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How to TRUST the Universe & Let Go

trust the universe

One of my favorite things to do is break down nebulous spiritual concepts and provide simple ways to put them in them into practice.

I think the phrases trusting the Universe and letting go fall under this category. It’s one thing to recite and hear these phrases, but another to act according to them consistently – it can be difficult to know where to even begin.

In this post I want to explore how you can deeply trust the Universe and let go.

What does ‘trusting the Universe’ actually mean?

First of all I want to share my perspective on what trusting the Universe means. This is my definition, which might vary from others, but I hope I can set some good groundwork.

With time I have realized that trusting the Universe is really just…trusting yourself. This is because there isn’t some inherent barrier between ourselves and the Universe, rather we become disconnected from the Universe through the fears and doubts that we learn or maintain.

This is why children often have a strong spiritual connection right off that bat. There aren’t any preconceptions to let go of or fears in the way. So trusting the Universe is really about dissolving those layers or doubt or fear that disconnect us from it.

Now you might be wondering how you go about doing that, where do you start?

If you have a really difficult time trusting the Universe – believing that you are supported – then you want to start with the small stuff.

Think of one thing you can commit to over the next week or month. This can be as small as drinking a glass of water when you wake up, or writing a page in your journal. Keep the goal small so that you are less likely to become overwhelmed by it or too tangled up in self-criticism.

If you have some trust in the Universe but feel like something is missing, you want to get really clear on what you are allowing into your life.

Often on the spiritual path we’ll go through phases of feeling incredibly supported and connected, and then the opposite. We’ll receive clear messages from the Universe one day but then radio silence another.

This again represents some fear we haven’t let go of but also where we haven’t set clear enough intentions. We send the Universe mixed messages about what we want, and so what we receive flucuates.

When we start connecting with the Universe consistently we will start to notice some changes in our physical lives. We might be compelled to change our lifestyle, our relationships and so on. We also might start to receive more in all aspects of our life. This can be scary if we are not accustomed to receiving, and there can be a fear that we are not going to be able to maintain it.

I recommend writing a list with the title ‘What am I allowing?’

Are you allowing yourself to be supported by those around you? Or are you closing yourself off? Are you allowing yourself to receive more? Or are you holding on tightly to what you have out of fear?

You will notice that these answers contradict each other, at different times you are allowing different things. Here you want to get really clear on what you need for yourself, and then set firmer boundaries when these needs are not being met.

What happens when you trust the Universe?

Trusting the Universe is not a magic bullet (but perhaps the closest thing to one). Trust in ourselves as an extension the Universe fluctuates over time, this is only natural.

Even when we have a consistent practice there are still going to be days, weeks and months where we feel disconnected and back to square one.

Trusting the Universe isn’t about getting what we want or having an impenetrable belief in the Universe at all times, but trusting the Universe to support us in the good and bad.

  • Deeper connection with your yourself & others
  • Less fear and doubt
  • More synchronicity
  • Increased intuition
  • Positive physical shifts in your life

Don’t beat yourself if your faith in the Universe falters from time to time, especially when you are in a bad place. We’re not always going to feel divinely guided, sometimes that faith is built in action rather than further self-analysis.

Practical ways to let go

ways to let go

Now that we have the groundwork set, I want to explore some practices you can use will help you trust the Universe deeply.

It’s one thing to know you are holding onto fear or doubt, to intellectualize those barriers, and another to commit to a consistent practice.

So often we just aren’t giving ourselves the time to build trust, we expect an instant result. It takes coming back to your fears and doubts each day, to properly process and release them.

1. Mediate

The first practice I recommend for letting go is of course meditation. We are constantly taking on new beliefs through environment, which influence how open and trusting we feel about the world around us.

Meditation allows us to get beyond that noise, and tune into a more free-flowing level of awareness where we are constantly seeing anew.

Meditation also allows us to hear our intuition more clearly; that calm uplifting voice that will give us all of the guidance we need to get more into alignment.

2. Allow your emotions to flow

Another reason we might struggle to trust the Universe and let go is because we aren’t in tune with our emotions.

Repressed emotions represent the shadow of our consciousness; aspects of ourselves that we want to avoid and pretend do not exist.

Emotions are information, they aren’t necessarily good or bad. Sitting with our emotions allows us to see what we are afraid of confronting, what we are trying to avoid in holding on tightly to old patterns.

I remember one time I was feeling anxious and heavy with emotion, and desperately tried to shift to something positive in my mind.

The more I tried to get rid of these negative emotions the more anxious and frustrated I became. Once I allowed myself to simply be with my emotions, be completely present in my environment, I felt the weight of these emotions lift immediately.

3. Shadow work

The two practices above are a form of shadow work because they illuminate unconscious patterns.

However a more direct form of shadow work is the use of specific journal prompts that directly target the unconscious mind.

Two shadow work prompts:

What do I need today?

What do I want to express today?

These two prompts can take you a long way with shadow work if you reflect upon them consistently (as our needs change often).

Think of some actions you can take in the next few days or weeks to test/build the faith you have in the Universe, and keep an open mind about the result.

Mindset is super important but so is taking action and doing so consistently. Once you have some ‘proof’ or experience in holding faith in the Universe and seeing positive results, the easier it is to build momentum and more faith.

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    1 thought on “How to TRUST the Universe & Let Go”

    1. ( John ) David Mault

      I have been a big believer in energy for a long time. I know thoughts are energy. I know that energy is from source.i know that I am one with the Universe. I know I have to trust the
      Universe. I trust the Universe and see he who I call my Guru Mahavatah Babaji as energy from the Universe.

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