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4 Signs of a Karmic Relationship & How To Let Go

karmic relationship signs

Relationships whether romantic or platonic can be difficult at the best of times, but bring in a spiritual element and you’re opening a whole can of worms.

In this post I want to explore what a karmic relationship is, the telltale signs and how to let go.

Karmic relationships are those that teach us a specific lesson relating to our karma. They often leave us feeling confused; as if there is something more to the connection that we weren’t receiving. These will usually relate to our childhood wounds, which can mirror wider wounds on an energetic level. Karmic relationships can be filled with a lot of passion and love, but a lot of the time this is a platonic one. There is a lesson to be learned, and once that is over we go our separate ways.

Before we get into the details I’d just like to clarify that this is based upon my intuitive work with clients + the archetypes I see again and again. Karmic partnerships can come up in many different ways!

Signs you are in a karmic relationship

An instant bond

The most obvious sign of a karmic relationship is that you have an intense bond. This can manifest in a few different ways, an instant attraction or aversion to someone’s energy but a deep bond nonetheless.

Karmic relationships aren’t just romantic in nature, and so this bond can be between family members, friends, work colleagues, you name it. The key feature of a karmic bond is a strong connection whether positive or negative. We’re with them for the long haul whether we like it or not! With time we can see what is actually creating that intensity – the deeper layers.

Unpredictability & intense emotions

Karmic relationships are not known for being smooth and simple. They will bring up a lot of shadow (unconsciousness) that wants to be brought to light.

This shadow is there whether we realize it or not, and as a result we are likely to be easily and often triggered by this person.

In a romantic context (or where there appears to be romantic potential) this unpredictability can be heart-wrenching. One moment you feel like you’ve met someone you could be with for life, and another you’re pushed away just as quickly. We’re often going to be able to deeply relate with karmic partners, based on the shared stories and wounds we hold.


Karmic relationships are codependent by nature. There is difficulty is detaching because it’s hard to understand how you could live without this perfect securely and confidently.

‘Unfinished business’

What confuses us in these karmic relationships is the sense that there is unfinished business. That there was a romance that could have developed that didn’t or work that needed to be done that wasn’t.

In a karmic relationship we are likely to feel a consistent pull back to the person, even if we know logically that this relationship is not serving us or going anywhere.

Karmic partners vs twin flames

Many of these signs sound similar to a twin flame bond and there is a lot they share in common. There is a similar magnetism, a lot of shadow and often this runner/chaser dynamic.

However twin flames have a more romantic connotation, and the bond shared is between two people who feel like two halves of a soul rather than two people who share karma. Twin flames tend to reunite time and time again, the bond is longer term. Both types of relationship challenge and help us to grow spiritually.

Then there are ‘soulmates’ which is where ‘two’ souls feels a deep and instant resonance. I like to describe souls (on a very rudimentary level) like crystals that vibrate at a certain frequency. Some souls resonate towards one another and others are instantly repelled.

These labels/roles can intersect at times. Ultimately they are roles we are playing in this physical life. I think we can get caught up in the labels and spiritual significance, to the point where we lose any objectivity.

The understanding we have of the soul is always going to be incomplete and limited, as we don’t have access to our entire or higher consciousness at all times. Labels are great as humans to make things easier to understand, but what is most important is the awareness we bring to our daily lives and our relationships as a result.

It’s not necessary to search out these relationships. If we are doing our shadow work and cultivating a spiritual awareness, the soul or karmic lessons are going to come organically.

How to let go of a karmic relationship

karmic relationship let go

Something to consider here is that although spiritual guidance from the Universe comes with a purity, the humans acting upon that do not – none of us are pure, perfect or conscious all of the time.

So we can be aware of a very real and deep karmic connection, that perhaps that other person was not conscious of or willing to working on past a certain point.

The Universe is always pushing us towards people we have a soul connection or ‘soul contract’ with, but we are not always hearing that guidance clearly. Very rarely will we be forced in one direction, we still have free will.

We also can’t hold on too long to relationships/connections where the other person simply doesn’t want to do the work. Without taking a step back, our relationships can become cyclical, we can start to take on the ‘savior’ role too heavily.

These karmic relationships always bring us back to ourselves (as cliche as that sounds). Once the dust settles, we can decide what changes we wish to make in our life regardless of whether things feel ‘complete’ on both ends or not.

Think back to how the connection formed and reflect upon that initial attraction. What traits were you attracted to? Which of these desired attributes do you wish to better integrate yourself?

Notice the tendency to snoop on this person perhaps through social media, or go back to them, even when you know in your heart that it isn’t working.

Where can you source the fulfilment, wholeness, power you need internally? How are you grounding yourself and what are you anchoring into?

It is ok to feel both conflicted about these relationships and commit to seeing things more clearly.

Do karmic relationships always end badly?

Karmic relationships can end badly if those involved do not have clear awareness. It is easy to get tangled up in the karmic wounds present, amplify each other’s shadows and ultimately get nowhere. As karmic relationships are not usually meant to last, those involved need to be willing to be honest and practice healthy detachment.

Karmic relationships can be viewed as a positive thing when they are seen as an opportunity for growth.


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