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Third Eye Vision: Seeing With The Third Eye

third eye vision

The third eye chakra is perhaps one of the most talked about spiritual topics on the Internet today. There are endless blogs and videos discussing the third eye and how to open it in record time, or how dangerous the third eye is and how it opens you up to all sorts of demonic influences.

The third eye or sixth chakra is associated with expanded awareness and inner vision. This chakra is located between the eyebrows and is often perceived as indigo in color. When our third eye ‘opens’ our perception of the world around us shifts accordingly.

Today I want to talk about the third eye, specifically about what to expect when you open it, and bring some much needed balance to the discussion. Know there is a way to open the third eye safely but it requires that you set the proper foundation.

What Do You See With Your Third Eye?

What Do You See With Your Third Eye?

Everyone’s third eye chakra is open to some extent, some people are just more naturally tuned into it but it is always active. Just like a muscle, the more we practice using the third eye and seeing through it, the stronger it becomes.

Our third eye is naturally active during our dreams where we perceive environments through our inner vision. Our third eye can also become active when we see a ghost, passed loved one or an angelic guide.

Many people experience spiritual sight without ever doing a specific meditation technique, and some experience this as regularly as their usual physical sight. Often what we see with our third eye can overlap onto physical reality.

You See Energy

One of the first signs that your third eye is opening up is that you are starting to perceive energy. Life force energy known as prana or chi permeates all of existence, when our third eye is open we can see how this underlines everything around us.

This can manifest as:

  • Seeing energy and auras with the naked eye
  • Seeing the indigo color your third eye
  • Seeing geometric shapes
  • Vortexes
  • A night sky with stars
  • Colors
  • Psychic visions
  • Seeing ghosts, angels and guides

During meditation you may perceive an eye looking back at you, usually a indigo eye which is the color of the third eye. Very early on in my meditation I got a glimpse of what I can only call a ‘blue pearl’, which is said to represent the entirety of consciousness.

You may start to see energy with your eyes open. I have seen energy dancing in the air, little pinpricks of light illuminating different living beings, faint auras and other energy structures.

What you see will depend on your level of awareness, your practice, and your intentions. Most of the time we only see what we are ready for with our higher self/guides ensuring we are safe.

It’s important to not get attached to any one vision you have when your third eye opens up. This can become restricting as you will only focus on expanding your awareness to have specific experiences instead of embracing each moment.

You See Through Illusion

While the third eye is associated with seeing in a similar fashion to the physical eyes, it also strips away the filters and illusions that overlay our reality. Through childhood we are conditioned to view the world a certain way, into adulthood these perceptions can further solidify.

The third eye rips away these filters and allows us to see the world around us as it really is. This is why opening the third eye is no joke, you have to be ready for what you will see but also what you will see through!

Most of us are just not ready to have our illusions destroyed before our eyes and see how the world really is. So opening up the third eye vision must be done carefully and with the proper preparation.

You See Wider Perspectives

An open third eye allows you to view and grasp wider perspectives. It allows you to take a bird’s eye view of any situation and see where you may have blind spots. It’s because of this that a balanced third eye causes us to become less judgmental.

As we are open to more perspectives it means that we must also exercize more caution and learn to respect other people’s energetic boundaries. When we have such a wide view of things it is easier to pick up on things that are none of our business.

When you look at someone you may pick up on their personal emotions and thoughts. This is usually done unconsciously, but just because you can peek doesn’t mean you should! Practice taking a step back and firmly standing in your own energy when this happens.

You See The Nature of Reality

When your third eye becomes active it is common to start experiencing extremely vivid dreams. You can think of physical reality as a type of dream – one in which we can also be asleep in.

As your dreams become more vivid your waking life can become more dreamy. When you truly see how your internal world influences the external you realize how malleable reality is, and how much control you have over your own destiny.

You’ll see how your waking life and dream life are intimately connected. You may become interested in lucid dreaming (dream awareness) and interpreting your dreams. You’ll see how the images you hold in your mind shift and direct physical reality.

The third eye is generally seen as a non-physical eye which deals with spiritual sight, we have covered how that can manifest above.

However the third eye isn’t just a visual organ, it encompasses many different ‘senses’. Just as with the physical, none of our spiritual senses come in isolation. When we look at the color red we aren’t just seeing red but also feeling an emotion or sensation alongside it. When we eat something we are also smelling it, and the appearance impacts the taste.

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How to Open Your Third Eye Vision Safely?

How to Open Your Third Eye Vision Safely?

Nowadays there are hundreds if not thousands of guides showing you how to open up the third eye chakra in the quickest possible time. This sort of information while pleasing to listen to isn’t the most helpful.

Many people follow these techniques, force their third eye open, and then want to close it just as quickly! Once you have forced that type of awareness open there is no real way to go back, you can only dull the intensity of it.

You’ll read many horror stories from people who have opened their third eye like this and were totally unprepared. They were left vulnerable to all sorts of foreign energy,low vibrational beings and mental instability.

The best way to go about opening your third eye is to start with a consistent spiritual practice. This could be a daily meditation, mindful walk or yoga, whatever aligns with you. As you take a practice and adjust it to your personal needs you will naturally enter an observational state.

You will observe your patterns, thoughts, and emotions and become a more aware person as a result. As you work through the patterns in yourself that obscure clear vision (such as judgement, lack of will power, selfishness) your third eye will naturally open. The clearer you are internally the clearer you see the external.

As your third eye opens through this gradual inner work it will become even more important to stay grounded. Opening the third eye which is a higher chakra requires that you have a solid foundation in your lower chakras.

This means tending to your physical responsibilities, spending time in nature, taking time out for creative pursuits. It’s important to avoid neglecting your physical life due to compartmentalizing spiritual activities, both spiritual and physical are crucial.


3 thoughts on “Third Eye Vision: Seeing With The Third Eye”

  1. As one plays or experiments with 3rd eye, astral beings will become attracted and therefore you may attract trouble! It’s a bit like an ouiji board!…
    Please be careful. There’s so much dangerous stuff around at this time!

  2. I really want to open my 3rd eye, and how to protect myself in the process. I have seen people I know in different images as a wolf and another when I looked in their eyes. Both scared me when negativity is in them. I have no understanding of this, it has been a long time. Nothing reason not sure why I experienced this.

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