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5 Signs From the Universe That You Are on the Right Path

signs you are on the right path

They say the universe has our back and for good reason, because it really does! When we aren’t following our true calling the universe will let us know with subtle redirection, and when we are aligned the signs are unmistakable.

If you have been doing the inner work, shifting your patterns and following your intuition but still aren’t sure if you’re doing the right thing, then this post is for you.

I want to go over five signs from the universe that confirm you are on the right path. Once you are able to identify these signs you can use them like a compass, guiding you exactly where you need to go.

Before we go any further I would just like to clarify that although I use the term “right path”, there really isn’t such a thing. All paths will eventually teach us the lessons that we need to learn.

We have the free will to pick whichever path we want, even if it is unproductive or unhealthy for us. However if you want to get into alignment, and realize your full potential, there is such a thing as the right path for you. One that allows you to face your lessons head on, instead of unconsciously repeating them over and over.

1. Synchronicities

The first sign (or more accurately signs) that you are on the right path are synchronicities. This is where two seemingly unrelated events happen that reveal a hidden connection later down the road. These are moments where we are most in tune with our intuition.

Synchronicity can manifest in many different ways such as repeating numbers, the same topic popping up randomly throughout the day, meeting old friends/connections from the past unexpectedly, or having an opportunity line up perfectly.

These are moments when everything just seem to connect. You leave an unfulfilling job and suddenly get a dream opportunity, or you think of someone from the past you need to reconnect with and bump into them the next day.

The universe allows these events line up for us if we are diligent in following our intuition, and create space in our lives for new energy to flow in. It helps to keep a written record of these synchronicities to see if a pattern develops and figure out what they point to.

2. Things are shifting quickly

When you start making the inner shifts necessary for what you want to manifest, physical reality takes a while to adjust. There is a lag period between holding an intention and seeing the physical result with your two eyes.

This lag period will depends on the deeper subconscious beliefs you hold about what you want to manifest, how open you are to receiving, and the conscious actions you are taking each day.

At times there will be a seemingly spontaneous period of change, where everything around you becomes chaotic. Although it may feel like you are doing something wrong, this is a great sign that things are lining up.

On the surface things will look chaotic, and somethings may fade out of your life completely which is easy to take as a loss. However this is how the universe creates space in your life, for new people and opportunities to come in.

3. You feel unusually calm

Continuing on from the previous point, how you look at and manage this shift is everything. A good sign that you are in alignment is that you feel unusually calm while everything around you seems to be falling apart.

Of course some discernment needs to be done here. If everything around you is breaking down but you no longer care out to pure apathy, then that’s probably not a good sign! But if things are shifting, and you are able to stay centered, know that things will eventually come together.

This is what I like to call a test run from the Universe. It’s being in the eye of the storm while everything comes into place. You’ll have the choice to stay calm as you witness the changes around you, or revert back to old patterns and what feels familiar. You have an option to step back into the old or forward into the new.

4. You feel energized

Another sign that you are in alignment with the universe is that you feel energized! You may feel a random burst of energy out of nowhere. You feel excited about upcoming projects and have inspiration and ideas in free-flow.

We are in this free-flow of energy when we align with the universe instead of trying to work against it. Notice the things that naturally draw your attention, as these are the things that will keep you most inspired and filled with forward momentum.

You may also notice yourself feeling energized in a more spiritual sense. It’s common to feel vibrations, tingles or energy movements in the body. This is a sign that your non-physical body or aura is becoming active, and with this you are becoming a more magnetic being.

5. You’re attracting soul relationships

Last on this list and another really cool sign that you are on the right track, is that you start to attract deep, soul-nourishing relationships. We did not incarnate here alone but came here in groups known as our soul family.

These are those who share a similar purpose to us, and help amplify the work we do here. The more in line we our with our purpose, the easier it is to come into contact with our soul family. Our higher self and their higher self begin subtly nudging us towards each other.

You’ll find that these deep relationships appear at the most unexpected times. When you are concentrated on going within, doing the work and making the appropriate shifts in your life, you naturally synch up to this group of soul-connected people.

It’s also common for people to start meeting deep romantic connections too. When we come to a point in ourselves where we are brimming with self-love, this can emanate outwards and attract those with the same home frequency.

Other times becoming more aligned with our purpose means that old friends, relationships and even family begin to fade away. This doesn’t mean that you disconnect from everyone completely, but that you are creating the appropriate space with those who do not uplift you.

You could see it as slowly building a web. Each time we shift, level up, or make the necessary changes, we pull another strand of this web to the center. Eventually we create this undeniable web of connection with the people and situations that we need to further us along our path.

Be open to guidance

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are so many different ways the universe can send us a message that we are on the right path, however we have to be paying attention to pick up on them. One of the easiest ways to begin doing this is to simply set the intention to.

Affirm: “I am open to receiving universal guidance” or “I am open to discovering my purpose”. Then as you go about your day keep your eyes peeled for the signs and synchronicities that appear. Notice the recurring topics that get bought up through the day, see what draws your unconscious attention, take a look at your dreams.

Get into a flow state

Do more activities that get you into a flow state. Here I’m specifically referring to the theta brainwave state which can be entered when our minds are off everyday obligations and we are relaxed. These are the brainwaves present as we are drifting off to sleep, and so we are more receptive to unconscious hints.

  • Meditate
  • Walk in nature, paying attention to each step and breath you take
  • Do some light dance, other exercize or artwork
  • Listen to theta waves on YouTube

When we are in the flow state our conscious and unconscious minds begin communicating fluidly. Just allow yourself to be present in the experience of whatever you are doing without looking for specific answers first. Then when you are finished, take a few minutes to write whatever came to mind.

Express gratitude

It’s important that we express gratitude at every stage of this process, not just when we feel aligned. With every shift you make express thanks for this new perspective, start practicing regular mental/verbal communication with the universe.

Keep a running list of all the things that excite, uplift and intrigue you. You’ll soon begin to identify the patterns, and your purpose becoming clear as a result.

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