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Dangers of Opening Your Third Eye

third eye dangers

The third eye is perhaps one of the most talked about spiritual topics after the Law of Attraction, with that comes a whole host of misinformation and ultimately fear.

I’ve noticed that the third eye has become a kind of marketing tool, you see big flashy clickbait videos telling you how to open the third eye instantly or within 24 hours, glossing over all of the groundwork that is needed.

On the flip side you have plenty of stories from people who after opening their third eye, realize they want to close it just as quickly. They see demons, or receive so much sensory input throughout the day that it becomes too difficult to live a balanced life.

What I want to do is bring some clarity to this discussion and discuss the real ways opening your third eye can be dangerous but how you can go about it in a balanced way.

What Is the Third Eye?

So what exactly is the third eye and what does opening it entail? The third eye is our sixth major chakra roughly located between the eyebrows and represented by the color indigo.

The third eye is our center of spiritual sight. When the third eye is well developed we are able to see beyond just the physical and perceive spirits, energy and see directly into the astral realms.

An open third eye brings more understanding to situations as you can see more perspectives. You can see how everything connects and synchronicity becomes a norm. You are able to see how you connect to every living being and the Earth.

The third eye is not just about what you can see but what you can see through. It dissolves the crude boundaries we use to define our reality, it sees through dishonesty, it removes the subconscious filters we’ve placed over the world.

Is Opening the Third Eye Dangerous?

Is Opening the Third Eye Dangerous?

Everyone’s third eye is open to some extent – when we experience synchronicity, notice non-physical phenomena or dream, our third eye is operating. Others are naturally tuned into their third eye and see spirits and into the astral realms for their entire life.

In some rarer instances people have had traumatic experiences with the third eye and shut it off completely. For most it’s simply a case that they are not aware of this organ so it barely functions.

The danger comes in when we try to force our third eye open through incomplete techniques. You can think of it like constructing a building; if you do not set a strong foundation the whole building will collapse.

In the same way our lower chakras act as the foundation for our entire energy system. When we haven’t done the work to create a strong energetic foundation, trying to force our third eye can unleash a lot of our fears that are still lingering in those bottom three chakras.

What happens is people open up their perception but see things they were not prepared to. Their fears and wounds bubble up to the surface and the visions they receive can become overwhelmingly frightening.

Whatever you haven’t dealt with will be reflected back to your energetically. If you aren’t educated on how to protect your energy and keep focused mind you attract all sorts of low vibrational entities and foreign energy.

Should You Open Your Third Eye?

Should You Open Your Third Eye?

If you want to open the third eye to see cool things or quench your curiosity, then I would recommend taking a step back and considering how serious this sort of work is.

Opening up your perception to not just the pleasant energies but ones that may scare or spook you requires inner work and consistent practice. This isn’t a fun game or something that you can drop once the novelty has worn off.

My advice will always be to start where your wounds and fears reside. Start at your roots! By working on the lower third chakras and setting a strong foundation your energy naturally begins traveling upwards, and the third eye becomes active when you are ready.

When I first started researching spirituality I heard about the third eye chakra before any of the lower chakras. The concept intrigued me so much that I quickly found a third eye technique online and started using it daily.

Within a short space of time my third eye appeared to burst open! I experienced a ton of bliss and awe but very quickly things started to spiral out of control.

Firstly my dreams got so vivid that it was almost overwhelming, I did’t want to lucid dream anymore. Secondly I felt incredibly unstable, I was receiving loads of sensory input but was left in more confusion than when I started. Lastly I was going through a major depression at the time and all the extra stimulus was’t helping me stabilize.

This is far from the nightmarish tales I’ve heard elsewhere, I didn’t see tons of demons and my life didn’t completely fall apart but it was incredibly unnerving. Needless to say I stepped back from it all for a while.

Lower Chakras

There is probably ten times as much information (if not more) shared about the third eye than there is about the lower chakras. As I said above this is unhelpful for most people who still haven’t addressed those lower chakras and built a solid foundation.

Think of your lower chakras as your roots and the higher your wish to rise (higher chakras), the deeper your roots must be. So here is how you can begin working on these lower chakras.

lower chakras

Root Chakra: This chakra deals with our sense of safety and security. Our blocks around money and security lie here. This chakra is located at our pelvic floor at the base of the spine and is represented by the color red.

Sacral Chakra: This chakra deals with our sense of creativity and sexuality. Our blocks around expressing ourselves authentically without guilt lie here. This chakra is located a few inches below the navel and is represented by the color orange.

Solar Plexus Chakra: This chakra deals with our sense of identity, personal power and will. Our limiting beliefs and habits lie here. This chakra is located in the solar plexus (upper part of your belly) and is represented by the color yellow.

Get into a comfortable position and focus on your breath until you’re in a relaxed state of mind. What you want to do is place your awareness in each for a the chakras for a few minutes starting with the root.

Notice any tension you feel in these areas. Notice how your thoughts and emotions shift when you place your focus on these centers. See what your body, mind spirit is telling trying to tell you. The blocks in these areas will become clear now.

Along with energy work a daily practice of meditation is crucial to spiritual growth. Start with ten minutes a day and work your way up as you get comfortable with it. Meditation allows us to calm our mind and tune into our inner guidance.

To end, third eye opening is not something to aim for but something that will come as a natural result of working with your energy. The deeper you ground yourself and appreciate where you are now, the higher your energy can rise.

The higher you wish to rise, the deeper your roots must be


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