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How to Astral Project In 3 Steps

how to astral project

Astral projection is the name used to describe a consciously induced out of body experience, this is where we perceive reality from outside of our physical body.

There is nothing quite like your first out of body experience: the constant feeling of awe, seeing reality from a whole new vantage point and feeling liberated from the fear of death.

We astral project naturally every night when we sleep, it’s only that once we awake we lose all memory of it. Out of body experiences come with ease to us when the conscious mind is out of the way.

In this article I want to go over some of the techniques I use to astral project and talk about the way we can use our body’s natural rhythm to aid us. So many have difficulty astral projecting because they’re unaware of how to work with their body/bodies instead of against them.

Astral Projecting As A Child

The first conscious out of body experience I can remember was from childhood. I was around four or five years old when I fell asleep in my grandma’s room.

I can vividly remember flying all around the room and laughing with joy as I was doing so. It never occurred to me that there was anything unusual about this.

Once I was back in my body I was able to recount what had happened in the room and what had been said, even though my grandma was sure I was asleep.

Those experiences as a child never really left me and into my teenage years I began researching astral projection and trying to have another out of body experience again.

Although I have been lucid dreaming since I was around ten years old all through my teenage years I never managed to have another conscious out of body experience. I research pretty much every technique and tip I could find and still nothing.

Regaining My Senses

A few years back I started meditating regularly at night. I would clear my chakras after the day had ended, clear my mind and use this time to visualize.

I intuitively started to visualize myself as a wave one night. I would feel the wave crashing through me as vividly as I could, this was a technique I used to clear my chakras.

The next morning after doing this I woke up naturally before my alarm usually went off, as it was the weekend I stayed in bed relaxing.

About twenty minutes later I found myself in another room of the house talking to one of my family members. Unusually they told me they left me something in my room and I should go and see what it was.

As soon as I walked into my room I knew something was off. My eyesight went completely black but my sense of touch was as vivid as ever. I could feel the texture of the carpet underneath my feet.

Suddenly it hit me that I never actually got up out of bed! I knew that when we astral projected being in close proximity to our physical bodies could hinder our sight and movement. In that moment I knew I was astral projecting. Instantly I was back in my body.

3 Step Astral Projection Technique

This is now the technique I use to induce conscious astral projection based off that spontaneous experience. Finding my body’s natural flow and synchronizing with my sleep schedule was what finally made it work.

Step 1: Prep

The first step is to prep yourself before going to sleep. Either meditate for ten minutes in the usually seated position or while laying down.

Then lay down in bed and visualize a wave flowing through your whole body. Bring the sensation of a wave from the soles of your feet to the top of your head in a cycle.

This will get your chakras active and you’ll begin to feel energy coursing through your body. After ten minutes of this visualization you can go to sleep. Alternatively you can attempt an exit (skip to step 3) if you can feel your body buzzing or vibrating excessively.

Step 2: Morning Routine

When you wake up the next morning, don’t get out of bed yet but try to stay as still as possible. You want to stay in that half awake half asleep state that we find ourselves in right upon waking. It’s here that you can more easily make an exit.

Focus on your breathing and visualize that wave again going from the soles of your feet to your crown. After about twenty minutes of doing so you’ll feel heavy vibration going throughout your entire body. Your body will feel as if someone has laid a heavy blanket over it.

Step 3: Exit

Once you have stabilized the vibrational state you can attempt an exit. There are many ways to shift your consciousness out of body, different techniques will work better for different people.

  • Visualize yourself climbing up a rope ladder
  • Feel yourself roll out of your body
  • Feel yourself getting lighter and float up

The key to making any of these work is by visualizing them as vividly as you can manage. The combination of the visual and motion of the visualization in your mind works best.

You will feel some pressure on your physical body as you do these visualization but if you keep consistent with it you’ll pop out of body and into your bedroom.

From here you want to stay calm and keep your level of focus high. During your first astral projection it is better to travel away from your physical body as the closer you are to it the easier it is for you to be pulled back in.

Visualize a target destination and will yourself there or float to another room in the house.

We tend to think of astral projection as the act as exiting the physical body when in fact it’s more accurately described as shifting your awareness from your physical body to your non-physical astral body.

When you make this mindset shift astral projection becomes a lot easier. When we meditate and are aware of our body during meditation, we begin to feel this astral body coursing with energy.

Working on the chakras is another way we start to feel this subtle body. It’s simply a case of become aware of this body and learning to shift our awareness between the two.

Have you ever had an out of body experience? If so, what was your experience like?

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