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Law of Attraction: How To Take Aligned Action

aligned action

A key aspect of the Law of Attraction that isn’t often discussed is action! We are led to believe that mindset and energy is all that matters when it comes to manifestation, if you focus on something in the mind for long enough it will eventually come to you.

However I think this is largely incomplete for most people. Manifestation is the fluid interplay between mindset and action. We need to craft an idea before something can become physical, but we also have to take action on our ideas in order to see results.

In this post I want to explore what aligned action is and how to figure out which action you should take to manifest quicker.

Law of attraction: part thought, part action

I think what people misunderstand about the law of of attraction, is that it isn’t just about thoughts. Even if your focus is primarily mental there will be some actions you have to take.

The reason I emphasize action when it comes to energy work is because I think we can underestimate ourselves or downplay the work we’ve put in or the support we’ve received.

This is one of my favorite quotes I have written to illustrate this point:

Magic exists my dear, it’s just that humans have forgotten – magic isn’t the absence of action but the presence of aligned action.


When we do any sort of spiritual ritual we have to pull the energy from somewhere. If we are not well-resourced physically and keeping our bodies healthy, it is going to take a lot more effort to see a result.

When we focus our energy in a specific way, we will have to take action on the internal changes that occur and intuitive insights we receive. This could mean changing our environment, shifting our relationships, entering into a new job, creating something physically etc.

Manifestation is a community-project. When we manifest something this is a result of our own hard-work but also the community & support systems that surround us. The people who provide us resources, encouragement and financial support. All of this requires a collective pooling of energy.

Manifestation is much like building a house. You have to craft a clear vision first of all, but you also need to put in the work or that idea will remain purely hypothetical.

I do believe magic exists, but I don’t think it always looks how we expect it to and often requires physical effort. Some people excel with mostly mental focus, others physical, but most will find their sweet spot somewhere in the middle.

Action vs aligned action

So what exactly is aligned action and how does it differ from ‘action’?

I think we’ve all had periods where we take massive action towards our goals and yet see no result. Whether we are take the wrong action entirely, or do all the right things but something feels off anyway.

Aligned action is action which is aligned with our intuition rather than ego, and action that feels right down to our core rather than just what is expected of us.

Recently we’ve seen the rise of ‘hustle culture’ (although this sort of mentality has been around forever), the prioritization of relentless action over rest in order to achieve a physical, financial or mindset goal.

Hustle culture is when we focus on taking action without considering of our need to rest and recuperate. We place heavy judgement around periods of stillness and stigmatize ‘failure’.

I think we can strike a much better balance here; one where we do take action, but also make space for rest and redirection if we need to. When we do experience failure – even at something we’ve been working on for a long time – we can use that as a stepping stone towards something else, rather than a way to judge ourselves.

When we take aligned action everything just clicks. We feel more fulfilled, and other people can feel our intention more obviously, so we create a much bigger impact.

How to take aligned action

So now you have an idea of what aligned action is, how can you put this into practice in your daily life?

1. Make time for self-care

You’ll notice a huge difference in how you respond to conflict when you are in a bad place versus when you are in a good one. You’re less likely to be triggered or navigate your triggers in an unconscious way – the same applies to action in all areas.

When we have had time to rest, recuperate and redirect ourselves if needed, the action we take has more impact and we do less to see the same result.

  • Spend time in solitude
  • Eat healthily and get good sleep
  • Be in nature
  • Connect with like-minded individuals

2. Get in tune with your intuition

I cannot understate the importance of getting in tune with your intuition before taking action. Intuition is a calm uplifting voice that is going to give us exactly the right support in order to reach a goal.

Sometimes the blockage to taking aligned action is in the goal we are set and other times it is in the action we are taking to get there. Getting in tune with our intuition will help with both of these.

An key step in taking aligned action is figuring out if something feels actually right or if we are just doing what others expect of us.

Intuition is our inner voice which can be drowned out by external noise if we do not place firm boundaries and remain centered.

Meditation is one of the best ways to start getting in tune with our intuition because it is this very process of letting go of our attachments and seeing what is underneath.

3. Embrace the unconventional

Last but by no means least, embrace the unconventional! Aligned action is all about moving in the way that feels right rather than the way that is expected of you.

There might be time-tested guidelines or examples in the area we are in that we can follow, but that simply don’t resonate with us. Sometimes we have to do things a little unconventionally in order to take action that feels fulfilling and gets the result we want.

I believe we all have a unique soul purpose; something that we came to Earth to do. We all have a goal or vision that can be discovered with some reflection and inner work.

This means that even if we are doing the same job as others, working towards the exact same goal in literal terms, there is a unique way in which we can bring our energy forward in it. We all have different struggles and strengths, and so different things to teach others.


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