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Seeing Energy In The Air

seeing energy in the air

If you’ve landed on this page chances are you’ve already started to see energy in the air and are wondering what the heck is going on! No need to worry, I’ve been there.

This would happen to me consistently after I had finished meditating and working on my chakras. Whenever I opened my eyes and if the conditions would allow, I would see pinpricks of light dancing in the air.

One night after working on my chakras I opened my eyes and started to stroke my cat (my meditation companion).

I noticed that my hands were alive with energy, little dots of energy were pulsating throughout. My cat was probably spooked by all the extra energy!

What is Energy?

Seeing energy can manifest as:

  • orbs
  • static in the air
  • auras
  • dots
  • flashes of light

In Hinduism philosophy this energy is known as prana and also goes by the name chi. This is the Sanskrit word for life force energy.

This energy permeates all of existence and so being able to perceive it is a great sign that your psychic senses are opening up. Your higher self is prompting you to develop this further.

When we meditate and become mindful of our body, we can feel this life force energy flowing through us. It can manifest as tingles, a swaying sensation or vibrations.

While we are most acquainted with our physical bodies in this realm, we also have what is called an subtle body or astral body which is made up of this vital energy.

How To See Energy In The Air

The first step to start seeing energy around you is by learning to meditate. Meditation allows us to calm the mind, we enter a flow state and induce slower brainwave states.

When we are in the theta brainwave state which is between awake and asleep we are able to more easily perceive beyond the physical.

Start by sitting down in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted for at least ten minutes. Get comfortable and sit with your legs crossed and back straight.

Gently focus attention on your breathing, whenever a thought enters your mind simply acknowledge it is there but redirect your focus back to your breath.

Meditating before going to sleep with lights dimmed or turned off is a great way to start testing this out. Meditate for ten minutes and then open your eyes. It’s not uncommon to start seeing static in the air.

When there is less physical stimuli it is easier to tune into the spiritual realms. Your psychic sight can open up more easily and overlay onto your physical surroundings more easily. Using a blindfold during meditation is a good way to try this during the day when there is a lot of light.

Seeing Tree Auras

Another way to start seeing energy is by practicing viewing auras. Every living being has an aura or energy field that expands from their body.

Find a place outside opposite a tree that you can meditate in peace. Once again meditate for at least ten minutes or until your mind calms.

Open your eyes and look towards the tree, focusing your attention on the edges of the tree. You may begin to see a light outline or colored aura extending out from the tree trunk.

You can try this with any living being or plant that you have access to. If you don’t see anything at first try again another time when you are more relaxed.

Seeing Your Own Aura

As humans we also have an auric field which extends beyond our body. This is how we exchange energy between one another and if your psychic sight is keen you can tune into someone else’s aura and see if it has any blocks or holes.

It’s also possible to see your own aura. Find a blank white background such as a wall and stand or sit in front of it. Focus on your breath and get into a relaxed state.

Hold your hand out against the wall and pay attention to the edges of your fingers. Very quickly you may start to see a translucent outline take form and then different colors will appear.

The hands have minor chakras within them also: these work as portals for prana energy, healing and creativity. These will be familiar to anyone who does art, writes or uses their hands to heal. We translate source energy through the hands and bring it down into physical form.

Practice visualizing a ball of energy forming between your two hands. Very quickly you will begin to feel this. You can feel the energy ball move from one hand to another or expand and contract.

Seeing Energy With The Third Eye

How well you can perceive energy has a lot to do with how developed your third eye is. If these exercizes come easily to you then it’s likely you are a natural clairvoyant. However if they do not come easily to you don’t stress, your other psychic senses are probably stronger.

When the third eye is opening it’s common to see colors and shapes behind your closed eyes during meditation, this can be accompanied by a pressure in the forehead area.

This evolves into clearly seeing your guides and angels, contacting your loved ones and meeting with ascended masters.

I find I see energy most vibrantly after I have done pineal gland exercizes. You can think of the pineal gland like a sender and receiver of light-coded information – information which isn’t available to us through the five physical senses.

Through meditation, practicing visualizing and adopting the right diet we can decalcify and activate the pineal gland. This allows your natural clairvoyant abilities to come to the surface uninhibited.

Most importantly, appreciate that this is a gradual process. Psychic imagery doesn’t come to everyone in the same fashion or as quickly.

Many people are more developed at sensing emotions, intuitive knowing, or clairaudience. However as these are less known most people don’t even realize what their strengths are.

With a regular spiritual practice and meditation your strongest psychic gifts will naturally become apparent.

What is your experience with seeing energy?

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