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3 Signs From the Universe To Take a Leap of Faith

Universe leap of faith

If you work deeply with your energy, it’s inevitable that at some point you’re going to have to take a leap rather than a step.

The gap between your energy and physical environment becomes so wide, and you have to bridge it.

You trust yourself

First of all, it’s important that you trust yourself before taking any sort of leap.

There’s no point making huge changes in your life if you don’t trust yourself to maintain them and be constructive.

This has been the biggest shift for me. A level of self-trust that just goes deeper and deeper, that feels real and tangible rather than pretence.

You feel energized but calm

When our creative energy builds up, it’s common to feel full of ideas that you don’t know what to do with.

This represents the gap between your energy and physical environment widening; a sign that the Universe is bringing different pieces together.

Despite this, you feel (weirdly) calm and balanced.

Your intuition is growing

If you notice your intuition growing incredibly sharp and feel tangibly supported by the Universe, it might be time to take some calculated risks.

You just know you’re being guided towards new spaces, types of work, people. You know something’s bubbling up under the surface and that it is time.

This is more of a gut instinct than something you can explain logically.

You know it’s time to take a leap when you get that strong, direct intuitive hunch in one direction.

What to do before a leap

Taking a leap of faith is not the same as rushing. Discernment is always important.

Completely release the pressure here, and only take a leap when it feels right.

Get clearer on what sort of leap you want to make with some introspective questions.

Find a quiet spot and take some deep breaths, then ask these questions.

What do I need ?

How does this differ from what you are currently receiving?

When do I feel most aligned?

Where do you find the most peace in your current routines, and how can you zone in on those areas?

Record the synchroncities you’re experiencing and see what the link is. Write the ideas you’re getting down and get them loosely organized.

Consistently connect with your body, so that the leap you take is grounded.


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