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3 Simple Ways To Cleanse Your Aura

how to cleanse your aura

The aura is a field of energy that extends about a feet and a half outside of your physical body. When our spiritual sight or third eye is open this field of energy can be seen, it varies in color and size according to our predominant emotions.

The aura is also known as the subtle body which is made up of several different layers of interpenetrating energy. Each layer corresponds with a specific density or level of consciousness, serving different purposes.

In this article we are going to keep things simple and use the term aura to refer to your overall energy body.

Cleansing the aura is as crucial as brushing your teeth in the morning, it is part of your spiritual hygiene. When our aura is clean and operating optimally we are able to go about our day with increased clarity and resilience.

Why Do You Need To Cleanse Your Aura?

As you go about your day your aura acts like a sponge that soaks up all of the stray energy around you, this can leave us feeling heavy with emotions that are not yours. Through consciously observing the aura and cleansing it regularly, we can maintain a healthy aura and cultivate a strong sense of self.

Energy work is simply the process of consciously working with this non-physical energy and being able to choose what we allow into or reject from our field. With deeper energy work our aura acts like a filter that we can close off or expand depending on our needs.

For the empath or highly sensitive person this type of work is even more necessary as we can go around absorbing stray emotions and not even knowing it. We can feel angry, sad or anxious without realizing these are not our emotions, they need to be cleared out.

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How To Cleanse Your Aura

1. Visualization & Breathwork

The first way you can cleanse your auric field is through visualization and breathwork. These two techniques go hand in hand as not only are you able to see your energy but begin to feel it as well.

Breathwork is the practice of consciously controlling your breath and shifting your breathing patterns to bring the nervous system from a stressed state to a relaxed one. When we are being bombarded with incoming emotions/energy our breathing and consequently our nervous system is directly affected.

  • Get into a comfortable seated position with your back straight and legs crossed, placing your hands in your lap. Now close your eyes and take a few moments to center yourself and breath deeply from your stomach.
  • Once your mind is clear start visualizing a field of energy that extends about a foot beyond your physical body (with time you can extend this further). Do not try to see any specific colors yet just imagine a rough outline.
  • Bring your awareness to the soles of your feet and with steady breaths imagine white energy flowing up through your entire body. Then feel this energy going back the other way. Down your head, down the arm and chest, into your stomach, and down back into your legs and feet.
  • As you do this imagine the outline of your aura slowly being filled with this white light.

By doing this simple exercize you should begin to feel a subtle energy flowing through your body. You may even feel a slight tingling sensation, vibrations or other movement. If you feel nothing at first do not worry, simply continue this cycle three times up and down.

Using just the power of your focus you can move energy through your body in a steady fashion. At first the sensations you feel will be intense and unsettling, but this is simply your energy moving through pathways that are not used to such activity. Over time and with practice these sensation lessen.

2. Sound Healing

Sound healing is another great way to release stuck energy from your field. This can be as simple as listening to a song that uplifts you, and imagining the dense energy in your body melting away.

We can take this up a notch using binaural beats. Binaural beats are a type of brainwave entertainment that synchronize your brainwaves to different brainwave states. Now I know that sounds out there but the science backs it up.

Binaural beats work by playing two different frequencies in your ears (which is why ear/headphones are required), this causes our brain to make up the difference and produce a new tone. For example: if 10hz is played in one ear and 35hz in the other, our brain synchronizes to 25hz.

I personally enjoy working with 396hz binaural beats for this purpose. When I listen to this binaural beat I feel both heavy and light at the same time, the music facilitates a space where releasing dense energy is easier. It’s almost as if the dense energy can be felt more acutely and so it’s easier to breath through and break it up.

When listening to binaural beats like this expect a ton of heavy emotions to rise to the surface. It is not uncommon to want to cry while listening to a potent binaural beat, use the music as an anchor for your mind as you visualize any unwelcome energy bubbling up and dissolving.

3. Water

Last but by no means least, you can cleanse your aura is by utilizing the healing power of water! Water is such a healing element, especially for highly sensitive people and empaths in particular.

Spending time in places where there is plenty of natural flowing water like lakes and beaches will be beneficial for you. Try to slot away time each month to visit spaces like this and simply simmer in the calming flow of energy that is present here.

If you cannot get to a location like this there is no need to worry. After a busy day of absorbing other people’s energy relax in a warm salt bath. Use one to two cups of Himalayan or Epsom salts (whatever you have on hand) per bath and soak.

The third and final way to use this healing element can be done pretty much anywhere through visualization. We’ve already touched on how important imagination is when working with the aura as we can begin building a picture of how ours looks, here we use imagination to clear it.

  • Start by laying down on a bed or a reclined couch. Spend a few moments relaxing your body and focusing on your breath until your mind is clear.
  • Now begin imagining a wave crashing through you. Make the sensation feel as vivid as possible in your mind, really getting into the movement of it. Feel the motion of the waves clearing your body and shifting the dense energy within it.
  • When you are comfortable doing that visualize your entire body as a wave, feeling the sensation of crashing onto the shore and then retreating.

This is a technique I stumbled upon by accident one night when I was meditating while lying down. Imagining and FEELING this wave-like motion quickly clears your aura and gets your chakras spinning vibrantly.

Of course there are other ways to cleanse your auric field that I have not mentioned here including smudging with sage and herbs, spending time in the sun, walking in nature, using essential oils, crystal and so on. These are simply the methods I use most often, feel free to experiment and see what works best for you.


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