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Seeing Energy In The Air

seeing energy in the air

Energy is all around us, everything is energy.

If you’ve landed on this page chances are you’ve already started to see energy in the air and are wondering what it means and what is going on. No need to worry, I’ve been there.

This would happen to me consistently after I had finished meditating and working on my chakras. Whenever I opened my eyes I would see pinpricks of light dancing in the air. I also started to see energy outside of meditation, most often when I was in a particularly calm state.

In this post I want to explore what energy is, what auras are and how to begin perceiving them.

Some people are born with the ability to see energy, however I believe that with practice we can all tune into this psychic sense.

What is energy?

In Hinduism philosophy this energy is known as prana and also goes by the name chi. This is the Sanskrit word for life force energy.

This energy permeates all of existence and so being able to perceive it is a great sign that your psychic senses are opening up. Your higher self is prompting you to develop this further.

Seeing energy can manifest as:

  • orbs
  • static in the air
  • auras
  • dots
  • flashes of light

When we meditate and become mindful of our body, we can feel this life force energy flowing through us. It can manifest as tingles, a swaying sensation or vibrations.

While we are most acquainted with our physical bodies in this realm, we also have what is called an subtle body or astral body which is made up of this vital energy.

How to see energy in the air

how to see energy

The first step to start seeing energy around you is by learning to meditate. Meditation allows us to calm the mind, we enter a flow state and induce slower brainwave states.

When we are in the theta brainwave state, which is between awake and asleep, we are able to more easily perceive beyond the physical.

Start by sitting down in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted for at least ten minutes. Get comfortable and sit with your legs crossed and back straight.

Gently focus attention on your breathing, whenever a thought enters your mind simply acknowledge it is there but redirect your focus back to your breath.

Meditating before going to sleep with lights dimmed or turned off is a great way to start testing this out. Meditate for ten minutes and then open your eyes. It’s not uncommon to start seeing static in the air.

When there is less physical stimuli it is easier to tune into the spiritual realms. Your psychic sight can open up more easily and overlay onto your physical surroundings more easily. Using a blindfold during meditation is a good way to try this during the day when there is a lot of light.

Bringing this practice further, try meditating with the eyes open while focusing on a living object like a small plant in your home, a tree outside your window or even a crystal.

Rather than just looking at this object, try to become one with it. Go beyond the surface level. What texture does this thing have? What emotion does it evoke? Finally, what does it feel like on a more conceptual level? It’s much easier to ‘see’ the energy surrounding a thing, when we are properly connected it.

This leads nicely into our next section.

How to see auras

Another way to start seeing energy is by practicing viewing auras. Every living being has an aura or energy field that expands from their body.

You could see auras as a second skin or energetic force field that we all have. This aura is influenced over time through our programming and current state of being acting as the filter through which we view and interact with the world.

Each person’s aura will look different due to this, and so we can gain a lot of valuable insight by viewing our own or other people’s auras energetically.

Seeing Tree Auras

Find a place outside opposite a tree that you can meditate in peace. Once again meditate for at least ten minutes or until your mind calms.

Open your eyes and look towards the tree, focusing your attention on the edges of the tree. You may begin to see a light outline or colored aura extending out from the tree trunk.

You can try this with any living being or plant that you have access to. If you don’t see anything at first try again another time when you are more relaxed.

Seeing Your Own Aura

how to see your own aura

As humans we also have an auric field which extends beyond our body. This is how we exchange energy between one another and if your psychic sight is keen you can tune into someone else’s aura and see if it has any blocks or holes.

It’s also possible to see your own aura.

  • Find a blank white background such as a wall and stand or sit in front of it.
  • Focus on your breath and get into a relaxed state.
  • Hold your hand out against the wall and pay attention to the edges of your fingers.

Very quickly you may start to see a translucent outline take form and then different colors will appear.

The hands have minor chakras within them also: these work as portals for prana energy, healing and creativity. These will be familiar to anyone who does art, writes or uses their hands to heal. We translate source energy through the hands and bring it down into physical form.

If our hand chakras are inactive it can be difficult to make out energy here.

Practice visualizing a ball of energy forming between your two hands. Very quickly you will begin to feel this. You can feel the energy ball move from one hand to another or expand and contract. See if you can move onto perceiving this energy once you are comfortable with it.

I now do aura readings for anyone who is interested in seeing what their aura looks like, and any shifts they can make to better align their energy.

How to see someone else’s aura

You can also modify this exercize to practice on a willing participant.

  1. Start by getting relaxed, perhaps meditating for ten minutes beforehand.
  2. Ask your participant to stand a few feet away from you (or further if the space permits) in front of a blank white background. Adjust the lighting so it isn’t too bright or dark.
  3. Now focus on the person’s nose or chest area. Unfocus your eyes and switch to your peripheral vision.
  4. With your mind relaxed and vision unfocused you should begin to see a faint outline forming around the person’s body, usually dark (shadow) or translucent.
  5. Continue to focus for a few minutes and see if any colors start to form.

The key with any aura viewing exercize is to let go of any expectations and just allow yourself to be, rather than trying to see. After a few minutes finish up and reflect.

This takes practice, so don’t be dismayed if you can’t make out any aura on the first (or several first) tries. If you can find someone you trust with which to practice with, this would be incredibly helpful.

Mindset makes a big difference when learning to view auras. This come a lot later in my psychic development than you might expect, because when I really wanted to see auras it was difficult to do so. My ego inevitably took over.

However when I was more comfortable working with my own energy first, when I didn’t expect to see anything, this capabilities naturally developed.

Ask yourself if you want to see auras because you wish to have some special ability or see something magical, or if you are tuning into auras as an organic expansion of just being. Clarifying your vision with a pure intention.

Over the years I have realized that seeing energy is not just a case of using specific techniques, but about the connection we have with our spirit.

The less we see this spiritual side of ourselves as something seperate, and practice spiritual principles rather than just taking them in, the more clearly we can see.

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    Feeling auras

    Although we are talking about vision here (clairvoyance), it’s very rare to not have a sense perception alongside this (clairsentience). We don’t just see auras but also read then in a tactile sense.

    The psychic senses of clear seeing and clear feeling aren’t disconnected, they almost always come together. I might not be able to see auras often, but I always feel auras or gain insight into someone’s aura.

    When it comes to aura colors they mean nothing if there isn’t always a sense underneath it. The color red means nothing to us if it also doesn’t come with some cultural, emotional, or spiritual connotation.

    Clairsentient exercize

    • Get into a meditation
    • Focus on the spot between your eyebrows (the third eye)
    • Try to visualize the color red
    • See how long you can hold it without the mind wandering
    • Notice how it vibrates, moves, interacts with your own energy
    • Try to describe how it feels

    This is a much more effective way to develop the third eye which governs spiritual sight. Because the third eye isn’t just a visual organ, it’s moreso a tactile organ with many different functions. It incorporates tactile sensation, sound, smell etc.

    Once you are comfortable visualizing the color red and holding it for twenty or thirty seconds without disruption (easier said than done) move onto orange, yellow, green and so on. How is the sensation and emotion behind each color different?

    You can use these color meanings to better understand what you see when you begin to perceive auras more clearly.

    Seeing Energy With The Third Eye

    How well you can perceive energy has a lot to do with how developed your third eye chakra is. If these exercizes come easily to you then it’s likely you are a natural clairvoyant. However if they do not come easily to you don’t stress, your other psychic senses are probably stronger.

    When the third eye is opening you might see:

    • Colors behind closed eyes
    • An eye (usually indigo/purple)
    • Energy with open eyes
    • A vortex

    When the third eye is opening you will see visuals which might be accompanied by a pressure between the eyebrows. As you work with your third eye this awareness can be integrated into daily life, so that you see energy even when your eyes are open.

    This is where we begin to perceive auras around bodies in nature, animals, other people etc. We might also perceive our spirit guides, angels etc. as a manifestation of their energy.

    I find that I perceive energy most vibrantly after I have practiced pineal gland exercizes. The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland in the brain which is often referred to as the physical counterpart to the third eye, or seat of the soul.

    What’s interesting about the pineal gland is that it contains photo-receptors similar to the ones in our physical eyes. The pineal gland brings about an internal sense of vision, one that can be developed over time.

    You can think of the pineal gland like a sender and receiver of light-coded information – information which isn’t available to us through the physical eye.

    Through meditation, practicing visualizing and adopting the right diet we can decalcify and activate the pineal gland. This allows our natural clairvoyant abilities to come to the surface uninhibited.

    Third eye exercise

    The simplest way to activate the third eye is through focusing on the spot between your eyebrows during meditation.

    You can do this by bringing your eyes up a little, as if you are looking at this spot behind closed eyelids, however that is not necassary. Simply bringing some awarness to this spot will do the trick.

    With your awareness here continue to breathe deeply. You’ll start to feel a pressure in this area, to me it sometimes feel as if this area is ‘locked in’.

    With consistent practice this center will begin to open, and you’ll start to see different colors or shapes, geometric patterns or energetic constructs.

    At first this will be behind closed eye, when you are in a calm meditative state, but as times goes on and this center gets stronger it’s common for this vision to start overlaying on our physical reality.

    Just as I mentioned seeing energy is less about vision and more about perception. It’s about bridging the gap between our physical and spiritual side. Putting principles into practice and seeing everything more clearly.

    So along with these practices you also want to be engaging in shadow work. Understanding what is stopping you from perceiving things clearly in all areas of your life. As well as understanding not just how to see, but how to use that vision wisely.

    Remember that this is a gradual process. Psychic imagery doesn’t come to everyone in the same fashion or as quickly. With a regular spiritual practice and meditation your strongest psychic gifts will naturally become apparent.

    What is your experience with seeing energy?

    FREE Third Eye Guide

    I’ll send you a simple guide that goes over what the third eye is and how to activate it safely.

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      12 thoughts on “Seeing Energy In The Air”

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      2. Very informative and interesting! I was able to see auras as a kid but as I grew older I didn’t until recently when I tried an exercise and it came easily to me!😁

      3. I see energy from the moon, sun, and rays of light. I also have seen tree spirits, tree energy that are new energy branches. I seen many things U can not say to most. Im a very stable person. I just don’t know who to talk to. Anyways just wanted to leave this.

      4. Anne Anderson

        I remember seeing energy in the darkness as a child, and now i can see it in the light, it’s fascinating.

      5. It came to me I didn’t seek it out . First started with communication with birds then closing my eyes with visuals came next then lastly I could see energy plainly at that . It took me back a minute though I was scared if it .

      6. I have always seen everything as energy, tiny particles fizzing in and out, waves of swirling particles, lights and shadows that aren’t there. I thought it was normal for a long time. I’m going to start trying to meditate and see what happens

      7. I see all the things described here, but I also see flowers. I see flowers floating in the air. I don’t hear people talk about this much. Has anyone else seen specific shapes? I see them with my eyes open. They dance and sway and move with the energy fields around them and then they seem to decsend on top of me. It’s beautiful, I just wish I understood more why I was seeing it.

      8. A few months ago’ i started seeing energy in motion and it freaked me out a first.
        But i decided to allow things to be and just flow with it, i noticed when i’m in moments of quiet/ stillness, meditation or after praying’ I definitely see energy waves, or static and just pixels of energy in motion. This is all very mind blowing… sending much luv’ to all..💫🌎❤️

        1. I definitely freaked out at first too! It’s nice to get to a place where you can just be comfortable with it.

      9. I see energy without the need to meditate. I just started my spiritual journey 2 Sundays ago (today is Monday so 8 days ago). I’ve always been able to see tree Auras though I never cared to understand why. In the last 8 days I quit smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day, switched my diet to organic, water to Alkaline. In the last 3 days I’ve been seeing Soft, pure, white balls with maybe a tinge of blue in them (very small amount). All I had to do was look at the tree line though I have been able to see them anywhere else except for today, just 10mins ago to be precise. No meditation they just appeared. I was nervous these last for days but now I know to just let it go, let it happen, keep learning, keep meditating and trust that everything is all in good hands.

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