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Receiving Guidance Through Dreams

receiving guidance through dreams

Dreams are one of my favorite topics to talk about because in Western culture we so often disregard them as random concoctions of the mind, when in fact they contain coded messages and guidance from beyond the physical.

Dreams are where our subconscious mind splatters its paint and it’s up to us to interpret these works of art.

The dreamspace acts as a place for unresolved issues to come to surface; making themselves known to be consciously cleared and worked on.

In this article I’m going to talk about a few different ways we can use dreams to guide us in life and along our spiritual path.

The Importance of Dreams

Dreams are such a disregarded aspect of our lives that I wish more people took an interest in. Our dreams are reflecting back to us patterns from our waking life in a direct narrative using metaphor and symbolism.⠀

Each dream is a letter from your soul that can be read and deciphered to figure out the patterns that are holding you back.

Many people think they don’t dream at all but the truth is they have simply ignored this level of awareness and forget their dreams by the time they wake up. ⠀

Keeping a dream journal by your bed with the intention to write in it regularly sends a message to your subconscious mind that you are ready to start remembering your dreams again. ⠀

Always write down your dreams, even ones you consider insignificant! We can have dreams from years ago that only now fully understand.

How to Ask For Dream Guidance

Dreams primarily send us guidance through symbolism. For example I used to have recurring dreams of flooding, and running from a flood.

My higher self was telling me to bring my awareness into the present moment instead of feeling so overwhelmed and worried by things which were out of my control. ⠀

Our dreams are always sending us guidance this way whether we know it or not but we can consciously tune in and discover a new way of learning directly from our own soul. ⠀

If there is a problem you are facing that you have trouble figuring out, before you go to sleep ask your higher self to show you a solution in a dream and then release the worry.

You can do this by speaking it out loud or mentally asking for a solution as you fall asleep. Affirm “I will find a creative solution to my problem in my dreams tonight”.

The message can arrive quite literally or in a coded form. Your spirit guide may drop in and offer advice or your dream may follow a narrative pertaining to the issue. ⠀

The more you strengthen this line of communication between the conscious and unconscious the easier it gets to understand the language of the dream and the messages it is relaying to you. ⠀

Recurring Dreams

Most of our dream characters are reflections of parts of our inner psyche and people in waking life we either clash with or yearn for. ⠀

Recurring reams about specific people from our past are highlighting the unconscious attachments we have with certain people and asking us, ‘What is your plan of action?’. ⠀

Are you going to reconnect with someone who keeps appearing or are you going to finally let them go and cut the chord? ⠀

Anything or anyone that continually shows up in our dreams is something that is continually showing up in our unconscious thoughts.⠀

Recurring dreams about certain locations and events work the same way. Highlighting events and place we are still tormenting ourselves about.

Write the recurring dream down. Note what predominant emotions are present. Figure out who or what is the dream is symbolizing in your waking life. Write down a few ways you can resolve this situation or come to peace with.

These types of dreams are more common around full moons and when the moon enters our sun sign. Take note of these times each month and prepare for deep emotional purging.

Once we figure out what our recurring dreams are trying to tell us and either solve the problem or come to peace with it, these dreams will stop.

Expanding Consciousness Through Dreamwork

Something really interesting happened to me when I started to share spiritual information on the internet. ⠀

At the very start I had a dream and it was unique in that I was lucid but that I was being held temporarily in the dreamstate in order to receive a message. I could feel myself waking up but I felt it was important to stay in this state until the whole message was revealed to me. ⠀

When you start to become aware in dreams a path forms that goes beyond just having fun and doing cool things while lucid but connecting to an inner guidance system, your higher self and spirit guides. ⠀

Truly I put my spiritual awakening down to the dreamstate. When I first became lucid within a dream over a decade ago now, I opened a door that I could never fully close.

Working with my dreams has shown me they take place on the astral planes or 4th dimension. They act as a space where physical and spirit can meet halfway.⠀

This is why it’s so important to keep a dream journal to record your dreams for future reference. We may connect with guides and our higher selves without remembering it but the clues remain in our subconscious mind. ⠀

Becoming aware of the dream state isn’t just about doing specific techniques but engaging in mindfulness as you go about your day to day life and realizing the similarities between the waking and dream states. ⠀

Dreams can act as a training ground for our conscious expansion. Showing us that our thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on our environment. In the 3D this effect has a lag but in the dream state the response is instant. ⠀

Not only do we connect with the traditional idea of spirit guides, angels and spirit animals but also extraterrestrials and different multidimensional beings. ⠀

I find spirit animals love the dream dimensions as there’s a sort of playful energy already present in dreams that suits their vibration well. You can also meet your spirit guides and contact loved ones on the other side. ⠀

Do you keep a consistent dream journal and work with your dreams?


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  1. I had a dream once about a secret mission it was hush hush in the Second World War about planes flying over Germany I asked someone and they said it was hush

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