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10 Third Eye Opening Symptoms

third Eye Opening Symptoms

I have written many articles about the third eye chakra, and there is still so much to cover.

The third eye is our sixth major chakra which is located between the eyebrows (roughly speaking). It is represented by the color indigo and is connected to the physical pineal gland.

When this chakra opens we experience our spiritual vision; there are so many different ways this can happen which is exactly what I want to cover today.

I want to go into more detail on the different visual and sensory phenomenon that can occur. If you are looking for an article specifically about opening the third eye you can check that out here. In this post we are going to focus on the different symptoms, so without further ado!

1. Colors

One of the more common visual experiences when opening the third eye is to see different colors.

This can range from the indigo of the third eye itself to all colors of the rainbow. The color I see most during meditation is blue. Other common colors are green and white.

Everything is energy as the saying goes, and each color holds a specific energy which can vary depending on who is viewing it and the specific context.

It’s important not to get too fixated on the colors we see during meditation, or get obsessed with seeing them often. There isn’t one specific meaning or interpretation of seeing each color, although you can extrapolate what they mean through their connection to each chakra, but this is a good sign that this center is starting to open.

2. Seeing auras

Along with seeing color, it is common to start to see auras or energy fields when the third eye opens.

Every living being has an aura; an energy field which extends beyond the physical body. In humans, these colors reflect current moods as well as deeper strengths and wounds.

For a lot of people seeing auras is something that comes naturally as a child. This is an ability that can wane with age, as we take on societal expectations about what is ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’. However with practice, we can reconnect to our psychic or intuitive senses.

Not everyone can see auras (or do so easily), it’s much easier to feel or sense an aura than to actually see it visually, so this isn’t something to worry about if you can’t. Often auras start to appear as a translucent border around someone’s body or hand, around a tree or animal, and then gradually colors start to form.

3. Energy in the air

On a physical level everything has an edge. Darkness is clearly defined by shadows, lines and curves make up our surroundings. However on an energetic level everything is constantly moving and buzzing with energy.

When the third eye starts to open you’ll begin to see energy in the form of colors or images behind closed eyes, but at times you’ll also see energy in the air while the physical eyes are open.

With enough practice it is possible for the third eye vision to overlay onto our physical reality. This can also happen when our intuition or guides need to send an important visual or message.

Energy can manifest as little pinpricks of white light that float around people, plants, or just hang in the air. This energy that permeates all of existence goes by many different names – prana, chi, ki, life-force.

4. Pressure between the eyebrows

Feeling pressure between the eyebrows is one of the first signs our third eye is open. Alongside this we might experience headaches, brain fog, or some mental confusion. These symptoms should subside over time, although for some the third eye is naturally overactive or becomes so with excessive focus.

This is why it’s so important to take a holistic approach to opening the third eye chakra. This can be quite a delicate spiritual organ which must be developed with care.

For every step up in awareness, make sure you are doing the appropriate grounding and clearing of your energies. Work on all of the chakras together, rather than focusing specifically on the third eye as these act as these are involved in keeping our perception balanced.

It’s common to feel energy moving in the forehead too. When my third eye has was becoming active there would be moments where it felt as if someone slapped this area or briefly shone a bright torch right in my eyes, especially on the onset of sleep.

5. Seeing behind closed eyelids

When our third eye is opening or a little more balanced it’s possible to see energy behind closed eyelids.

I’ve had this experience many times, where I was meditating with my eyes closed and saw an image of the the room in front of me flash in my mind.

6. Faces & images

This is a common visual experience with the third eye at night time. It is said that midnight to 3am are the ‘witching hours’, a time where the veil between physical and spiritual is the thinnest.

I’m not sure how true this is, but there is certainly a cultural expectation that can make us more aware of the spiritual during these times, hence the apparent increase in paranormal activity.

On a more logical level there is a phenomenon called ‘pareidolia‘ which is where our brain creates faces out of whatever stimuli we are presented with. This is why there are so many news stories about people seeing Jesus in the clouds, pieces of toast, you name it. The brain is constantly trying to find patterns and distinguish something familiar from the unfamiliar.

This is a symptom that brings up a lot of fear for people. There isn’t one explanation for this, however this demonstrates good development of the third eye and ability to start picking up on psychic messages (that come in the form of images, still or moving).

7. The 4th dimension & astral plane

Another unusual experience that can happen through the third eye is seeing the 4th dimension or astral plane (depending on what term you want to use).

This can look like seeing a dark sky (in your third eye) that is filled with stars. The astral plane or 4th dimension is filled with different astral beings too which we can eventually perceive.

Seeing your bedroom behind closed eyes during meditation is another example of this. When we see our bedroom during an astral projection or third eye experience, we often aren’t seeing our physical surroundings as they are but as they appear energetically. Some elements will remain constant, while others will morph based on our individual perception and beliefs, along with the collective energy in that space.

8. Vortexes

Piggybacking off of the last one, sometimes we can see ‘vortexes’ that look similar black holes.

Vortexes are entry-points. What I mean by this is that a vortex represents moving into a new environment or mental space. Sometimes vortexes present themselves in meditation or on the onset of sleep as an entry into the astral plane, but other times they represent a internal journal. So the vortex you see may vary in color based on the corresponding chakra or energy you are being asked to focus on.

It is possible to perform astral projection through the third eye, where we feel our consciousness travel through a portal or vortex and come out the other side.

9. Wider perspectives

The most basic function of the third eye is to open us up to wider perspectives on life.

The third eye is not showing us anything unusual or ‘crazy’, although it may appear that way from a certain perspective. The third eye shows us things as they are, without any pretences, incorporating the physical and spiritual aspects of what we are looking at.

The third eye opens us up to our intuition, wider intelligence, the Universe at large.

When the third eye opens the light is shone on all aspects of our physical life. We can see ourselves, our work and our relationships much more clearly. And so, this has benefit beyond just seeing different energies. We can more easily assess our path and find practical solutions to stubborn problems.

10. Spiritual visions

Finally the third eye can bring on spiritual visions…you might call these premonitions. The third eye can pick up on different paths and possibilities for you.

Most of us (with a visual mind) are thinking up positive or negative outcomes to situations all the time, and see imagery flash through the mind. We do this so constantly and unconsciously that it can be difficult to tell when a ‘vision’ is from spirit (as opposed to ego).

This is why a practice of visualization and mindfulness is so important. The more we can calm the mind and bring our awareness to the present, the easier it becomes to distinguish mind chatter or fantasy from intuition. That’s exactly what the third eye is, an extension of our intuition!

Simple exercise for opening the third eye

If you aren’t experiencing any or many of these symptoms your third eye isn’t particularly active. Everyone’s third eye is open to some extent. Just as everyone has muscles, but not everyone has bulging muscles because they don’t train them. The same is the case for the spiritual vision. You have to be consistent in your practice.

  • Get in a meditative position
  • Take some deep breaths and calm the mind
  • Focus on the spot between the eyebrows for a few minutes

When you first do this exercise, you’re likely to only experience a pressure or tension between the eyebrows. In my experience it sometimes feels as if this area is ‘locked in’.

With practice colors and shapes will start to appear in the mind’s (third) eye. You don’t have to force it or set a specific intention, it just happens naturally.

For some people these colors or shapes come quite quickly and easily, for others it takes more time. We’re all tuned into the spiritual dimensions to different degrees, and some aren’t as visually active as others.

Eventually these colors and shapes can start to take the form of images or vision flowing through the mind, pertaining to different scenarios.

When the third eye becomes active in this way, a lot of energy will come through this center to be cleared. So we’ll often ‘see’ things’ that make us uncomfortable because our awareness is growing.

We can clear our energy before a session and set an intention to work on a specific area to better manage this. Before proceeding with any third eye exercises, consider if your lower chakras are balanced and clear too. These act as the foundation for our sixth chakra.

In conclusion

Working with the third eye is no game. It might sound cool to be able to see all of these things and it can feel that way at times, but opening up our vision must be done with a clear intention.

I talk about the dangers of opening the third eye because I think this is such an important spiritual organ, that doesn’t get the respect it deserves in modern spirituality circles.

When we open our third eye we must understand that we might see things that we aren’t expecting or don’t want to. Often when the third eye is opened we’ll tune into our shadow (unconscious) and see things that will unnerve or frighten us. This isn’t because our consciousness wants to scare us per say, but because we have an unintegrated shadow.

The shadow contains all of our negative habits, beliefs, inclinations. When we come to spiritual awareness it’s imperative to work on our shadow so that we can see things clearly. So that what we are looking at isn’t being distorted by fears, biases, mental limitations etc.

When working with the third eye it’s important to have a good grounding in the lower chakras too, so that we have a solid foundation.

I created a 52 page printable journal & guide to help you work through the shadow and see more clearly.


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  1. This was very informative and on point with my personal experiences. Thank you for sharing this information, much appreciated.

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