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7 Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming

Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming

One of the most frustrating things about manifesting is being in the dark about how long it will take to arrive.

We set our intention, let go of the desire and then…hope for the best?

There is no rulebook for how these things work but there are some guidelines we can follow and signs we can look out for.

In this article I want to discuss seven key signs that your manifestation is coming, and how to make the process as smooth as possible.

How does manifestation work?

Manifestation is the art of using our focus (non-physical energy) to bring something into (physical) reality, to bring something from the unconscious into the conscious.

We do this all the time, even if we aren’t using these exact words to describe it! In order to build and construct a home we have to create an image of how this will look in our minds.

The reason this process becomes distorted is because we don’t line up our desire with the tools we have at hand. Magic is incredibly logical in that way.

Manifestation starts with stating an intention, and then allowing our unconscious mind to align accordingly. Whatever is blocking this outcome on a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical level must become coherent before we see a physical result.

Where the process becomes confusing is when several elements are lining up but there are a few pieces out of place. Perhaps we are aligned on an emotional and mental level, but something isn’t right on a spiritual or physical level.

So we can perceive that our manifestation is coming but our physical reality is giving us mixed signals; we feel excitement but aren’t sure what this is based on.

The signs below will help you identify if you just need to wait things out (things are aligning) or if the intention itself needs to be readjusted.

Signs your manifestation is on its way

Signs your manifestation is on its way

1. You feel an unusual sense of calm

This is one of the biggest signs that your manifestation is on the way: you feel calm without reason.

This calm might come after an intense period of emotional purging. You’ve come up against a lot of repressed emotions, physical obstacles, all of which are aligning you in a particular direction, and now you just feel calm.

This sense of calm can also come after an extremely dark patch, where asking for what you want almost seems to bring the opposite! You ask for abundance only to lose physical possessions, or you ask for a relationship only to lose specific friends.

Even if things are falling apart in this way you feel anchored.

There are multiple stages to manifestation, one being this purging stage. This is by no means an easy stage, but it’s a necessary part of making space for something better.

2. You feel divinely guided

The phrase ‘divine guidance’ is often thrown around in relation to manifestation, but it’s not always easy to access. I’m talking about a deep rooted sense of divine guidance, not just having the concept in your mind.

When our manifestation is close we’re going to feel grounded guidance coming through, one that meets each step we take. This is a visceral sensation rather than a mental one. It’s undeniable and doesn’t require a logical analysis.

3. You receive signs

Signs and synchronicities can overlap but they aren’t the exact same thing (from my perspective).

Synchronicities involve a sequences of interconnected events, whereas signs are more isolated. For example, I consider seeing repeating numbers or number sequences as signs rather than synchronicities. Both are important to look out for.

You might hear the name of a location over and over again, hear people talking about doing the exact thing you are heading towards, or spot a symbol that relates to what you are trying to manifest.

4. You experience synchronicity

Another strong sign that your manifestation is coming is experiencing synchronicity. Synchronicity is when events line up in such a way that it cannot be mere coincidence – there is a deeper meaning underneath it.

Synchronicity is different to coincidence in that it lines up a coherent path for you. One thing leads to another in breathtaking fashion. You lose a job you’ve been holding onto for security, only for a space in your dream job role to become available the next week. Or you take the wrong train, only to end up bumping into the right person at the right time.

Take note of synchronicities when you have set an intention and starting to see things unfold.

I think both signs & synchronicities are important when manifesting, although it’s important not to get fixated on spotting the next sign or synchronistic experience.

Take note of what you see, give thanks to your higher self or the Universe for the experience and continue with your day. Acknowledging but not overanalyzing the signs you see will make the whole process smoother.

5. Your intuition is guiding you to something illogical

This is a weird one because you’d think that if you are in tune with your intuition and hearing it clearly, the conclusion of that will be completely logical. However that’s not how intuition works a lot of the time, or at least that’s not how it will look before we have all of the information.

We might be missing one crucial piece of the puzzle and that might include doing something, going somewhere, connecting with a person which defies logic. It might not seem like the right to do , and yet it feels right!

6. You dream about the manifestation

Now you might be thinking, if I’m focused on a particular goal doesn’t it make sense to dream about it? I think that’s a valid consideration.

However what I’ve noticed is that when my manifestation is almost ready I will dream about the exact scenario I’ve been visualizing for so long. To differentiate these dreams from regular dreams, pay attention to how you feel in them.

You experience a location in your dream and it feels as if they were actually there, or you obtain something in a dream and when you wake up that feeling lingers in a positive way rather than a disappointing way.

7. Your relationships shift

Eventhough manifestation is focused on working with energy, everything that we impact on an energetic level has a physical counterpart.

Often what is keeping us in the same vibration, the same physical environment, is the people we surround ourselves with. Often when a manifestation is about to arrive, relationships which we were holding onto out of fear or comfort suddenly fall apart.

When we are manifesting something, especially something that will take us out of our comfort zone, we have to let go of the people who are keeping us in familiar, comfortable patterns.

In order to align things physically, being brave enough to make those physical changes. This often isn’t easy.

How to speed up the manifestation process

How to speed up the manifestation process

Manifestation is a whole process and everyone has their way of doing it. This means there are a lot of techniques out there that just won’t work for you. As you are following any manifestation guidelines, but sure to check in with your intuition and see if the path you are walking is actually aligned with you.

There is no point practicing manifestation techniques which do not leave you feeling authentic, well nourished and balanced in the long-term. This is different to experiencing some discomfort, which is unavoidable when stepping out of our comfort zones, or attempting to cultivate more discipline. Try to find a good balance.

Manage expectations

When it comes to manifestation I think the most important part is getting your intention right. I’ve talked a lot about the dark side of manifestation, and how the language we use surrounding this topic can be unhelpful at best and harmful at worst.

The main problem I see is people believing that manifestation means getting whatever they want – that isn’t the reality.

Think of manifestation like digging a hole, and your thoughts/energy like the shovel. The bigger and more robust the shovel you have the bigger the hole you can dig, similarly, the more focus or energy you have at your disposal the more you can manifest.

Building on this example, we don’t all have the same digging equipment available. Some people are working with spoons, others with industrial-level apparatus.

It’s important to get your expectations in line with the tools you have at your disposal. If you have a lot of things taking up your energy: a busy work schedule, a family to look after, mental, emotional or physical pressure, then consider how this might limit the amount of energy you can put towards a particular intention.

Look at your life currently and identify where the next step up is, rather than trying to go a hundred steps forward at once.

When you see success with reaching this next step, go two steps ahead and so on. Build energetic momentum.

My guide Self Love Manifestations goes into more depth about managing expectations and creating intentions that actually work.

Be actionable

This might seem like a weird suggestion because we often see manifestation as pure mindset, but vision requires action.

When we create an intention, place our focus on it and allow things to unfold in accordance with that we will be encouraged by our intuition to take certain actions.

The difference with this sort of action is that it is aligned with our higher selves, we aren’t trying to match the pace of those around us or society at large.

When you are put your intention into motion, pay close attention to the intuitive insights you receive afterwards. What actions are you being drawn to take?

Remain present

The most important thing is to remain present. Getting what we want or growing in a particular way is great, but remaining present is the key.

Viewing manifestation as a way to escape our circumstances or fulfil our wildest dreams can get in the way of soaking up everything we are receiving already.

I think manifestation involves balancing both the possibility of more with gratitude for what we already have – this can feel incredibly conflicting at times!

Whenever focusing on a manifestation or reaching a specific goal is interfering with fully enjoying the moment, just being, then take a step back and reconsider what you are focusing on and why.

Bring the focus back to the type of person you want to become, rather than the thing or experience you are currently lacking on some level.

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