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Seeing Through Closed Eyes (Third Eye Chakra)

Seeing Through Closed Eyes Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is the psychic counterpart to the physical eye; it perceives the spiritual realms.

This is the sixth main chakra which is associated with the color indigo and located between the eyebrows. It is related to our sense of perception, intuition, and higher consciousness.

As we develop the third eye we are likely to experience unique visual phenomena, a clear sign the third eye is active and opening.

Today I wanted to explore some of these visual phenomena aswell as the experience of seeing with the eyes closed. Why does this happen and what does it mean?

Sleep paralysis

The first reason we might be seeing through closed eyes is because we are experiencing sleep paralysis.

Most people have a sleep paralysis episode at least once in their lives, however if you are practicing meditation, lucid dreaming or astral projection then you are much more likely to experience it.

The more awareness we bring beyond and to our physical body, the more energy flows to our energy bodies. The astral body is one of these bodies that becomes active on the brink of sleep or waking.

When we think of sleep paralysis our mind usually goes to images of low-vibrational beings, ‘the hag’ or something or that nature. Sleep paralysis is seen as a largely negative experience. However sometimes it is simply being able to perceive the room around you and nothing more.

Visual hallucinations

Another reason you might be seeing your room behind closed eyelids is due to how the brain retains and reproduces light. Yes, it could be a mental thing!

In science they would call this process phosphenes, which is where the brain recreates visual stimulus after our eyes have closed.

Spending an extended period of time in the dark is likely to produce vivid hallucinations as our brains grapple with the loss of sensory input. Even spending a few minutes in the dark can have a similar but much milder effect.

In developing our spiritual awareness it’s helpful to be objective about what we are seeing and why certain things might be happening, rather than reverting to a ‘spiritual’ cause. This is so that when we do have a spiritual experience, we are able to see it clearly and not cause distortion. Always be practicing discernment.

Third eye opening

The last reason this might be happening is of course that the third eye is opening.

If you have been doing exercises specifically for the third eye this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. However this can also happen indirectly; if you have a consistent meditation or mindfulness practice, or induce lucid dreams or astral projections – both require an active third eye.

I have found that this sort of perception happens most often when we are actively building up energy in the body. When we are consistently absorbing prana, circulating it around our bodies and containing it in specific areas or chakras.

Over time this energy builds and builds, working its way up the chakra system. Once there is enough of this energy contained in the body, it naturally overflows into the third eye and crown (higher) chakras.

This is a great sign that your third eye is opening, however it is important not to become too attached to this sort of experience. We want our third eye to open organically rather than trying to force it open or becoming too concerned with the level of ability we have in this area.

Other ways the third eye ‘sees’

  • Colors & shapes
  • Auras & energy fields
  • Different beings
  • Vortexes or portals

Developing the third eye is a gradual process, much like building muscle or learning a new language. It is best to slowly energize the third eye through meditation and mindfulness and allow this awareness to open up in its own time – when you are ready to ‘see’ what you need to see.

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