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5 Signs You’ve Met Your Soul Family

soul family

I’m usually a lone wolf but there are some connections that you just cannot ignore! On the spiritual path there are a lot of people you meet that seem to come out of nowhere and just get you.

It could be someone messaging you after seeing something you’ve posted to tell you they’ve had the exact same experience, or someone from your past who you lost contact with but mysteriously crosses your path again, or a stranger that comes up to your during your day to talk to you about a topic you were already thinking about.

These people are what I like to refer to as our soul family: they come into our lives at most unexpected moments and we instantly hit it off with them. Even when you go your separate ways, the Universe has a weird way of making you meet up again.

Who Are Our Soul Family?

Just as we come to Earth paired as soulmates or twin flames, there are soul deep connections that aren’t about romance but shared goals and objectives. Many of us come here as lightworkers, empaths or Earth angels, all with a specific purpose in mind.

We do not incarnate onto this Earth alone. When you meet someone and it feels like you’ve know them forever it’s because we incarnate here in specific soul groups, this community helps magnifies the work we came here to do. ⠀

When you are aware of what you are here to do, you are naturally more tuned into this community. A lot of nudging is going on behind the scenes with our guides, gently tugging the threads that link us together. ⠀

Here are five signs that you’ve met a member of your unique soul group:

1. You Communicate in a Telepathic Manner

The first sign you’ve met someone from your soul family is that we communicate in a telepathic manner. You’ll finish off each others sentences, talk about topics the other person was already thinking about and are able to detect the other people’s hidden emotions. A relationship like this can be very intimate and so trust and keeping strong boundaries are crucial.

2. Distance Is Not a Hindrance

As I said before we can meet members of our soul family online, often we never meet physically. Distance has no bearing on a relationship that runs this deep. It’s also the case that soul family we part ways with can often reappear unexpectedly.

3. It Feels Like You’ve Met Before

The most obvious sign someone is part of your soul family is that it feels as if you have met them before. They have a familiarity you cannot quite place but their energy feels extremely comforting.

4. You Can Have Deep Conversations

They see you and you see them. Our soul family are those we feel comfortable letting our guard down around, we can discuss personal topics without feeling embarrassed and deep conversations come with ease. These are the type of people you can speak with all night long and still have so much left to say.

5. They Leave You Feeling Uplifted

The final sign you’ve met a member of your soul family is that they leave you feeling uplifted. You don’t necessarily feel empty without them but feel a closeness with them that cannot be ignored. You can go months or even years without seeing them and hit it off again as if no time has passed.

How to Meet Your Soul Family

The people you meet on a day to day basis are not random, they are magnetized toward you based on your state of being. Think of your vibration (persistent emotions, thoughts and behavior) like a beacon that tunes you into similarly situated people.

The people you meet online can also be part of your soul family, as I mentioned before distance is no hindrance. If your soul is called to another you will naturally find a way to get in contact with them.

It can be easy to think of yourself as alone living a small city or isolated community, however when we are in tune with ourselves we find a way to attract these types of encounters in the most unlikely of locations and circumstances.

These high vibe relationships become the norm when we work on healing and embodying our higher selves. The truer we are to ourselves and the deeper we know our own souls, the easier it is to attract soul nurturing relationships like this.

With a positive mindset everyone you meet is an old friend, but with a negative mindset everyone you meet is an enemy.

Have you had an experience meeting someone from your soul family?


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