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The ‘Transition Period’ When Manifesting

transition period manifesting

Manifesting is the art of bringing thought into the physical; of bringing an idea from the mind into your reality.

While the concept of manifestation is often misrepresented or overblown, the act of bringing dreams to reality is a very real thing.

During manifestation there are many phases or periods we have to go through in order to allow our creative energy to come to fruition. In this post I want to discuss the ‘transition period’ during manifestation, the phase most likely to trip us up if we aren’t expecting it.

I will explore why this period is necessary and how to move through it.

What is the transition phase during manifestation?

The transition phase is easy to understand logically speaking, but not always easy to contend with when you in the midst of it.

The transition phase is a point where our intention is building steam but hasn’t come to fruition yet. We have shifted our mindset, got our emotions in check, everything is aligned internally. All we have to do is wait for the physical to ‘catch up’.

The reason this transition period is necessary is so that we can properly embody a new vibration, to become the person we need to be in order to reach a specific goal. The external needs time to adjust to the internal.

During the transition period we have time to get accustomed to a new way of being, we can work with any old patterns or programming that might stop us from reaching a goal or living in a new way.

Oftentimes the last step in creating a new pattern is to be with our body! It doesn’t matter if we are mentally, emotionally and energetically focused on something, if our physical body doesn’t feel safe then we aren’t going anywhere! This is for good reason.

If we were to have whatever we wanted right this moment, if our life changed at the snap of a finger, we’d probably need to lie down for a bit. The residual impact of that would probably leave us confused for days if not weeks or months.

The transition period gives our physical bodies time to adjust, we essentially want to train our bodies to hold more energy.

It’s less about reaching a goal or acquiring certain items, and more about becoming the type of person you want to/you’ve always known you could be.

Manifesting is a journey that we take from the inside out.

What to do in the transition period

So now you know what the transition period is and why it’s necessary, let’s explore how you can actually move through this phase and take that final leap.

The most important thing you can do during this period is to simply let go. To release any remaining ideas or preconceptions you have about how you are going to receive what you have asked for.

The second thing you can do is to move through obstacles and blockages with more awareness. When we set an intention and focus on it, when we are truly committed, the Universe comes in and makes the appropriate changes.

These changes can present themselves as challenges or obstacles because in order to bring a goal into reality, we actually have to act in accordance with that.

We might have to set stronger boundaries, adopt a stricter schedule or do things we aren’t 100% comfortable with.

What people misunderstand about manifestation is that it requires action. We don’t set an intention, shift our mindset a little and see our entire lives change.

For energy to birth itself into the physical we have to apply some pressure. This pressure doesn’t have to be intense or extreme by any means, but there always needs to be a level of resistance in order for things to actually shift.

When we set an intention the Universe presents us with obstacles or detours that would make this possible, not as a way to test us, but in order to move things in the right direction. It is only to the mind or ego that these changes feel personal, rather than a logical extension of cause and effect.

The final thing you can do is identify ways to cultivate safety for yourself. What I mean by this is work out how you can feel safer taking that step into the unknown.

For example, if you wanted to manifest a new job: What sorts of things would you need to do now to make your body feel safe & calm about this decision? What resources can you tap into, what changes might you have to make, who could you lean on?

This builds upon the physical involvement that is required during manifestation. The body become acclimated to a specific environment, to people, to sets of patterns that make it feel safe.

In order to create something new, in order to step into the unknown, we have to move forward even when we feel somewhat uncomfortable.

When does the transition phase end?

You will know the transition phase is ending when there are less obstacles in your way. You might notice your intuition coming through even more clearly, or an increase in synchronicity.

You might also feel the goal getting closer, like a physical weight or a visceral sensation in the body. It will important to remain calm and continue holding the same mindset/way of being as you have.

You will feel less anxiety, even excitement about a particular goal, because it will feel like you already have it – you are already embodying it.

The transition phase of manifestation can be frustrating at times, but it also gives us enough time to figure out if something is really for us or not.

If you are finding yourself in this phase for too long, perhaps many months or years, it might be helpful to shift your intention instead. Some things aren’t accessible to us, no matter how much we shift our mindset or apply pressure, because they aren’t actually aligned with us.

In order to reach a specific goal or act in accordance with an intention, would bring us so far out of ourselves, away from what enlivens our soul, that it wouldn’t be worth having anyway.

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