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The 4 Stages of Manifestation: Which Are You In?

stages of manifestation

I remember reading the book The Secret for the first time, and was introduced to the concept of the law of attraction. The way I looked at things quickly changed and although I didn’t directly implement the techniques for some time…a seed was planted in my mind.

For many this introduction to manifestation leaves a lot to interpretation, and it can feel as if the process itself doesn’t work. However the law of attraction is a lot deeper than what you may read in one article or book.

The law of attraction is essentially the journey we take from inside out in order to shift the environment around us. It involves more than surface level thought, but a continual dive into our deep-seeded blocks and limiting beliefs. It’s a journey rather than a step by step process.

One of the biggest problems people have with manifestation is knowing if it is working! You have probably asked yourself: How long do I hold an intention for? How do I stay uplifted throughout? How do I know it’s working? How long will it take?

In this post I want to go over the four main stages of manifestation I’ve identified (although this may vary for you) and how to know your manifestation is on its way. So let’s get into it.

1. The Initial Excitement

The first stage is the initial excitement you feel when you place an order with the Universe. It engulfs your thoughts for the hours, days and weeks that follow. You are consumed by dreams of how your life will be once you have achieved your goal or the excitement you’ll feel when you’ve manifested something you wanted.

When you go to bed at night you are thinking of what you want to manifest, you are visualizing it in your mind and simmering in the emotions you would feel when you receive it. When you wake up in the morning you begin looking for signs that your manifestation is on its way.

This stage includes:

  • Writing your manifestation down
  • Visualizing
  • Talking about it with others
  • Making hypothetical plans

This first stage is when we are charging our intention with energy. We are thinking about it, making notes about it and doing research surrounding it. This is also the stage where we will feel most motivated…however this doesn’t last forever.

2. Obstacles Appear

The next stage are the obstacles that come in both physical and mental form. You may begin to lose the enthusiasm you felt at first, may start to doubt your vision, or think that you aren’t worthy. Your emotions can be all over the place: fear, anxiety, doubt and uncertainty.

On a physical level you will find all sorts of challenges popping up seemingly out of nowhere! Roadblocks appear where there weren’t any before, plans change at the last minute and things don’t seem to be going as you expected.

This phase is absolutely crucial because it acts as your trial run. When we hold a vision and charge it with our focus we are asking the Universe to aid us in a transformation that occurs from the inside out.

That means our current life has to turn upside down. We are asking for the Universe to match the outside with what we feel internally and by placing obstacles in our path the Universe tests us. It asks us if we can handle the changes we will have to make when our manifestation materializes, or if we will revert back to old ways.

3. You Feel A Weird Sense Of Peace

If you can stay centered as everything seems to be falling apart, you will be there to witness it all come together.

This is when you enter the peace stage of the manifestation process. You have faced the emotional blocks and physical obstacles, grown from them and can enter a new environment that matches this.

When you have managed to pass the initial enthusiasm and face the challenges presented to you, you become aligned with your goal. Alignment is when you can move with the flow of the Universe rather than against it, when what you feel internally is an accurate representation of what you want to see externally. Congruence.

4. Things Subtly Fall Into Place

Then comes the final stage of manifestation; casually walking through doors you once only saw in your mind. This phase can be so subtle that you don’t notice it happening. As you have been working through the obstacles the Universe has presented in order to bring you up another level, this becomes your norm.

You have been gradually working on yourself, shifting habits, changing your thought patterns and slowly but surely becoming the type of person that would have the life you want to lead. Through this transformation your external begins to match your internal.

One day you wake up and take a step back, noticing all of the progress you have made. Here comes the final stage: gratitude!

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Manifestation Is An Inside Job

When we focus on manifesting purely material things we miss out on this inner transformation. To me, manifestation is all about leveling up as a person so that the Universe may shift our environment to reflect that.

This means that what we experience initially may not seem like a ‘good’ thing, in fact we are simply being presented with all the lessons that will allow us to reach a new stage in our life.

Manifestation is about working on the internal so that the external has no choice but to shift accordingly. Focus on filling yourself with abundance and watch as you begin to see abundance all around you. Think of the type of life you want to lead, and shift the thoughts and patterns that stop you becoming the type of person who would live that life.

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    2 thoughts on “The 4 Stages of Manifestation: Which Are You In?”

    1. charlotte schilling

      Hi there this is a very helpful page i am currently in the manfestation process i feel like im in the peace stage this has helped me.so much to understand the process eventhough my situation is terrible i feel fanstatic and postive that soon things will be better than ever.

    2. I am on the second phase, and it just feels so bad that i cant seem to get myself put from. It feels like i could never get my manifestations and it sucks. I feel like i am in a downwarding spiral. Help!😭

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