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How to Develop Your Clairsentient Abilities

How to Develop Your Clairsentient Abilities

Are you the type of person who can look at someone who is smiling, laughing and appearing happy to everyone else but instantly notice the sadness in their eyes?

Can you enter a room and feel the interactions that took place before you entered? Can you go to the grocery store and just feel what sort of day each person you pass has had? You may be a natural clairsentient!

Clairsentience is the physic sense of feeling translated as “clear-feeling”, also referred to as “clear-sensing”, it is the ability to feel beyond someone’s words and actions and see their true motivations. This is a psychic sense that goes beyond rational thought, physical senses and explanation.

Of course we all possess this type of sense to some extent whether we wish to use the label clairsentient or not, however for some people this is a large part of how they navigate the world. They pick up on emotions and energy with such shocking accuracy that even they become overwhelmed by it sometimes.

Do You Have Clairsentience?

Do You Have Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is one of the most common psychic abilities, although we are most familiar with clairvoyance (clear seeing) and have seen psychic mediums on television, psychic feeling is less flashy.

Because this psychic sense is so common and not as obvious as some of the others, many people go around picking up and reading emotions their whole lives without realizing this is what they’re doing – it’s just a natural part of who they are.

Clairsentience often manifests as guidance received through strong emotions. This guidance often comes through the gut but can come from other areas of your body too. It’s because of this that you are more likely to describe things in an emotional context than an intellectual one, using terms like “I feel” often”.

Here are just a few key signs that you are clairsentient:

  • You sense the energy of a room when you walk into
  • You tend to say “I feel that” or “I feel you” a lot
  • You sense the pain/joy of others as if it was your own
  • You connect more easily through emotions than words
  • You receive guidance through your gut instinct
  • You are often overwhelmed by emotional stimulus
  • You find public spaces like supermarkets difficult to navigate
  • Certain emotions can trigger full body tingles/vibrations/chills

Do these sound like you? If most of these sound familiar to you, then it’s likely you are a natural clairsentient or highly sensitive person. With practice your clairsentience can be developed and grounded so that you do not become as overwhelmed by the emotional cues that you receive.

Clairsentience is being super aware of the non-physical energy that emanates from other humans, animals, spiritual beings and so on. With practice you can further tune into this non-physical energy or aura that all living beings have, including your own.

Empaths and Clairsentience

You might be reading this and wondering what the difference between a clairsentient and empath is. I like to say that empaths are those who are naturally tuned into their clairsentience. While highly sensitive people in general are tuned into all sorts of stimulus, empaths zone in on emotions.

Clairsentience is the psychic sense that involves sensing energy and emotions, while empaths are those that can embody other people’s emotions as if they were their own.

An empath is someone who often feels deeply but can also be easily mislead if they do not work on developing their discernment. Empathic abilities are usually activated during childhood in environments that often don’t accommodate such emotional intelligence.

It’s because of this that many empaths can turn cold as a defense mechanism, becoming emotionally unavailable and closing off their empathic abilities. Through opening up this sensitivity again in adulthood and navigating it in a more balanced way we can hone our sensitivity and grow from it.

If you are a clairsentient you are likely an empath and vice versa, there is a lot of crossover.

Learn more about being an empath and clairsentience in my guidebook.

How To Develop Your Clairsentience

How To Develop Your Clairsentience

We’ve talked a lot about what clairsentience is, how it relates to being an empath and some of the drawbacks that come with that, now it’s time to delve into how to develop your clairsentience! While it’s great to have these honest conversations, it’s also super important to give you the tools you need to put this sensitivity to use.

1. Tune into your own emotions

The first step in developing your clairsentience is to start observing your thoughts and emotions. Often we can feel emotions on a basic level very deeply but aren’t able to really feel into them and gather important information: for ourselves and others.

The next time you are feeling a specific emotion whether it be joy, sadness, bliss or anxiety, try to pinpoint where within your body this is coming from. See if you can describe the emotion in detail: does it have a texture to it, is it heavy or light, do you associate it with a specific color, does it move around your body or stay in one place?

Once we can accurately interpret the emotions that are generated in our own bodies it is easier to interpret energies which we receive from other people. With this awareness we can decide which energies to allow or reject into our fields.

2. Practice reading a photo or object

Here is a fun way to develop your clairsentience – practice reading different objects. It is best to find a friend who has an old family photo, or heirloom to use so that you are not unconsciously remembering information you already know.

Take a look at the photo or place the object in your hand for a few minutes. Note how it makes you feel straight away and then a minute later. Compare the first impressions with the richer emotional feedback you gained as you became more familiar with the item.

This is where the previous exercize of describing your own emotions in detail comes in handy. When we have a detailed vocabulary for our emotions when we do readings like this we can pick up on and describe a wide variety of inputs with accuracy.

There are guides online that advice reading random people you see on the street, but I think it is good etiquette to get consent before doing this type of thing. Taking a secret peek into someone else’s private thoughts and emotions is not a line I like to cross.

3. Keep your energy balanced

As a clairsentient it is important that you clear your energy daily (although this is applicable to everyone), as we go about our day feeling all of this random energy from all different sources we can quickly become confused and disoriented.

Often highly sensitive people become anxious, sad, angry without realizing these are not their own emotions, but ones that they have picked up along their day.

Energy clearing can be as simple as getting into a meditation, breathing deeply from your stomach and visualizing a white light gently flowing down into your body from your crown. As the color white is neutral and of a high vibration, all of the junk that has accumulated in your energy body will dissolve.

Being a person who is highly sensitive to energy whether you want to call yourself a clairsentient, empath or energy worker (it doesn’t really matter), is all about finding strength in your sensitivity. It’s about anchoring into what you feel without allowing it to rock you off balance.

The more you work on stabilizing your internal vibration the easier it is to navigate feeling so much so intensely.


2 thoughts on “How to Develop Your Clairsentient Abilities”

  1. I feel like an empath who fell into a trap… What type of people are afraid of our gift.. And are they helping?

  2. I am both. I’ve known and have used since I was a child. I wondered why I got so mislead if I can sense and feel others, but it makes sense now because if they are an expert at wearing their masks and playing their part it’s hard for me to see the truth. Sometimes way too late. I just escaped a relationship with a NPD and it took me 2 years to finally see who he really was.

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