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5 Ways To Start Shifting Your Reality

Everything is energy, from our thoughts to physical reality. This means that just because we are presented with a set of circumstances, doesn’t mean we are stuck with them forever.

The way we choose to perceive our life and the energy we bring to it, help shape the type of reality we have.

Today I want to share five ways you can start shifting your reality. Shifting our reality isn’t complicated in principle, although it can certainly take some hard work and effort.

If you’re feeling stuck and need a little ‘energetic push’, this guidance will be helpful!

Decide what beliefs you are entertaining

Looking at your beliefs is the first step in changing your reality for the better.

We all have some negative or limiting beliefs and that’s understandable. We’re human after all, our experiences are rarely all positive.

Working with our beliefs is not about getting rid of all of the ‘bad’ ones and replacing them with ‘good’ ones, but being more accepting and present of our reality and then understanding what is in our power to change.

So the first step is to identify uplifting beliefs that you might not be convinced on yet, but want to hold as possibilities.

Are you confident in your ability to bring people together, talk or write confidently? Do you know you can create a positive relationship or or home environment? Think of a few things you might not have in this moment, but know deep down you are capable of.

Write some of these new beliefs down and play around with them. Recite them as affirmations and see what resonates and what doesn’t.

Highlight your current strengths

Often when we are trying to manifest better experiences, we focus on what we lack or where we hold doubt or fear.

These are all great points of exploration, but make sure you are also honing in on your strengths.

For example, if you want to manifest a higher paying job, what qualities do you have that would support that? Perhaps you are highly motivated, very energetic or logic-minded. You might be a great writer, or speak in groups with ease. Things you might not even consider gifts because they come so naturally to you.

Switch from ‘I have to attract this thing/person/space/job’ to ‘How can I place more focus on the qualities I already have, that would would naturally align me with this thing’.

Make space for your fears

The more you bring your light in, the more of your shadow will be exposed. This is not something to be afraid of or ignore.

Understand your fears, let them be there, and then decide what other energies you’d like to bring alongside them.

You might be nervous, but what capabilities do you also have? You might feel under-resourced, but what sort of energy can you rely on yourself to bring to a space regardless?

I like to visualize these positive energies taking up space in the body. Visualize a positive quality as a bright color and as you take a breath in, feel your body filling up with it.

I created a whole guidebook & printable journal Self Love Manifestations, to help you better understand your circumstances and attract better ones. All in a very grounded and balanced way.

Prepare for obstacles

Obstacles, detours and blockages are to be expected. The energy you bring to them is what’s important.

Anytime we set a new intention or visualize a new outcome, the Universe is going to respond accordingly. If we hold fear around a goal or are still working on something in that area, obstacles will come up to mirror this.

To the logical or ego mind, this can feel like proof that you are doing something wrong or that you shouldn’t have bothered in the first place. But this is a necessary and helpful stage, sometimes we just can’t see why yet.

Have affirmations on hand for when you feel slighted or tested by the Universe. Be prepared for things to be uncomfortable or disappointing at times, and be clear on how you’ll approach that.

Example affirmations:

‘Thank you for redirecting me’

‘Thank you for showing me where I still have work to do’

‘Thank you for this experience’


Anything we are saturating the mind with is going to shift our reality in some way. You’ll notice that on days where you are disconnected from external noise, just in your own space vibing, things take on a brighter more uplifting tone.

What we see and build up in the mind is such an important part of conscious manifestation.

It’s important to find a sweet spot when it comes to visualizing. Rather than completely fantasizing, understand what is a possibility for you and tune into that.

One of my favorite exercises is visualizing a ‘good day’.

Not a perfect day, just a good one – similar to one you’ve experienced before, that you know is totally in reach for you even if it isn’t consistent.

Visualize a day where you get up in a good mood, go outside and the weather is pleasant, where work goes smoothly etc. Incorporate all of your usual routines and activities, then build your visualizations from there.

Shifting our reality starts with the belief that we have the power necessary to do it. That what we see in front of us isn’t all that’s there.

Putting these exercises into practice might not give you everything single thing you want – and that’s not what we really want anyway. But they will help push you further along and be able to receive blessings more easefully and understanding our low patches more deeply.


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