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7 Ways Your Spirit Guides Communicate with You

Ways Your Spirit Guides Communicate with You

We’ve already discussed how to connect with your spirit guides, but today I want to delve deeper into how your spirit guides communicate with you (without you realizing).

Our spirit guides are always at a metaphoric arm’s length, they are by our side and constantly sending us subtle guidance and nudges in the right direction.

Most people are totally unaware that a lot of the guidance they receive is from their spirit guides, we need to strengthen that line of communicate before it becomes apparent.

Let’s get right into the 7 ways our guides may connect with us and find out if you’ve been divinely guided this whole time!

Think back to times where a random stranger has shown up and offered you help when a situation seemed bleak, or you received a hunch that came out of the blue and saved your skin, or a time you were sure you felt a warm friendly presence at a moment of sorrow. These can all be spirit guide communication.

1. Through Repeating Numbers

One of the first ways people begin to notice spiritual communication is through numbers. They may begin to notice that every time they look at the clock it’s 11:11 or that the sequence 212 is showing up in all sorts of places.

Numbers are the easiest way for the universe and our guides to begin communicating with us as they can appear with ease in the physical world. You will know that you have received a coded message when you see a number like this and mentally take a step back.

These numbers will grab your attention and make you think for a few moments, as you go about your day what you saw will linger in your mind. The sequence 11:11 is a good sign that you are on the right path, it can also signify that what you are manifesting is beginning to make its way to you.

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2. Hearing a High Pitched Buzz

Here is another common way that our spirit guides can begin making contact with us. This usually takes place once we have began a regular meditation practice, our senses begin to pick up on more subtle cues from our spirit team.

Note that this buzzing sound will not feel physical in nature but more like a frequency you are unconsciously picking up on. It is super important to rule out any physical causes such as an ear problem or tinnitus before assuming this is spiritual in nature.

When I receive this buzzing sound it usually precedes some form of message or epiphany. They are not random but are signals from your guides to pay attention to what is in front of you and wait for a message.

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3. As a White Orb or Light

You may have noticed already that spirit guides will use the easiest methods in order to get in touch with us. Using numbers, simple sounds and visuals is the start of communication with a spirit guides. This way we do not become overwhelmed or scared by their guidance.

Seeing a white orb during meditation is another common sign that people report. You may find that you begin to see white or colored orbs and lights just after you finish meditating, before you go to sleep and when you are out and about in a relaxed state.

A white orb is a very good sign that your spirit guide is near and making conscious contact with you. As we know each color has a vibration with white being one of the highest, beings that are friendly in nature will appear as bright colors like this. These could be our angels, guides or passed loved ones.

Use your intuition when interacting with any light/orb that you see, tune into its energy and ask what it wants or if it has a message for you. Close your eyes and see if you receive a word, image or sound in response. If a presence like this is making you feel afraid or unbearably uncomfortable affirm that you would like to be left in peace.

4. Through Single Word Commands

This is the first type of spirit guide contact I can remember (although I’m sure there were previous meetings that I have forgotten). I was taking my usual route home and was about to take a shortcut when I heard “NO”.

I knew that I shouldn’t have gone my usual route and instead should have taken the longer road but I totally ignored that piece of guidance. I got to the bridge that I usually crossed to go home and low and behold it was blocked up. I had to turn back on myself and take the longer route. Needless to say I never ignore these messages anymore.

Our spirit guides will often communicate with us in this way through using commands like “MOVE” or “LEFT”. These single word commands feel like they came out of nowhere and are not a part of our conscious thoughts. You will know you’ve receive a worded message from your spirit guide because it will feel distinct from your usual thought chatter.

5. Through Our Dreams

The dream realms are the perfect place for spirit guides to connect with us, the vibration here allows them to meet us halfway. Dreams act as a middle ground between the physical and spiritual worlds and we will often come into contact with spirit guides, angels, spirit animals and passed loved ones.

Keep a dream journal and begin to see if there are any recurring characters. If you can lucid dream you begin to notice patterns like this, when you are having an issue within your dream the same helper will appear. This could be a spirit guide or even an animal guide!

I find that spirit animals in particular love the playful animalistic energy that is already present in dreams, this makes it the perfect environment for them to appear. As you fall asleep affirm: I will meet my spirit guide tonight. Then pay close attention to your dreams when you wake up.

6. Calling Your Name

Have you ever experienced hearing someone calling your name, only to look around and see no one there? Many times this is a simple mishearing however other times we get the impression that there was more than meets the eye.

When a spirit guide calls your name this can be accompanied by a warm presence or a brush on the arm or leg. Our guides will usually do this when we are in a relaxed and uplifted state, or when we are in danger and need a quick warning.

As you connect with your guides you will become accustomed to their specific energy or aura. Each of our guides (we have more than one) has a unique way of communicating with us depending on their role in our life.

7. Through Other People

The final way our spirit guides can communicate with us is through other people! Our spirit guides will not interfere with anyone’s free will (including our own) but they can communicate with any person’s spirit guide and provide hints/nudges in a certain direction.

In this way our guides can bring people towards us that can either help us in that moment, or teach us a long term lesson. The threads that connect us all can be gently tugged by our spirit guides causing synchronistic meetings, long term relationships and out of the blue aid.

There are many more ways in which our guides can communicate with us, these are just the seven ways I’ve experienced contact from my guides. Some methods are more subtle and others will have you jumping out of your seat.

Usually our guides never try to contact us in any way that could scare or unsettle us. Many go through life receiving no overt spirit guidance because they simply aren’t tuned in to that level of awareness. We have the free will to decide whether to strengthen this line of communication.

Which ways have your guides communicated with you?


4 thoughts on “7 Ways Your Spirit Guides Communicate with You”

  1. My guides have kept me from harm many times. For instance I’ve heard slow down while commuting home and have a deer cross in front of me. Thank goodness for the warning because a collision with a deer can cause lots of damage. While working in the hospital I’ve been led to patients rooms only to discover they were in danger and about to crash. I can’t tell you how many patients I have been so honored to help and guided to. I know God was working through me and very grateful.

  2. There’s usually butterfly/moth coming in the house or I kinda hear a small voice. Example one night I lost my reading glass. I go inside my room and I don’t feel it’s. But it’s like someone is telling me it’s outside. 2 hours searching then i brought with me an emergency light. And I found it.
    When my husband is having an affair, I could feel it. One search from his FB, got the right person.
    Or when I’m running out of money, I usually get a txt msg from a male friend.
    When I was in an aircon bus and 5 minutes left to reach my flight. And then before I got out of the bus, a fly quickly on lips and fly away quickly.

  3. This gave me so much more clarity, very towell written and thanks for sharing.

    I freaked out when people start talking about what is on my mind, I thought I was broadcasting my thoughts and people could read my mind. Turns out my Spirit Guides are just channelling messages to me anyway they can based on my level of alignment with the Divine.

  4. My spirit guides saved my life when I was a child. Thankful for the repetitive dream that warned me, and the high alert that day. They have continued to send me tons of signs, numbers, song lyrics, smells, and whimsical signs. I am so very thankful for their presence in my life

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