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Aura Scan Reading

In my readings I reference the aura and areas of the body often, however this is not always the case and it’s often not the focus. With this reading I want to do a full aura scan.

To tune into different energetic strengths and weaknesses, chakras or energy points that are most active and most need of care for you.

My focus with this reading is to provide insight into how your aura is interacting with your environments, what is blocked, and what shifts you can make to enter environments/spaces/relationships that are more aligned with you.

All I need for this reading is a photo of you (pick this intuitively) and any relevant personal information.

One photo is required, this is how I will tune into your aura. If you wish to send two photos, chose photos of yourself in two different settings. This will give me more to work from.

If you would specific advice, tell me more about the type of environments/space you would like to see yourself in (work spaces, relationships, social groups, a new home, city or country) and I’ll provide information on what needs to change energetically to make that happen.

You will receive a 3-4 page PDF file or audio recording (depending on the option you choose) including all the intuitive messages I received for you.

  • Your aura ‘color’
  • Most active and inactive areas of the energy body
  • How your aura is interacting with your environment
  • An illustrative image showing what I see

You will receive your reading within 6 days. This will give me the time to properly tune into each person and provide adequate follow up support.

Before you buy: You can send me a voice note on Instagram @ledbysource along with the text provided here. Once you have filled in the applicable information you will be redirected to the payment page.

I do not use tarot cards for this reading. This reading is not a substitute for medical or legal advice & support. Readings are not intended as therapy.

Price: $50