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How To Ask the Universe for a Sign

How To Ask the Universe for a Sign

It’s all too easy to feel lost or confused on your path, sometimes what you need is a sign from above that everything is going to be ok.

They say that the universe has our back for good reason, it is always sending us helpful messages to further us along.

The key to receiving these messages is trained intuition or psychic ability. As daunting as this may sound the process is actually pretty simple, it’s simply a matter of being consistent with it.

In this post I want to talk about how you can go about asking the universe for a sign, and then how to know you’ve received it.

I also want to touch on how to move beyond the signs, and feel into the more subtle messages that you are always receiving…even if you don’t realize it yet. So let’s get right into it!

How the universe gives you signs

Before I explain how to ask for a sign it might be helpful to know what types of signs you can expect from the Universe.

The Universe speaks to us in many different ways, based on our individual sensitivities. Some people might receive an image from the Universe, other people might hear an intuitive voice or find an answer through a person they meet.

There is no way I could make an exhaustive list of all the ways the Universe can speak to us, and so in your own practice it can be helpful to zone in on the areas that you are strongest in, rather than trying to interpret messages from everything all of the time – this can quickly become overwhelming.

  • Recurring numbers
  • People
  • Animals
  • Recurring conversation topics
  • Song lyrics
  • Gut feelings

These signs are examples of synchronicity. This is a term coined by psychoanalyst Carl Jung, which describes seemingly random events later turn out to have a underlining connection.

The more in tune we are with our intuition and the most open we are in receiving guidance from the Universe, the more noticeable synchronicities become in our lives.

Synchronicity is different to coincidence in that it lines up a specific path for us; when we experience synchronicity there is a knowing that comes alongside it.

How to ask for a sign

How to ask for a sign

1. Be direct

The first step is of course to ask for a sign. There are so many different ways you can go about doing this. Start by thinking of the question you’d like to ask, and how to best phrase it. Think of communicating with the universe like texting – the clearer you are, the clearer your response will be.

You want to frame your request as a yes/no question rather than ask for detailed elaboration. This makes it easier to both receive a message but to also be able to interpret what you receive with clarity.

Be as concise and direct as you can, experimenting with both closed and open ended questions. When stating your question/request do so with conviction, put yourself in the mind space that an answer will be received with certainty.

For general direction you can affirm: I am open to receive and follow guidance from the Universe in the form best suited to me

Another way to ask the universe for a sign is to write your request or question on a piece of paper or journal page. Spend a few moments meditating on the questions, then close the page. Once the page is closed considered your request sent. Come back to it later once you’ve received an answer.

2. Let go

When asking anything of the Universe the most important step is to consciously let go.

Letting go is quite a vague concept so I’ll try to provide some clarity. Letting go isn’t forgetting what you’ve asked or even attempting to, rather it’s about putting some distance between your (ego) self and what you want to receive. This is so that it come to you with clarity.

Having a physical ritual such as closing the page as above or lighting a candle and blowing it out once you’ve made your request, makes letting go a lot easier because there is a defined reference point.

When we let go that request is still in our field, it’s just not lingering in our conscious mind. It’s tethered to us but through the unconscious mind which can begin to get to work on aligning things mentally and spiritually.

Often when we are having difficulty letting go it’s because rather than wanting a sign (unbiased guidance) we want control over a situation. We want to receive an answer that will line up with what we want or our preconceived notions.

Ask yourself honestly ‘Do I want guidance, or do I want control?’ Where you notice that tendency within yourself, observe it with awareness rather than judgement. This will allow you to lighten the weight that comes with wanting control, and makes it easier to sincerely let go & trust.

3. Observe


As you go about your day pay attention to what draws your attention, notice recurring themes that arise. Your answer can manifest as a specific word coming up constantly, hearing the name of a place several times over the day.

All of these seemingly innocuous things can lead you to a coherent answer. I find that when I receive a message from the universe it stands out amongst everything else, I get the sense that I’m looking at something important but I don’t know why yet.

The key is to let go of expectations and allow the answer/sign to come in whatever form is appropriate. In letting go you allow more paths for the information to come through, you encourage an element of surprise which is helpful in distinguishing everyday occurrences from universal messages.

4. Express gratitude

The third and final step is to express gratitude once you have received guidance. This begins a two way communication with you universe, and signals that you are receptive to more of the same.

By practicing gratitude you begin to see the universe as a friend you can converse with anytime, rather than an unreachable abstract concept. This will allow you to build trust with the universe, and validate the signs you receive.

If you didn’t receive a sign, this usually means your connection with the Universe isn’t strong or you missed something along the way.

Come back to this exercise on another day, when you feel more relaxed or are in an uplifted mood. Don’t lose faith too quickly, and work on connecting with the Universe even when you don’t need its help.

I created this guidebook & journal to help you connect more deeply with your higher self, and as an extension the Universe. Ultimately, to feel more supported and guided on your path.

How do you tell if the universe is giving you a sign?

Keep a written record of the questions you ask, along with the synchronicities you experience or answers you receive. When we write this information down we bring it to a physical level, and solidify this communication.

Over time you’ll notice that the universe likes to speak to you to a specific way. You might be more receptive to song lyrics, receiving messages through people, or feel guidance come through a gut sensation.

The universe communicates with us all in a different way because we all have different psychic strengths.

For example: if you are a more visual person the universe may send a sign through image such as on social media. Often after I meditate I notice that the first post I see on social media relates to a problem I was having or something that was on my mind. If you’re more of a people-person the universe may send you a message through a chance encounter with an old friend.

When we receive a sign from the Universe it will often feel magical. We might experience tingles, a warmth run through the body or the sensation of déjà vu.

We’ll often know right away that whatever we are picking up on is important and comes from a higher place. Be more assertive with following that instinct.

How to pray to the Universe

Another way to ask for a sign is through prayer!

Prayer was something I stayed away from when I started on the spiritual path, because I associated it negatively with the religion I was raised up with.

Although there is this religious connotation that can put people off, prayer is just a way to talk to something higher, something bigger than our physical selves.

You can keep it simple by simply talking to the Universe as if it were your friend, or get into a more traditional prayer position and speak.

I think it’s good practice to pray in good and bad times. Not just reverting to prayer when we feel cornered or in a tight spot, but embracing this form of communication consistently.

Here are some ways you can word your prayers.

  • I would like guidance with ___
  • I am thankful for
  • What do I need to know today
  • How may I help ___

Despite what I just said this doesn’t mean you cannot/shouldn’t ask for support when you are desperate – we’re all in that spot at some point. However you’re going to see more of a result if you’ve already nurtured a relationship with the Universe day to day.

I also like to ask the Universe for a surprise! Sometimes things get a little stagnant and the Universe wants to help us shake things up and keep learning and growing.

  • I will receive an answer to my question tomorrow
  • I welcome a positive surprise tomorrow
  • I welcome unexpected support tomorrow

I like to be more selective with these types of requests (so don’t ask for them everyday) to keep that magic alive.

When we speak to the Universe sincerely and consistently it starts speaking back. Not with traditional language or words all the time, but through the signs and messages that show up amongst everyday events.

One of the reasons we can feel lost or unsupported on our paths is because we haven’t invested in this relationship. The minute we are anxious or afraid, expecting something to swoop in and save us.

It can take some time before the Universe starts speaking back, and because this is often quite subtle so we might not even notice it at first. That is why being present and observing things closely is so important along asking for signs and prayer. So that we can actually perceive the messages coming through.

Asking for a sign is the sign!

Asking for a sign is the sign!

I think it’s important to realize that asking for a sign is a sign in itself!

Being open to receive a message from the universe means you are ready to widen your perspective and grow spiritually. Most of the time wanting a sign is all the confirmation you need to know you are on the right path.

So often we rely on an external prompt before we take action. Whether it be someone directly encouraging us to do something, or waiting for our schedule to align a certain way before going ahead. In doing so we can unconsciously delay our progress and silence our own intuition.

As you work on communicating with the universe and identifying your strongest signs, you will also work your intuitive muscles. When messages come through you won’t need an overt confirmation, but instead will just know based on how it feels internally.

How to go beyond the signs

Asking for an external sign can be helpful and I still do it sometimes myself. However this shouldn’t be your main avenue of tuning into your intuition, learn to trust what you already know in your heart.

If we are attached to signs outside of ourself it can become difficult to form a deeper connection with our intuition and the Universe at large. Here is a simple exercise that I recommend daily.

  • Get into a comfortable seated position.
  • Take some deep breaths from the stomach.
  • Clear the mind and observe what comes up.

Start by just being more present in the body and pay attention to the different sensations you feel.

You can ask your intuition a question in meditation and see what answers come up in the form of words, images or feelings.

The most important thing when working with the intuition is to of course be consistent. We’re so bombarded by noise and information these days that it’s up to us to tune in each day, so that we are not led astray by what we are absorbing externally.

When we are connected to our intuition, signs come quite naturally and there isn’t so much of a need to ask or grasp for some guidance. We feel more supported by the Universe.


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  1. Thank you for these great guidelines. I have used some of them myself in the past. Once I got in the car to eat lunch out. But I didn’t know exactly where to go. So I asked for guidance. I had one place come to mind so I headed there. On the way I saw the place I was supposed to go to. I met a young college student who seemed to want advice about how to decide what to study. I gave her some points to help her figure things out. She was very appreciative. I was led to be there at that time when business was slow and she was assigned to my table. Synchronicity and maybe intuition?

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