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Why You Manifest the Opposite of What You Want

manifesting the opposite

Manifestation is a way to shift your physical environment with your energy. This is simple enough in concept but in practice there are so many different ways our energy can influence our surroundings.

Sometimes it’s not as simple as ‘Ask, Believe, Receive’. This is because humans are complex, emotions are complex, the structures we live in are complex.

Eventhough energy comes with a level of purity, the way we channel and utilize it does not. Often our beliefs, patterns and limitations get in the way of achieving our goals or making progress in an idea way. Our physical environment also isn’t always giving us the best foundation to work from.

In today’s post I want to talk about why we manifest the opposite of what we want, and how to change that.

Reverse manifestation

Often when we set an intention we’ll get the exact opposite of what we asked for at first!

We ask for love or relationship, and then go on a bad date. We ask for abundance, and suddenly everything crumbles around us.

This is what is called ‘reverse manifestation’ where we ask for one thing but get the other.

The number one reason we manifest the opposite is that we hold too much a contradicting energy. We may ask for our dream job, but subconsciously every belief is pointing in the other direction. We have doubts, fears, negative emotions that we haven’t fully confronted.

When we set an intention, or do a specific manifestation technique, we are essentially activating all of this heavy or tense energy. It is like when we try to clean something really dirty, think of one of those rug cleaning videos – in order to get everything clean, we first have to push out all of the dirt.

Reverse manifestation or manifesting the opposite is actually a great sign!

On the surface it can certainly seem negative, and the experiences that follow can be extremely difficult. However, this aggravation of beliefs and limitations, is ultimately going to help us if we approach it with the right mindset.

Instead of ignoring or getting wound up by the negative experiences or obstacles that get in the way, we can figure out what they are trying to tell us.

The transition period when manifesting

This phenomenon occurs during the transition period of manifesting.

This is essentially the phase in-between asking for what we want and getting it. The length and depth of this transition period depends on how much energetic junk or negative beliefs/limits is in our way.

Eventhough we think we are just working with energy, the physical is intimately involved. Focusing on an intention, means cultivating the right amount of energy to shift the present circumstances. This is naturally going to cause some disruption in our regular routines – and sometimes this will be overly negative.

Manifesting is not just getting whatever you want whenever you want. Manifestation is a process of bringing an idea or belief into the physical – it involves all aspects of our being.

The saying ‘Be careful what you wish for because you might get it,’ is quite relevant here. During the ‘transition period’ of manifestation, we get to see if we really want what we’ve asked for.

In order to get our dream job, we might have to take more action. In order to build a deep, loving, long-term relationship we might have to set stronger boundaries.

We set an intention and the Universe goes ‘ok, here is what it will look like’ we have an option to continue on or take a step back.

How to fix reverse manifestation?

So how do you get back on the right track with your manifestation?

First, assess the ‘damage’. Do the changes you’ve experienced, despite their negativity, feel positive overall? Was this the push or wake-up call you needed, to clean up some of the stuff you’ve been ignoring?

If this is the case, continue focusing on your intention with discernment. Don’t be afraid to confront your shadow, practice acceptance towards what is going on, and give yourself grace as you move through it.

On the other hand, reverse manifestation can highlight that we’ve taken a wrong turn. Often we are setting intentions that aren’t actually aligned with us.

A lot of the things we desire aren’t coming through the soul or spirit. Just because we aspire to earn a lot of money, or get an amazing job, doesn’t mean we actually want or need these things.

A lot of the desires we experience aren’t our own – they are passed down from parents, friends, society.

Ask yourself how what you really need & want. Based on your experience, how would you like to shift your intention to be better aligned with your needs?

In conclusion

I think a lot of us underestimate just how potent manifestation is! We aren’t just working with concepts or ideas, but affecting our real day to day lives. This is no game.

Therefore it’s important to take this process seriously. Shifting our beliefs, habits and patterns is not easy. Finding environments and relationships that better support us is a huge adjustment.

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