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3 Step Night Time Manifestation Routine

Night Time Manifestation Routine

There are so different manifestation out there that it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. For me, creating a simple but effective manifestation routine was the key to seeing quick shifts in my life.

The more we complicate things the more we confuse our intentions, and consequently the less powerful they will be.

In this post I want to talk about my personal three step night time manifestation routine, that has worked for me time and time again.

It all starts with changing your daily routine, as this is key to what you will see come into your life daily. Our mornings and night times are the best place to start putting new rituals into place, which will cause a knock on effect into our day and overnight.

1. Wind down

The first step in this simple three step ritual is to simply wind down. Before we begin setting new intentions in place or looking to manifest anything, it’s a good idea to have a fresh slate. Get all of your worries onto paper, or vent with a friend. Let off steam beforehand so your mind is completely focused.

For me this usually involves doing at least ten minutes of meditation with or without music. I will focus on my breath and feel the day melting away with each exhale. I write down everything that needs to be done tomorrow in my journal so that it is off my mind.

Some other ways to wind down:

  • Mindfully drink a cup of tea
  • Go for a walk
  • Do ten minutes of light exercize
  • Have a warm bath or shower
  • Play some calming music
  • Listen to theta binaural beats

You might also want to make some adjustments to your regular night time routine in order to get the best results. Remember that what you listen to or watch before you go to sleep affects what you will dream about, and as a result what is sinking into your subconscious mind.

This may look like switching from watching certain television shows or moves before bed to tuning into motivational or uplifting content. Listen to a guided meditate before sleep, or look up some binaural beats on YouTube.

2. Show gratitude

The next step is super important and something I try to do most nights. This involves showing gratitude for everything that has happened during the day. For me this involves going through every person who I’ve worked with, or has done me a good dead, and mentally thanking each one.

When we express gratitude in this way we are signaling to the Universe that we want more of the same. At first it might be difficult to think of anything to be grateful for, but over time as you become more aware of this, the list is ever-growing.

If you’ve had a bad day and aren’t sure what to show thanks for, go back to the basics. Start with the bed you sleep on, the water you drink, and the food that has been prepared for you. If you look hard enough you will find something!

3. Visualize an ideal day

The third and final step involves visualizing what an ideal day would look like for you. On the brink of sleep we enter what is known as theta brainwaves; when our brain is in this state we are extremely susceptible to suggestion.

  1. Lay down in bed and focus on the rhythm of your breath
  2. Once your mind and body feel calm begin visualizing an ideal day
  3. Think of the type of people and places you’d like to be surrounded by
  4. Add as much visual detail as you can
  5. FEEL the emotions behind this visualization

Bringing highly charged emotions into your visualization is the best way to amplify the result. You want to see a scene in your mind, but also feel it. Add some movement and sound to your visualization, imagine how it would feel tactically.

At first the images you are able to hold will be vague and inconsistent, but as you practice you’ll be able to quickly drop into whatever scene you create in your mind.

If you are having trouble visualizing a completely different life for yourself and having it feel real, then start with your regular daily routine as a base and build upon it. Your visualization doesn’t have to be a complete 180 from your regular life in order to work.

In fact, you’ll find that by visualizing in increments instead is actually more effective. Your mind will be able to grasp that this type of life is possible for you with a few adjustments, and so you can gradually build on it over time.


Does this routine really work?

Everything I share here is based on what I do myself, and most importantly what I’ve found to work. The real magic in this routine is letting your expectations go and becoming absorbed in the emotions and feelings of what you want to come to fruition.

How often should I do this?

You don’t have to do this routine every day in order to see results. I don’t do this everyday either. You want to build consistency, whether that means adopting this routine daily or weekly. Some times you’ll want to do a full visualization while other time you’ll just set the scene.

How long until I see results?

I cannot give you an exact numbers of days or weeks before this routine works for you, and it would be counter-productive to do so anyway. I’ve found that the more you do it, and the more you let go in the process, the quicker your manifestations will arrive.


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