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The Hermit Phase of Spiritual Awakening

The Hermit Phase of Awakening

Today I want to talk about an important phase of spiritual awakening that you might be familiar with or are going through right now, that is the hermit phase.

At the time of writing we are going through a global lockdown, so I thought this would be the perfect time to go into further detail about this topic.

Spiritual awakening is often seen as something that is light and pleasant, but it is not always the case. There are phases of the awakening process that will feel like you are losing your mind, losing your friends and family, losing your sense of stability in the world or all three at the same time.

The hermit phase could be seen as an in-between state between the dark night of the soul, and opening back up to the world. It’s a phase of deep solitude, introspection, and internal redirection.

You feel extra sensitive

The hermit phase is usually prompted by a heightened sensitivity. As we develop a spiritual practice and open up our non-physical senses, it’s common to start taking in an overwhelming volume of information.

You’re feeling energy movements through your body, waking up at random hours in the morning, experiencing mood swings, brain fog and feeling other people’s emotions more intensely. It makes sense that you’d decide to turn inward for a while.

It’s seeing through the illusion and re-evaluating everything you took to be true. It’s common to feel disillusioned with your line of work or daily routine, your friendship circle and how you view life.

This can also mean that you feel out of place, as if you have one foot in the physical world and one in the spiritual world. When I went through this phase it felt as if I was living in a completely different dimension all together.

You crave solitude

You crave solitude

When you think of The Hermit you might go to the archetypal representation we see in tarot cards or old fairytales – there are a lot of similarities here. In tarot the hermit is about going inward to source knowledge, withdrawing from the wider world in search of truth. This is an accurate representation of the hermit phase in spirituality.

With the extra sensitivity you are feeling you’ll navigate move away from socializing with a large groups of people. You may also find it hard to explain your spiritual experiences and so feel isolated in this way, knowing that many people will doubt or simply not understand them.

You’re looking for answers

I like to describe the hermit phase as feeling as if you are looking for an answer to a question you can’t quite grasp. There’s a pull to look for information without a specific end-goal in mind.

You may spend more time:

  • Meditating
  • Watching spiritual videos
  • Reading esoteric books
  • Researching self-improvement

You read, listen to and watch every nugget of spiritual information you can get your hands on, waiting for something to click. It’s only by going within and listening to our intuition that things can begin to come together.

In the hermit phase you come to realize that you’re not looking for the next mystical experience or to find some obscure knowledge that will clear everything up, but instead to focus on what’s right in front of you.

It’s through spending time in solitude that we come to realize that the knowledge we were looking for to complete the ‘puzzle’ was already within, and that our soul knows the way.

You feel intuitively guided

You feel intuitively guided

The hermit phase can be extremely positive in that you are opened up to your intuition, and feel guided by a higher intelligence. We become reconnected with our higher self and so feel the guidance that comes with being a conscious co-creator with the wider universe.

It’s common for your psychic abilities to begin opening up during this phase too. You may experience a third eye opening, tuning into your clairvoyant abilities and seeing energy in a more noticeable way.

You are likely to get clearer intuitive hunches or gut feelings about people or different topics. It can feel like you are being led down a path where specific information comes to you at the right time, or insights come out of nowhere.

I like to think of this opening of our intuitive senses as the universe dropping breadcrumbs for us to follow. This leads us to our wider purpose here, gives us guidance on how to connect with like-minded people and do fulfilling work. Synchronicities become a daily occurrence.

All of this may have you feeling like you’re living in a bubble, experiencing things other people cannot perceive and you cannot share. So it’s super important to stay grounded, get out into nature or create a sacred space in your home for a sense of stability and physical comfort.

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Moving on from the “Hermit Phase”

There comes a point where you have to move out of the hermit phase and back into the world to share all that you’ve learned. No doubt you’ll still be a hermit at heart, but ultimately you’ll learn how to lean back into regular life albeit with a new frame of mind.

Moving beyond the hermit phase will be different for everyone. It can look like going out into the world and becoming a teacher, going back to your regular job but with a new approach, or building an entirely new life for yourself.

The hermit phase is extremely common when we are in a transitional phase of our lives, when we are moving homes or on a break from work. It’s during these times that we have the space to really examine who and what we are, and where we want to go.

Currently as we experience a global lockdown many have already experienced this hermit phase. With no choice but to stay inside, go within and focus on things that bring us a sense of purpose outside of work, many are uncovering their true passions.

Similar to lockdown there will be a time where you will have to come back into the world, and apply everything you’ve learned. This is a time where you make the decision to approach life differently or revert back to old habits.

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