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How to Find Out Your Spirit Animal

How to Find Out Your Spirit Animal

Did you know that animals are constantly sending us spiritual guidance and messages? In a world where we are always busy and running around, it can be difficult to see what is right in front of us.

By bringing ourselves back to the present moment and taking time to connect with nature, this spiritual guidance becomes available to us. Many of those going through a spiritual awakening or developing a daily spiritual practice will notice how animals suddenly become more interested in them.

You might be seeing the same animal over and over again in different scenarios and wonder what it means specifically. In this post we’re going to go over how animals send us guidance and how to interpret these messages.

It doesn’t matter how ‘unimportant’ an animal may seem, they can ALL have message for us! We can learn how to interpret these messages using a combination of intuition and research. So let’s get into it.

Animal Spirit Guides

Animals can come to us spiritually in many different ways: by showing up in the media we consume, by repeatedly appearing at important moments in our lives and by connecting to us in our dreams.

Each animal has a specific archetype and characteristics. When you consistently see the same animal, try to figure out what that means in relation to your phase in life.

What does that animal represent in your life? How do humans interact with said animal? What is the cultural means of the animal? What has that animal represented through history? What aspects of our psyche may an animal be associated with?

Write down your own impressions and then start doing some research about what that specific animal represents. See how your initial ideas match up with the common symbolism of the animals, you’d be surprised how close they are!

How to Connect with Your Spirit Animal

How to Connect with Your Spirit Animal

One of the best ways to start connecting with animal spirits is to simply go for a mindful walk in nature. Take some time each week to go for a walk where you will not be distracted, and as you do so pay close attention to the plants and animals around you.

When we spend time in nature and have good intentions, we become open to all of the guidance that is already around us. Sit under a tree and notice the animals that use it as a habitat.

Spirit Animal Meditation

Connecting with your animal guides is a similar process to connecting with your spirit guides, it’s about creating a space where they can come forward easily. When we meditate we raise our vibration and allow spirit to meet us halfway.

  1. Put aside ten to twenty minutes where you will not be interrupted. Sit comfortably with your legs crossed and back straight.
  2. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply from your stomach. Spend a few minutes focusing on the sound and rhythm of your breath to clear your mind.
  3. Set the intention mentally or verbally that you would like to connect with your spirit animal.
  4. Pay attention to any colors, visual impressions, emotions, words, shapes and so on come through to you. It may take a few moments for anything to happen.
  5. Watch as your spirit animal appears before you, or sends a mental message. Spend a few moments in this meditative space, noting all of the details.
  6. When you are finished, thank your spirit animal and say goodbye.
  7. Write down your experience in as much detail as possible.

At first using your visualization like this will be difficult, and the impressions you receive will likely be vague. This depends on how active your third eye/visualization muscle is.

The more you do this exercize the clearer the impressions and images you receive will become. Try to do this exercize at a similar time each day, or in the same location. Setting a routine like this will allow for easier reconnection to your spirit animal next time.

You can start to ask your spirit animal questions and build up the information you know each session. The key here is to let go of any expectations and doubt.

Over time the energy of your spirit animal will become familiar to you, and their mode of communication clearer. You will begin to know that the information you are receiving is not from your own mind.

Spirit Animal Dreams

Keeping a dream journal is another way to get in touch with the animals that are already sending you guidance. Write down your dreams and start to notice which animals show up most often.

While animals may come to us physically at specific moments in our life such as after the passing of a loved one, animals in dreams usually carry larger themes.

When we consistently see the same animals in our dreams they can represent protection, overarching themes in our life and solutions to persistent problems. An animal attacking us in a dream can represent an internal conflict that we are having.

Common Spirit Animals and Meanings

Common Spirit Animals and Meanings

As humans we tend to place animals on a hierarchy, the ones that we are most familiar with or have a use for are seen as more valuable. However with this thinking we exclude a lot of the lesser valued animals that may have messages for us.

I have come across many who are disappointed that an insect is carrying a message for them as opposed to an animal they prefer. When we abandon the idea that one animal is better than another we can see how they all can guide us in different ways.

An insect may represent resilience, cooperating with nature and ancient wisdom. There is so much an insect can teach us if we are open. Think of all the work that animals we don’t value culturally do to keep us alive.

The Butterfly

The butterfly is a common spiritual symbol that can have many different meanings. A common interpretation is that butterflies represent death and rebirth, a major transformation is taking place in your life.

The Owl

As owls are not as common to see as some other animals, identifying this as your spirit animal is an amazing sign. owls represent wisdom, higher intelligence and intuition. The owl spirit animal may come into your life when you are letting go of limiting relationships and need to have sharp discernment.

The Dragonfly

Similar to the butterfly, dragonflies can be a symbol of change and transformation in your life. They can also represent adding more joy and light to the everyday, loosening up and not taking everything so seriously.

The Fox

The fox has a trickster energy but can also be a great spiritual teacher and quick thinker. The fox often shows up in our lives when we are facing a difficult problem and need to think outside of the box to get a solution.

The Horse

The horse represents motivation, drive and will power. When you have the horse as your spirit animal, you are being guided to stay true to your path and persist to you goal.

When I got back into a daily spiritual discipline one of the first dreams I had featured a white horse. I was in the middle of a green meadow (which many of my dreams take place in) facing a brick house. When I looked inside the window I saw a white horse trapped inside. I had to use the power of telekinesis to lift the horse out and free it.

Once I awoke I was amazed at how vivid and breathtaking this dream was. I did some research and found that a white horse can represent a grounded spirituality and the balance between wisdom and power. The dream symbol was amazingly relevant to where I was on my path!

What is your spirit animal?


5 thoughts on “How to Find Out Your Spirit Animal”

  1. I’ve been seeing a fox and a sparrow-hawk (or a falcon – I am not sure) a lot lately. Thank you for this post. Maybe, it’s a good time for me to connect with my spirit animal. I’ll try this meditation!

  2. I have seen elephant couple of times; live Indian elephant inside buildings not zoo. Once with elephant my aunt who passed 8 years ago was present. Leopard once .

    1. Yes spirit animals can change if the energy we require changes, perhaps you have overcome a particular obstacle recently to where an owl is not as necessary. This might have to do with your ability to discern and apply wisdom.

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