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The Pillow Manifestation Method

The Pillow Manifestation Method

Manifestation is the art of bringing your dreams into reality using the power of your thoughts and emotions. If you’ve landed on this page than you are likely familiar with the Law of Attraction, at the most basic level this is the principle that what we put our mental focus into will eventually come to fruition in the physical.

There are so many people who talk about the Law of Attraction and so many different techniques that you can try that it can be difficult to know where to start. In today’s post I want to go over the pillow method.

This method is great for those who need a simple technique they can implement today with little fuss. It also helps get your mind tuned into this law and see how it can work for you, further increasing your chances of success down the road.

How To Do The Pillow Method

  • Write a goal/affirmation down on a piece of paper.
  • Place it underneath your pillow.
  • Go to sleep without a worry.

The first thing you want to do is pick a specific goal you have, one that isn’t too far fetched for your mind at the moment. In choosing a goal that is a little off your present circumstances but not too extreme, you are priming your mind to get used to the idea.

Many times we will choose something to manifest that is so far off from where we currently are that we don’t truly believe it is possible, and as we know belief is key when using the Law of Attraction.

The next thing you want to do is convert this goal into an affirmation. For example if you want to get an upgrade on your car your affirmation would be “I love my new car”. Bring whatever it is that you want in the future into the present tense.

Another mistake we make when manifesting is consciously or unconsciously distancing ourselves from our goals. We may word our affirmations in future tense and so our mind is always anxiously waiting.

Bringing an affirmation into the present with I AM and then adding an emotion to is such as ‘I love’ ‘I enjoy’ ‘I appreciate’ magnifies that affirmation tenfold. By focusing on the emotions you will feel and recreating those emotions in the present you are priming your body & mind for that reality.

The final thing to do is to simply let go! This means going to sleep without a worry, not particularly focused on the hows or whys. This may sound ironic but the minute you forget what you’ve written on that piece of paper the quicker it can come to you.

You exhaust the conscious mind by visualizing this affirmation in your mind, feeling the emotions of what you want in the present, fantasizing, making plans, and then you just let it go. Allow your unconscious mind to do the rest.


Does it really work?

It’s all well and good doing the technique and hoping for the best…but does it really work?

I was using a combination of my night time manifestation routine and this pillow method to manifest some vacation time. At night I would visualize waves flowing over me and hear the sound of them in my mind. As I write this post I am on that vacation.

Keep in mind I have practiced different/similar manifestation techniques before and have already manifested something similar in the past I know this works. For those starting out getting passed the doubt and uncertainty is the biggest step.

What I love about this method is that it is simple but that it also makes manifestation into a sort of game. The more we get caught up in the details during manifestation and worry ourselves about how and when the less likely we are to see results.

The truth is that there is nothing particularly magical about writing an affirmation and putting it under your pillow. The real magic comes in how doing this charges your intention with energy.

Once you have charged an intention with conscious energy and are able to let it go for the moment, your unconscious mind can get right to work rearranging your perception and thought patterns.

How does it work?

As we fall asleep we are transitioning from beta/alpha brainwaves to more relaxed and dreamy theta brainwaves. It is during these brainwaves that we are more susceptible to suggestion and here we can program the subconscious mind with our intentions.

Rather than spending this time worrying about the day gone or about a day to come, when we shift our thoughts to the things we wish to welcome into our life our energy is free to flow there.

You may find that you have dreams about whatever it is that you want to manifest as you sleep or that you wake up feeling more energized than usual. When you go about your day start to notice the subtle opportunities that show up in relation to your intentions.

As you make your intentions clear the universe working with your higher self can then give you these opportunities. They may come in the form of lessons that will help you grow, consequently shifting you to become a better match to your goal.

The time it takes from writing your affirmation down to manifesting it will vary for everyone. However the quicker you release the conscious intent and allow your subconscious mind alongside the Universe to get to work for you, the quicker you will see physical results.

Little by little your external environment can shift to match this internal reality, until the two converge.

Have you tried the pillow method before? How did it work for you?

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