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What Are ‘Spiritual Chills’?

spiritual chills

There are so any different ways that our intuition can come through. In words or phrases, images, physical events that push us in a particular direction, and of course, emotions and sensations.

Intuition is different for everyone because we all interpret information differently. However there are a lot of common symbols and signs, patterns and sensations that make it possible to relate with the messages we are receiving.

In today’s post I want to talk about ‘spiritual chills’. This is a phrase I have heard before, and for some reason it popped up in my mind today – so I am following that inspiration!

There are two kinds of spiritual chills we might refer to. There are the chills that we associate with paranormal entities such as ghosts, or that come as a negative omen.

We’ve all heard the description of a bone-tingling chill running down someone’s spine before disaster strikes.

Then there is the second kind of spiritual chill, which is less of a chill more of a tingle – although we sometimes use the phrases interchangeably.

A spiritual tingle is similar to a chill in that it conveys extra-sensory information, however a tingle tends to signal something positive or neutral rather than negative.

Spiritual meaning of chills

Spirit doesn’t talk to us directly in human language, everything comes through as an energy first that then gets translated based upon our capacities.

Spiritual chills are comparable to a ‘yes’ or ‘affirmative’ in human language. These chills are going to feel slightly different to each person. For some they are full body experiences, and for others, more concentrated in one part of the body such as the spine or back.

These feel like goosebumps but without the physical symptoms. When we receive a spiritual chill there is an intuitive knowing, that we are being made aware of something important.

For a moment the (ego) mind gets out of the way, and we feel something resonating as truth or direction.

  • A negative omen
  • Intuitive confirmation
  • The presence of a guide or angel
  • A spiritual download

The presence of a guide

One reason we experience these spiritual chills is due to the presence of a guide or angel. One of the main ways these beings communication with us and show they are there, is through vibration.

We might experience a warm breeze flow over our body, a smile spread across our face, with some uplifting emotions before a spiritual chill or tingle.

When you feel the presence of a guide or angel like this, you can connect further if you wish or affirm that you are closed off to guidance at the moment.

Spiritual downloads

Spiritual chills or tingles are connected to spiritual downloads. Apologies if I am introducing a lot of new vocabulary here!

Spiritual downloads are a little more involved than simple tingles, these are where we receive a lot of spiritual insight all at once. It’s as if there is an overflowing of energy throughout the body, mind and spirit that prompts realization or epiphany.

When we receive these ‘downloads’ we are integrating some spiritual insight or new way of being on an intellectual level, but also an emotional, energetic and physical level too.

With spiritual downloads there is alignment on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

These spiritual downloads are common during meditation but can also come spontaneously, while we are relaxing or going about our day, after a lot of inner work.


You are probably familiar with the term ‘clairvoyance’ which is psychic sight, but there are many lesser-known psychic ‘clairs’ too. One of these is claircognizance, which is psychic or ‘clear’ knowing.

This is one of the more common psychic abilities alongside clairsentience (psychic feeling) but they are much more subtle than clairvoyance or clairaudience, and so often go unnoticed as ‘abilities’.

Claircognizance is when you just know. You tune into people’s energy without even thinking about it, you tend to make good judgement calls, and often pick up on events before they happen. These claircognizant knowings can come with a chill or tingle; a confirmation of what you know to be true.

A negative omen

Spiritual chills can definetly be a negative sign, whether we are talking about the traditional chills or the ones I’ve explored here.

You will feel uneasy and disoriented alongside the sensation of chills. It’s important to follow these insights even if you’re unsure about what they mean, listen to the body first and then apply logic or analyze the situation later!

The key to gaining deeper insight on what these chills mean for you, is to bring a little more awareness to them.

What emotions, thoughts or phrases come up when you are experiencing them? What are you doing when they strike? What clues can you pull together to give you a better idea of the why?

If you are suddenly experiencing a lot of spiritual chills, tingles and energy movement in the body then it’s likely you’ve gone through an awakening of some kind.

We experience these energetic movements as confirmation that we are on the right path. That we have opened our mind, but also that our body is ready to interface with spirit in a more tangible way.

Alongside these shifts we can experience a lot of sleep disturbance, lethargy, physical tension and other psycho-somatic symptoms. This phase is temporary but important, as our body gets used to receiving larger amounts of life force or chi energy.

Rest, stay hydrated, minimise distractions, stay mindful and practice grounding to keep yourself balanced throughout.

Do you have experience with spiritual chills?


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