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3 Signs You Are Sensitive To Energy

energy sensitive

Do you often feel tapped into a deeper level of reality? Do you pick up on things that most people don’t notice? Do you ever see, hear or feel things that other people do not? If you answered yes to all of those questions, it’s likely that you are sensitive to energy.

Energy is simply non-physical information that we can all pick up on if we pay attention. It is what permeates our entire existence and what we are made up on at a base level. Everything is energy.

This includes the energy that radiates from other people and living beings, the energy of the celestial bodies, and the Akashic records which is an energetic library of every thought, feeling, idea and memory.

In this post I want to outline three key ways to tell if you are sensitive to energy, and how to further strengthen this ability.

1. You Feel Things

The first sign that you are highly sensitive to energy is that you feel things. I’m not referring to the regular everyday range of emotions that we all experience as humans, but a deeper level of emotional sensitivity that can often become overwhelming.

You may also be able to feel things in a tactile sense. You can feel energetic or emotional shifts as a visceral experience in your body. You prefer to learn in a hands-on fashion.

This relates to the psychic sense of clairsentience which translates as “clear feeling”.

People with this ability usually work with their hands: massage therapy, tactile arts, cooking, gardening etc. They are known for having healing hands, and can be very in tune with other people and their lovers on a physical level.

People who are clairsentient can also what we call empaths. This is someone who is not only able to tune into someone else’s emotions, but feel them as if they were their own. If clairsentients don’t set strong boundaries they can easily merge energetically with other people.

If you are clairsentient when you walk into a room the atmosphere is palpable, you can feel when someone is hiding something even when everyone else is oblivious, you are greatly impacted by planetary movements and lunar cycles.

2. You Know Things

The next sign that you are sensitive to energy is that you know things. You receive information about a topic or situation before it has come to light. People are often drawn to you for your accurate advice.

This relates to the psychic sense of claircognizance which translates as “clear knowing”.

Claircognizance and clairsentience are surprisingly common psychic abilities. These abilities are a lot more subtle and are easily incorporated into our everyday lives, so they often go unnoticed.

Those with claircognizance are especially tuned into the Akashic Records, which is a non-physical plane of information that contains every thoughts, feeling and memory. You can feel this information being received as an inkling or you just know that something to going to happen.

3. You See Things

The third sign that you are sensitive to energy is that you see things. You might be able to see energy in the form of auras around people and other living beings, you may see energy in the air, you might be familiar with non-physical beings like angels.

A person who sees is also someone who is able to see through worldly illusion. You are able to perceive deceit, manipulation and lies for what they are, and get to the heart of people’s true intentions.

This relates to the psychic sense of clairvoyance which translates as “clear seeing”.

This is a less common psychic ability, even though it’s the one we are most familiar with through the media and spiritual material. Clairvoyance can also manifest as extremely vivid dreaming. That is another way that our third eye can be active.

Those who have vivid night-lives, astral project or lucid dream are familiar with this. Those who are naturally skilled with art are more likely to have this ability. They are able to see things in their mind’s eye before bringing them into physical reality.

How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

This list is only a brief exploration of all the ways we can be sensitive to energy. There is also clairaudience, which is where we pick up on non-physical sounds and frequencies. Then there is clairalience which relates to scents and smells.

Psychic ability is simply honed sensitivity, it is the ability to pick up on and interpret non-physical information. In this way we can all be psychic on some level, and often without realizing it. Developing psychic ability is all about tapping into those strengths and working with them.

Identify your strengths

Generally speaking, the way you pick up on energy will depend on the type of person you are. Identify if you are more: visual, tactile, information-based, or auditory. Link these natural skills to the psychic abilities they line up with.

Practice using them

Practice, practice, practice.

If you are a visual person, practice visualizing a different shape or color in your mind each day. See how long you can hold an image in your mind for. See if you can add movement or shift from one thing to another.

If you’re an auditory person, practice holding a specific note in your mind for as long as possible. Listen to a song and try to pick out all of the different notes and instruments. Get quiet and tune into all of the different sounds in your environment.

If you are a tactile person, practice rubbing your hands together and try to hold the residual sensation for as long as possible. Breathe deeply and notice the length and depth of each breath. Check in with your body for five minutes a day, identify tensions, knots and heaviness.

If you’re a more information-based person, practice automatic writing. Write a question and then just let the answers flow onto the page. Go for a mindful walk and notice what elements in your environment draw your attention.

Dive deeper into psychic development with my energy work guidebook.

Let go of expectations

The final step is to let go of expectations. During meditation keep a question in mind. Focus on your breath until your mind is calm. Observe whatever words, colors, sounds or sensations that arise.

When you feel ready to stop take a few moments to come back to yourself and then write everything down. It helps to have a physical record of your psychic practice, in order to ground this higher awareness.

When you do these exercizes you are strengthening your non-physical muscles so to speak. You are creating new pathways for psychic information to flow through with deeper clarity.

This will allow you to be more receptive in everyday life, and start to pick up on the more subtle psychic messages that come through. These will often manifest as synchronicities, words or songs that get stuck in your mind, or a specific topic that comes up over and over during the day.

Which psychic sense is your strongest?


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