to contradict this.

Notice all of these little blocks that are showing up in both your physical body and mind, these are the areas that require work. The best way I’ve found to work on these blocks is through journaling.

Write the statement at the top of the page and underneath list all of your different reactions. You can then start breaking down these reactions, contradicting the contradictions of your mind/body.

If the thought of having extra money makes your stomach turn in knots, ask yourself why. Do these issues stem from childhood socialization, how you operate in relationships, feelings of guilt or unworthiness?

You don’t have to figure out the answers right now, but exploring these avenues will help you get a clearer picture of the work you need to do.

How to Tune into Abundance

Clearing your manifestation blocks using the above exercize is a good way to set the playing field. You’ve started to work through your blocks and now you have a clear slate to work from to start attracting things into your life.

Here’s the thing: we don’t exactly attract abundance but learn to see it all around us. The Law of Attraction isn’t about bringing something external towards us but aligning with it from the inside out.

We can only see abundance from an empowered state; knowing that everything we can see now is exactly what we need at this moment. This is why trying to manifest something when you’re in a state of desperation never works.

That $100 you need is never going to manifest when you’re still in a state of needing it. You are still unconsciously grasping for something external to fill a void, thus sending out a signal of lack to the Universe.

The house you live in, the bed you sleep in, the water you drink. This moment is filled with abundance. When you take this all in and fill yourself up on it you begin to attract from that state of wholeness not lack.

Look around you now and take it all in. Start listing off all of the things you are grateful for that you can see. Fill yourself up with this sense of gratitude. Cultivate a sensation of wholeness in your being.

Get into the mindset that whatever you will need is already on its way. You are no longer grasping for it but aligning with it.

Law of Attraction Visualization

Law of Attraction Visualization

The final piece of the puzzle is what you do on a day to day basis and incorporating the Law of Attraction into your default way of being.

In the book The Magic by Rhonda Byrne she talks of two daily techniques you can use to start manifesting abundance into your life through gratitude.

The first is to write a few things you are grateful for in a journal everyday when you wake up. The second is to find a rock you like and keep it as your gratitude rock. At the end of the day pick up this rock and think of a few events from the day that you are grateful for.

What I like doing alongside these two techniques is to visualize my ideal day as I’m drifting off to sleep. What this does is allow our intentions to shimmer all night and even manifest in our dreams as we sleep. I talk more about this technique here.

They key here is to infuse as much emotion as possible into this visualization and as the brain cannot tell the difference between an inner vision and physical action you are aligning with that future present. Breathing energy into your goals.


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