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Seeing Colors During Meditation

Seeing Colors During Meditation

On the surface meditation can seem a pretty boring affair – you sit in silence for a few minutes focusing on your breath and calm the mind. However the deeper you go the ‘weirder’ the things you experience become.

Meditation doesn’t just bring peace into our lives but opens us up to a world we are not used to perceiving with our physical senses. Meditation opens us up to a non-physical realm of energy and beings.

Some of these experiences can be jarring, especially if they come out of the blue. Most of the time however there is a fairly simple explanation, and with practice you can stabilize and work with these sorts of occurrences.

In this post I’m going to go over the meaning of seeing colors during meditation based on my personal experience. Know that this is only one perspective, although I will attempt to cover all the bases.

Why Do I See Colors During Meditation?

We’ve talked about seeing energy before, and seeing colors during meditation follows a similar principle. When we meditate we tune into our physical bodies and in doing so begin to tune into our non-physical bodies. This is why during meditation it is common to feel vibrations, tingling and other energy movement symptoms.

When we become aware of this non-physical energy it can also manifest as colors which we see in our vision. Each color is like a note on the piano and carries a specific tone or frequency relating to different levels of awareness. Each of the seven chakras and their associated colors work in the same way; acting as portals to different levels of beings.

During meditation I have seen many different types of colors, shapes and patterns. Most commonly blue, white, green and purple, although this can vary depending on where I am in that moment.

Seeing Chakra Colors During Meditation

It is common to see one of the seven chakra colors during meditation. This can signify a chakra which is more active than the others, which can be a sign that you need to do some balancing. You may also see the color of a chakra that is undeveloped, one that needs work at that moment, or one that relates to a challenge you are currently facing.

One time I saw a beautiful green during meditation, then I started to perceive a slight buzzing sound and was slowly lead to my heart area. I had emotions that wanted to surface at that moment and I allowed myself to feel.

Another color people see often during meditation is white. When you see this color it is often whiter than any white you have ever seen and exudes a loving warm energy along with it. This can manifest as an orb or similar shape and is a good sign that your guides or angels are nearby.

It is also common to perceive the color purple while meditating, this is the color of your third eye chakra. When we see purple during meditation it can create a sense of wonder and awe as this chakra represents seeing through illusion.

The Blue Pearl

One of the first colors I ever saw during meditation was that of a blue pearl. It was nestled right in the center of my vision for only a few seconds, but in that time I felt complete peace. The blue pearl is said to represent the entirety of existence.

The blue pearl also known as the nila bindu, is a point within the crown chakra and perceived by the physical pineal gland. It has been said to encompass all existence, our true nature and the divinity within each individual.

When I did research on the blue pearl before even knowing what it was called, I found an abundance of similar experiences from other online. It was at this moment that I realized that if we can all see the same energy form independent of each other, there must be an energy that connects us all. An energy which permeates what we call reality.

When we see colors during meditation we tune into a layer within this energy that permeates all existence. Depending on our intention, emotional state and being the layer we tune into will relate to different states of awareness.

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What Is The Meaning of Colors In Meditation?

So what do you do with this information? You’ve read through this list and still aren’t sure what applies to you, how do you discern what a color means for you?

The most important thing you can do is follow your intuition and inner guidance system when it comes to your inner experiences. Your higher self knows the messages it is trying to get across and so you will know best what these experiences mean to you.

When you perceive a color, shape, pattern or anything else during a meditation take a moment to just observe. Don’t try to attach a label or cause straight away but simply allow your awareness to rest on whatever it is that you can see.

Notice if the color expands or contracts, and if it shifts or changes over time with your focused awareness. Notice how the color makes you feel and what emotions you associate with it. By following your gut in this way you can decide for yourself what a color means.

If you are still unsure don’t be afraid to connect with your guides and ask for clarification. Once you are finished write your experience down. This gives you something to reference in the future and when you have subsequent experiences like this you can see if a pattern is developing.

Most importantly do not get too attached to any one experience like this or feel dejected for not seeing a certain symbol or color again. The more we let go and simply observe the more these experiences can develop based on where we are on our path.

Takes these experiences as a good sign that your psychic sight is opening up and continue a regular meditation/spiritual practice. This way what you need to see will be shown exactly when you are ready!


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